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Westinghouse Digital / LCD T.V.

1 12150 Mora DriveSanta Fe Springs, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 562-236-9800

April 12, 2008

President of Westinghouse Digital Electronics, LLC
12150 Mora Drive
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Ref: Model LTV32W3HD

Dear Sir/Madam,

You will find enclosed a copy of a complaint that I filed with the Better Business Bureau on April 12, 2008. I would like you to note this matter has been ongoing with your Company since December 2007 and as of today, April, 12, 2008 is still unresolved. I would like you to review my records so that you can appreciate the level of frustration and aggravation that I am feeling.

My first phone call to your Company was December 15, 2007 to officially notify Customer Service that I was encountering a problem with my new LCD HD television. Prior to this phone call I replaced my HDTV satellite receiver and my HDMI cable. The problem continued. I contacted Customer Service department again and was advised to ship the television at my own expense to your Company in California. I was not prepared to do this as I know the television was under the manufacturers warranty. A Manager approved a prepaid UPS label and I received the instructions to ship the television. I incurred the expenses of purchasing a box large enough to ship the television and packaging. Approximately two weeks later to my surprise I received a refurbished television. After installing and viewing for less than one hour, the replacement television lost it’s picture. I immediately contacted Customer service and went through the whole process again. Only this time it was more difficult to receive an RMA# and a prepaid UPS label. I was given many excuses and spoke with numerous Managers and each time I was given the run around. I was also told that the serial number of the refurbished television was incorrect and therefore could not get a RMA# or a prepaid label. I verified that the number was the only number available. Meanwhile, I awaited to hear from several different Managers who said they would contact me with an update. This did not happen. Eventually, I received a prepaid UPS label via UPS and not through my e-mail address as I was told. The refurbished television was shipped to your Company on March 27, 2008. On April 9, 2007 I spoke with yet another Manager who advised that he would submit a status report at Corporate level and that it should take no more than two days to have an answer. He said that I should expect a phone call or an e-mail message. As of today, April 12, 2008, no one from your Company can tell me anything about the status of my television. I placed another phone call to Customer Service and they are unable to provide me with any information.

I hope you can understand my position. It should not take this length of time to process a request as simple as this. I would also like to express my dissatisfaction in receiving a refurbished television in place of a newly purchased one. I do not have much confidence in receiving yet another refurbished television that was scratched and not the same model that I had originally purchased.

I would like this matter to be resolved immediately. I would like a written response to this letter explaining how you are going to handle my case. I just completed remodeling my basement in my new home. I was going to purchase a larger Westinghouse LCD TV as I was impressed with the picture quality and value for money but, after going through this experience I am sad to say that I am unsure if I will purchase a Westinghouse product again.

I await your response and resolution to this problem.

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  • Re
      1st of May, 2008
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    Can I just say, "DIDO". We purchased at a similar time, same problem...well, I got your information and looked up corporate address and phone number and called them this afternoon. I talked with Mike Brown @ ext 208...and after 10 minutes on the phone, he apologized profusely and told me a new unit was on its way tomorrow. Now, if that is true...well, God knows that. But this was corporate and not the 1800 number for Westinghouse. I used the 529 #. Give it a try. Susan

  • Fr
      20th of May, 2008
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    I have a similar complaint pending. What is the corporate phone number.


  • Ja
      30th of May, 2008
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    same story. was told my unit couldn't be repaired so they were sending me a "new" one. they sent a refurbished unit that is dented and all scratched and scraped up. jay.

  • Ro
      21st of Jul, 2008
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    I have had a similiar problem. I had a defective 47" LCD which I returned at my expense ($268). The replacement unit was suposed to be a new unit but was referb. with a broken screen. The second recplacment which the also had a broken screen.

    Its has now been almost 2 months since I sent in the defective unit and still do not have a working TV.

    I have been misled so many times by nearly everone I have some to at westinghouse digital.

    The worst was Ed Meadows.

    Time the file a complaint with the Attorney General.

  • Mb
      21st of Aug, 2008
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    Ditto on everything John. I am in the middle of the same problem dealing with Westinghouse. My 26" LCD TV was purchased from Sam's Club in Nov 07 and failed in Aug 08; less than one year. I have to RMA yet, nor am I really interested in spending over $200 to ship the set to California for a refurbished set. Thanks for all the telephone number info.

  • Ro
      15th of Sep, 2008
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    I also returned an LCD television set, also a LTV32w3hd, at my own expense and got a replacement, which, surprise, went bad with a 30 second delay on the mute. I called customer service and was informed I would be sent mailing labels within 3-5 days. This started on July 2, 2008 and is ongoing with promises from two different "manager/supervisors". I have called at least 20 times. Still no mailing labels. I am distressed to read the above complaints. It looks difficult. My only conclusion is that Westinghous Telivision is going out of business. If you own stock, better sell it!
    I will resubmit another comment if I actually get a decent working television shoul I ever get mailing labels for a replacement.

  • Ro
      17th of Sep, 2008
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    AFTER TWO AND ONE-HALF MONTHS of nearly daily contact with the phone people, I would like to pass on the following:
    1. The digital television phone technicians can help with minor t.v. problems, recommend return of a problem t.v. by issuing an RMA number, but are powerless to provide return labels.
    2. Return labels are requested by them from Corporate who then contacts UPS which then emails you the labels. Apparently this is a difficult process.
    3. The only way to get return labels is to contact Corporate directly at: 562-236-9800, ext. 237 and speak to Giovanni.
    4. After 2 and one-half months with dealing with the phone technicians, he emailed me the link for the labels in 24 hours.
    5. I am now in the process of returning the t.v. for an exchange. I'll see how that goes...

  • An
      29th of Sep, 2008
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    I have been having a similar problem with a Westinghouse LCD TV since July No parts, no labels, no returned TV. I have found out that Westinghouse Digital is a part of a Taiwanese Company Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) that just leases the name from CBS. CMO is a publicly traded company and have to list contact information for their officers, I have been copying my email correspondence with the folks in the US over to every email address that in on the net for CMO under the heading “Look how bad your US operation is making you look” Each time I have gotten a much quicker response than before I tried it. Still no TV yet though.

  • Ch
      30th of Sep, 2008
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    I have the same problem as the rest of you. Thank you for the number for the corporate office. I just got off the phone with them and waiting for a call back sometime today from a representative.

  • Wi
      5th of Nov, 2008
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    I purchased a 26-inch LCD (SK-26H240SI) on 7 Nov 2008. The TV was a Christmas present for my niece and was opened for the first time on 25 Dec 2008. The TV would not power on. And yes, I checked multiple outlets. The TV was defective out of the box. I contacted Westinghouse a week later and was granted return authorization (RMA). The TV was shipped via UPS on 10 Jan 2008 to Westinghouse (12150 Mora Dr, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670). Since then, I have placed NUMEROUS phone calls to Westinghouse Customer Service requesting the status of my return. I have spent the past 11 months on the phone with Westinghouse Customer Service representatives, many of which were so-called "supervisors." Not an iota of progress has been made and the story that Westinghouse is telling me keeps getting more and more convoluted.

    The short of it is that I’m still without a Television. Let me correct that last statement, my niece is still without a television. This was my Christmas present to her LAST YEAR. I am sick and tired of Westinghouse Customer Service representatives promising to ‘look into my case.’ I wish I had a TV for every time I was fed that line.

    My niece has been without a TV for 11 months. Not only did she not receive her much-anticipated gift, but her uncle also did not make good on his promised to get the TV back soon. Westinghouse Customer Service has made it impossible for me to fulfill my promise. Is this not contradictory to Westinghouse’s claim to 'reliable products, responsive and caring customer service'? What a crock!

    I feel as though Westinghouse has robbed me of my money, time and integrity. As is apparent from reading the posts above, Westinghouse has tarnished their reputation by way of Customer Service incompetence. All any of us expected was for Westinghouse to treat us like they would want to be treated in our situation. I would suggest that Westinghouse re-evaluate their claim to 'responsive and caring customer service.' I have never felt so insignificant as a customer. The degree of separation between Westinghouse Customer Service and Corporate Headquarters might as well be a black hole. Time after time, I was told that my case was elevated to the ‘Corporate’ level without resolve.

    My efforts to rectify the situation have fallen on deaf ears. I do not know of anything more that I can do at this point. I will write about my experience with Westinghouse Customer Service until my fingers fall off. Wide dissemination of my story is long overdue. I have been more than patient, but will no longer remain silent.

    Westinghouse has failed miserably. Westinghouse needed to do the right thing a long time ago. All I wanted was my TV returned or money refunded. I paid for this Television over a year ago and have nothing to show for it, besides aggravation. This is by far the worst purchase that I have ever made and it is one that I will always regret. The displeasure that I have had dealing with Westinghouse Customer Service will not be forgotten. This is the last Westinghouse product that I, or anyone I know, will ever purchase.

  • Ro
      9th of Nov, 2008
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    I finally got my REFURBISHED SK-32H240S t.v.! The devil only knows if it will be a good one. 90-day warranty. It took constant phoning from July 2, 2008 to November 7, 2008 to finally get a reason for the long delay--they moved the warehouse to another location. I got some vague reason similar to this one two weeks ago. In setting up the t.v. this time, the phone technician informed me that 1)he did not have a phone number for corporate {see Robert, above}, and 2)he did not own a Westinghouse t.v. Perhaps he knows a lot!
    Yes, the customer service people are liars.

    I firmly believe that the Taiwan company doesn't give a damn.
    We are stupid Americans, after all...


  • Se
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    Do not buy this TV
    Purchased in 2008 on Black Friday, Nov 28 at Targets (26" in Westinghouse TV) for my 7 year old daughter's room since it was only $299
    Set up on Nov 30 and tv had great picture and sound.
    2 hours later TV went out and would not come back on, tried everything,
    Returning to Targets and trying another brand
    So many complaints can be found on internet regarding Westinghouse

  • Ro
      23rd of Dec, 2008
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    I am Robert from above--I finally got a replacement refurbished t.v. which has a pretty good picture but is very slow to respond to the remote. It also takes about 3-4 minutes to warm up, then goes into a picture-roll which then disappears and all works fine. IF IT GOES COMPLETELY BAD I WILL NOT GIVE UP AND GO THROUGH THE WHOLE PROCESS AGAIN. I SAVED THE SHIPPING BOX. I HAVE THE TIME AND INCLINATION, BELIEVE ME.



  • Sa
      29th of Jan, 2009
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    Had the same power problem...I'm submitting this to our local TV station to see if we can get an investigative report done...let's go get our money back or TV's fixed!!

  • Ch
      6th of Feb, 2009
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    Hi! I am having the same exact problem everyone above is having. It cost me right at $100.00 to ship my 10 month old tv to Texas while being promised a 10 day turn around time. After talking to the technician prior to sending my tv, he figured out it was my backlight that went out and said it couldn't be fixed and that I would be getting a new tv. I have made several calls to Westinghouse for a status. Every time they want me to give them my tracking number that I paid for. I asked them why they couldn't take the RMA I was issued. I finally figured it out that if you don't have a tracking number, they will tell you they never received your tv. (A HUGE LIE!)

    After many calls to this company, they sent my refurbished tv out yesterday. I told them that nowhere in my warranty does it say I am to get a refurb and informed them I would be getting my attorney on this.

    I then asked for corporates address and phone number and the witch I talked to today told me they weren't allowed to give out information like that for legal issues. I told her I didn't want to discuss legal issues with her that I want a number and address and she refused to give it to me.

    I think we all need to file a huge lawsuit against Westinghouse.

    I have also told everyone I know NOT to buy from this company. In the future I will demand to read the warranty on a tv before I buy!

  • Ms
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    I work for westinghouse tech and soport and i just want you to know its not arre falt we have no cantrole over what gos on past fileing forms

  • Sd
      2nd of May, 2009
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    We had to send our 40" to Texas for warranty service. We had to pay about $118 to have it shipped. Westinghouse refused to pay for the shipment. We sent the LCD on 12/19/08.

    When calling for an update, we have had several different "stories" told to us by tech support, such as "the TV has to be replaced and we will ship a unit when we find one", "a unit has been found and will be shipping in 10-15 days", then when we called for a tracking number 4 weeks later because we never received the shipment, we were told the shipment didn't take place and that a status report will have to be filed again (#3), and of course over the past 5 months we have heard "no news yet, call back in 1 week", "call back in 1 week", "call back in 1 week"-you get the picture. Why should I use my cell phone minutes just to hear lies? If the tech support doesn't know anything are they told to mislead the consumer just to appease them?

    About 3 weeks ago I sent a letter to corporate offices to the CEO (copies to the President, VP of Sales and VP of Marketing). We have not heard anything.

    I want everyone to know about this warranty service also! Beware when you think about purchasing a Westinghouse Digital!! I am starting to think they are a throw away brand!

    While waiting for our unit to be replaced, we bought a 22" Vizio and it has a great picture...too bad we didn't buy a Vizio in the beginning.

  • An
      18th of May, 2009
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    My husband and I also purchased a westinghouse about a year ago. We paid over 600 dollars for the thing. We were told that westinghouse was a reliable brand so we went with it. BAD choice, we have had nothing but trouble with it and we are now after waiting over a month to get our tv back and by the way also having to pay for the shipping on our own having trouble once again. They sent us a Refubished tv wich is broken and they want to send us another on after we send this one back and if we want them to send us a brand new one ( wich they should do anyway) we have to put in a request and wait 10-15 days for a reply...When i told them that I want my money back because i no longer want to do business with them I was told they do not refund money...we will see..I will take this to court if I need to...I dont think that they want that..can you imagine all the people that they would have to refund money too?

  • Tr
      26th of May, 2009
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    First things first, READ YOUR WARRANTY. Just because you "think you deserve" something, doesnt mean you do. Westinghouse has verbage in all of their warranty information protecting them from lawsuits like this.

    That being said, their call center (which was a 3rd party company) has now closed their contract and shut down their phone number. You will want to contact their corporate office for any problems you now have.

    Good ole' Westinghouse Digital.

  • Fr
      27th of May, 2009
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    EVERYONE TAKE NOTE. I highly suggest you call corporate directly, (562-236-9800) I just did and got results. I first spoke to the receptionist and asked to speak to someone about making a complaint about my 27 inch LCD TV, and was connected to a nice young girl who apologized and told me they are understaffed trying to answer the emails and with limited people who have the knowledge to respond with knowledge. I stated my complaint which is the same as many above, I have gotten tired of waiting for a month now and promises of a re-furbished TV being shipped. She told me a 32 inch unit would be shipped out on Monday from corporate and she would email me a tracking number as well. Voila!
    We shall see... Is it too good to be true? I will let you all know when I get it she says next Tuesday June 2. FRANK M

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