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Whitning Brites / Dazzle White Max / Fraud (unexplainable Charges)

1 United States

I would Like to give a warning to all future potential victims of this company. I had ordered the free trial of Whitening Brites and canceled in the time frame allowed both (written e-mail and phone). To make sure it was canceled...Whitening Brites sent me e-mail confirmation the Membership was cancelled, which I saved and the Phone confirmation said all was canceled even though I declined other offers at the Trial Time. All was done so to speak. Going over My bank statements with my banker turn out to be very interesting to say the least!! They never charged anything though Whitening Brites again. But instead changed the name of the company or whatever this business really is and Starting Charging me again, Without consent. I had no ideal what Dazzle White Max or White Smile was? What there Product Was? And never received anything in the Mail? So Why Was I being Charged with no consent? So Happens all the #'s linked around the same Businesses!!! And when I spoke to Someone today They first acted as if products were shipped to me, but When I wanted to know the tracking #'s and Shipping company they decided they wanted to reship the products for free???? And As a reminder as all of this is said...I still hadn't found out what these products where! And Had never gave consent to any of these companies...The thing is why would you want a Product You still don't even know what it is and never ordered in the first place? Bad enough they are charging your account without you knowing with no consent...Some money is getting reinburised, but the supervisor is going to have to reinburised the rest within 48 hrs...they say! And I ask the man on the phone about these others (VH Access, Health Member, OnV/Weightloss) And He said he Put my Name in and It doesn't show Me?????? Hum??? Well Why are they Taking Money out of My account???? How did they get my info? So he couldn't refund me!!! Well I have all the statements to Prove They have been charging me. And if they don't refund me in 48 hrs. The bank has A signed affidavit ready to submit a claim on the Fraud Activity and it won't be over. I have spent my day dealing with this. What A Smack in the Face, Never Will I give my info to anyone else on the internet. I guess you can change the name of your company and reactivate people's info without a consent, Plus give out their info to other company's and try to get away with it...I also supposed these company's enjoy scamming people and feeling that is Okay? How many Name Changes have they did???? The man on the Phone told me the change the name all the time!! This is Sad and Has to stop...I still do not know what it is they Produce????(VH Access, Health Member, OnV/Weightloss, Dazzle White Max or White Smile)

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