Williams Sonoma / mugged in their store and no one cared!

Williams Sonoma is an Over Priced, Over Rated Specialty Home Furnishings Retailer who only cares about their Billion dollars plus bottom line! They don’t care about their customers’ safety, nor does it stand behind its corporate values of the “Customer Means Everything”… especially when you get MUGGED in their store!

I was in Williams Sonoma’s Highland Park, IL store location over the busy holidays. My purse was stolen right off of me in their store! I was violated, and very emotionally distressed! I told one of the women behind the counter what had happened, all she did was say she was sorry, and continued to ring up sales! They never called the police. I had to ask to use their phone (mine was stolen in my purse) to call the police. The customers were more concerned and more compassionate than the Williams Sonoma employees. You would think they would have some sort of protocol in place for safety and incidents like mine.

When the police officer came, the employees kept on ringing up sales and really didn’t care to help me or the police officer in his investigation. The police office was surprised and noted there were no security cameras in the store.

I contacted Williams Sonoma’s corporate office. No one called me, or tried to contact me. I had to call the District Manager to get a call from their…WILLIAMS SONOMA’S LEGAL DEPARTMENT! Who “appeared” to be concerned, and needed my help getting information, the police report etc.

I am not an attorney, nor was I represented by one, but I trusted them to help me, and provide some sort of concession. Well they didn’t! After putting me off for weeks during “their investigation”, I was told that they were sorry, but Williams Sonoma is not liable.

This is not about whether I have any legal standing or not in this case. It’s about how Williams Sonoma treats their customers after an incident like mine, and how it is handled within their company, that matters in the court of “public opinion.” It is not right that I get mugged from by someone in one of their stores, and then I suffer further abuse from corporate and its legal department . To be dismissed without any concession from Williams Sonoma shows lack of compassion for its customers. This is how they “answer the needs” of their customers that mean “Everything”?

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