Why Not Lease It / fraud

Im amazed about the continued complants that i have just found on the web indicating how our money is being taken from us, this is going back to 2014 that i can see i wish i would have knownthis before using why not lease it. I was approved for $1000 1 year ago and although i was advised at Sears and Kmart that i would pay a certain amount biweekly and i could pay the full amount by 4 months or continue biweekly for an extra $5 biweekly until this was paid off i did not know that i would be paying for ever in the toon of $2000 for a $1000 purchase, i was not provided with a contract exept a receipt with little or no information. Now i've realized that the company has taken an extra $949.86 claiming this is a lease fee and its not refundable!! so basically they are charging us 4 times the cost of any product purchased though them and they get to keep it all. wow!!! if i ever wondered what fraud, trickery and deceiving ment this 100% explains it to me. I will make sure to go on every social media possible to inform people not to use Why not lease it /Tempo because they will loose there hard earn money to a company becoming rich on their dime. I'm a single Mother trying to make ends meet and to be hustled in this way just because i thought this is easier for me biweekly payments great! I tell you i rather have nothing than to give rich people my hard earned money. I will continue to investigate and consult a lawyer for possible mass lawsuit because for what i can see there is alot of unahappy customers and I'm sure they would all be willing to participate.

Dec 08, 2016

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