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I purchased a Westinghouse LCD TV model LTV-37w2 HD in August of 2007. I received the product and was initially happy. We put this TV in a spare room thus the TV was used very little, 50 - 100 hours by my estimation.

Early in March of 2008, after having the television for about 7 months the screen would no longer stay on. When the unit was powered on, the screen would display for about a second and then go blank. I tried hooking up devices to all the different ports with the same result. Sound is heard but you can not see the display after the initial flash.

I called customer support towards the end of March of 2008 and was told I could take the unit for service to the nearest center which is about 1.5 hours drive away. I later called back and was told I also had the option of sending the unit in for warranty service to the service center in California. I asked to be sent a box for the TV to ship in safely and was told that was not an option. I asked about the shipping charges and I was told that if I had read the fine print in the warranty that shipping charges are not covered either.

When I asked to escalate my call I was told that I would receive a call back from a supervisor within "24 to 72 hours." I placed my request and waited patiently. I did eventually get a call, which went to voicemail because I was on the phone at the time. The supervisor left a message but did not leave a callback number. I was forced to call the general support center number back and go through the same process. I provided them with an alternate number, hoping to catch their call this time. Once again, I waited the typical 24 to 72 hours. I received a call again which went unanswered at the original number. The supervisor made no attempt to call the alternate number. I had to call back a third time and request a call from a supervisor. I eventually got in touch with a supervisor by the agent at the help desk transferring me, not because the supervisor called me. The supervisor, Ben, was completely unsympathetic and unwavering in the policy of paying for nothing and making no attempt to help support this defective product.

Looking for other options, I even found a local TV repair place that was more than happy to help out if they would get some cooperation from Westinghouse in becoming warranty authorized. I acted as a middle man, took the information from Westinghouse and provided it to the TV repair shop. After over a week I was told that Westinhouse made no effort to even contact the local repair shop.

At that point I called back and was told there was no guarantee that even if I brought the unit in to the other service center that they coudl fix it. Thus my options were to incur the cost to do that and still be faced with shipping charges to California or simply send it directly to California. With no other option, decided to send the unit to California. I was told today that the charges would be about $300. I find that completely unreasonable. I went back to the website and the warranty there is listed simply as "1 year parts and labor." I feel that this is false advertising.

This issue has been going on for more than a month already. I expect to be contacted ASAP by phone or email and be provided with a shipping label so I can receive warranty service with minimal cost to me. I am thus far very dissatisfied with the product and the service I've received. I am willing to be understanding and accept that electronics occasionally fail but I expect the manufacturer to provide support during the warranty period.

I request that this matter be resolved immediately to avoid future action. I await your prompt response and resolution.


  • Ma
    Marbelley Jul 12, 2016

    My 86 year old Mother purchased a 32" TV, Model # SK32H240S, paying almost $700.00 One month after the warranty had expired there was sound and no picture. A reputable repair company in my area said it can not be repaired. I have been on hold for 30 minutes with their customer service, decided to search reviews on Westinghouse products. Now I know I will not get customer service. Will have to purchase another TV...like my 86 year Mother has the $ to buy a TV annually. NEVER BUY WESTINGHOUSE!

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  • Ro
    romspi Jul 12, 2016

    I purchased a westinghouse upright stove 4 years ago. It has the glass-top hotplates. Already 2 of the hotplates are faulty and won't reduce in heat - they stay on at full heat when turned on. I contacted Westinghouse and was basically advised "too bad you didn't extend your warranty".
    I would have thought that 4 years is NOT considered as reasonable life for a stove!! I might understand if it had extensive use, but I am a single person, and the usage was minimal to mediem at best.
    Isn't there something that I can quote to them to try and get them to at least offer to pay for some of the costs?
    I would appreciate any assistance.

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  • Sp
    Spaztic Orchid Jul 12, 2016

    I resently purchased a 40" LCD TV and only after 2-3 days I've had issues with sound. It'll fade in and out for a bit before going out completely for hours at a time. This is our first LCD TV and I'm currently unhappy with the results.

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  • Lj
    LJB-DTI Jan 17, 2013

    I finally received the refund today. No more Westinghouse for me!

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  • Lj
    LJB-DTI Jan 15, 2013

    We had a new Westinghouse 40" LED TV for use by our calling room staff as a training tool. Two months left of the warranty (Sept. 2012); the unit dies. I called Westinghouse to obatin warranty service and after submitting the paperwork, I was given a case number. Two days later, I received the prepaid shipping label via e-mail. I packed the TV per their instructions to have it shipped to Texas in early October 2012. (Apparently, the private shops here in CA are not good enough.) It was received and determined the TV was not repairable; that they would send a tracking number to me within 12-14 days for the new replacement TV. OK, no problem. I went on vacation and upon my return, nobody had contacted me from Westinghouse. No e-mails, no calls...nothing. I noticed they changed their website around; live chat was gone, among other things. After a couple of weeks, I called them and was connected with the "refund department". I was told the TVs were on backorder and mine would be fulfilled in the ordere recieved. OK, when? The reply was after the first of the year. Totally unacceptable. I requested a refund then. They said it will be "escalated to the corporate level" and I could get my check by the end of November. November came and went, and no check. Alright, fine. I called the corporate office again...and after waiting for 15 minutes on hold with the refund department, I spoke with a "Mr. Moss" who didn't apoplgize; but offered either a 50" or a 40" AND and an extra 32" TV. I said I would call him back - as I had to speak to my boss about this - he is the one that bought the TV in the first place. Mr. Moss gave me his e-mail address to contact him. Well, not even two hours later, my boss decided one the two TVs as a settlement, so I called Mr. Moss back at his extension. No reply, voice mail. I left a voice mail explaining to call me back; as a decision has been made. Followed by an e-mail. No reply either way for a week desptie numerous calls and e-mails. I called back, spoke with "Ramon". He said the checks get processed weekly in batches and mine could be expected by early January 2013. BS! I told him the check is needed now so we can purchase a new TV. He didn't accept the deal Mr. Moss and I talked about the week prior. "That's something between you and him; I can't go over his head." I told Ramon I need the refund NOW; within a week. He explained he's unable to do that. OK, all these conversations are being noted. I hung up, disgusted. Another call, the next day. This time in the refund department, I spoke with "Rob". (All calls take forever to connect with someone...why is this?) He told me he has no idea on when checks go out; I'd have to speak with Ramon, as he is in charge of the refunds. Rob hangs up on me without delay as I'm trying to be polite and explain my frustration. OK...I called back later in the day and Ramon told me he's not in charge of refunds. "I only print out and submit the paperwork." and proceeded to tell me his supervisor "Rynette Kerl" is the one that sends out the checks. Then he says the checks for the 4th (which that's when I was supposed to receive mine) get processed the following week. I told him a few choice words and hung up. I called back and found Rynette's extension (this company is very unhelpful in giving out specific extension numbers; though they have a directory - but tough to use if the person's last name is not known) and left severl voice mails thoughout a week. No reply...none. I finally contacted the BBB and found Westinghouse has an "F" rating. I filed my complaint; see what happens. The FTC will be contacted next. Needless to say; over four months without a TV - TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! I personally will never, ever buy a Westinghose product. The worst customer service I've ever have to deal with. Next time, a "real" brand name.

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  • Gh
    G. HARRIS Dec 14, 2012

    I have the same problem as well. I too wish that I had read these comments before I pruchased a 46 LCD that I was able to use for only 7 months. The screen went blank and the TV would not power on. I called and finally got someone to answer the phone and was told that I had to send the TV to the repair center in California. I live in Tennessee! They emailed the prepaid label and now it has been two months and I have not heard from them, cannot get anyone to answer a phone (it goes to voicemail and then tells you that the mailbox is full and goodbye), and they will not respond to emails. I wish that there was a way that we could tell the world how horrible Westinghouse TV's are. This is the second one that has failed on me. The first one dies after just under two years. I had such a hassle that I got my own repair person to fix it. Tell everyone that Westinghouse TV's SUCK!!!

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  • Cl
    Clinton S. Nov 25, 2012

    It was a simple fix for mine. I pulled the removable cover off the back at the very top where the ribbon connector from the board connects to the back of the LCD. Compressing the locking tabs and gently disconnecting the harness I cleaned both ends of the harness and connector ports with a very small amount of residue free compressed electronic cleaner which you can purchase from and auto parts store or walmart in the automotive area. Then I blew out the connections with a static dustor. Reconnected the harness put the covers back on and put the cover back on. Presto no more flashing off and humming. Also as an important note leave the tape off that holds the harness down on the back of the lcd. This applies too much pressure on the connector due to its location in my opinion and transfers to much heat into the connector. Hope this helps folks.

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  • Ee
    eeappling Sep 18, 2012

    I'm at my wits end, Its the first time I ever paid this much for a NEW refrigerator. Westinghouse side by side Model ED2LHEXTD10 once again I put a small jar in the condiment door shelve and it comes crashing to the floor. This is the third one that the container just breaks off and everything fly's to the floor, did I mention 3rd time and each one is $43 that is crazy what happen to quality, seems to me they make stuff flemsy so you have to buy parts or a new refrig.

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  • Wa
    Warco Apr 30, 2012

    I have the same problem, sort of. I also have a LTV-30W2 32" LCD Flat Panel and it recently went bad. I tried several TV repair shops and no parts are available for this TV. After reading these complaints, I actually consider myself lucky. I bought this TV in 2005 and it has run continuously for 7 years as a computer monitor without fail. As a rule the TV would be on standby when not in use, When I would wake it up, the screen would sizzle and then fade away to a black screen. I unplugged the TV and then plugged it back in and the screen was fine after that. I did this for about a month, so I decided to just leave the TV on and let the computer go into sleep mode when not in use.Then one day we had a power outage and when I turned on the TV it would not stay on no matter what I did. I have since bought another brand and will use it as a computer monitor. 7 years was a good run for this TV and I was ready to purchase another one until I discovered it was like a Bic lighter, just throw it away when it is used up. That is a sad philosophy on the Mfg, but that is typical of most industries. I am still going to try and track down the parts for this TV though.

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  • Ei
    eileen stanaway Mar 12, 2012
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    Verified customer

    my son bought me a tv a year ago and the other day the picture went out after a year you are out of luck if something goes wrong i didnt know a TV only lasts a year i cannot afford to buy a TV every year your customer service is terrible thy told me we can do nothing about it because its 2 months past the year.

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  • Gu
    Gus Parham Jan 05, 2012

    The absolutely worst company to deal with ever in life. Even when you call the [protected] Pee Wee Herman come on the line and just laughs his ### off, meaning your a stupid consumer for purchasing a Westinghouse product. You can talk to anyone and there is no customer service person that can do anything and managers "For get It". I have never seen so many complaints about a company in my life because I thought I was buying a quality product from Costco, what a joke. Everyone please stay away from WestingHoe.

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  • Jd
    JDR5100 May 15, 2011

    I think if people would contact Walmart, and other box stores about sorry TV's that they are selling it could make a differance . When you think about the high volume of TV's they sell, you know they couuld make an impactwith Westinghouse on their lousy TV's.

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  • Da
    Daniel Reza Apr 01, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this is becoming a virus to everyone that purchases this unit (westinghouse). To those people that spent good money on these products, i went through the same thing. Theres no point for manufactures to produce electronics that for the middle class to spend hundreds of dollars to have complaints. I am a student at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, California majoring to be an Architect and i surely know that spending this much for a tv is an investment for entertainment. Ever since i bought the tv i couldn't spend money for my needs. If we all came in a group and confront the company they would have to grant our claims. i believe having good products makes the consumers happy and having a steady price makes the economy fair to everyone. I bought the tv in black friday in 2010 and i assuming that i got a good deal became a stress to watch my favorite shows after a long day from school.

    --Daniel Reza

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  • Pa
    Paul C - Boston Feb 10, 2011

    I have a 32" LCD, think I bought it in 2007 at Best Buy. It just recently started to go to a blank screen -no sound - and I have to wait a while and it will go back on after I shut it off completely and keep trying to put back on, but continues to shut off when it wants to. Blank screen, blue "on" light at bottom stays on. Looks like I won't bother with Westinghouse...live and learn. It's too bad there wasn't a recall or if Best Buy new about this crappy brand they should have contacted their customers. Hopefully, they've stopped carrying their products. I will be sure to do my research before the next purchase! It's too bad the little guy gets screwed all the time.

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  • De
    DeJuana Feb 10, 2011

    I wish I had come across these reviews and comments before we brought two (2) Westinghouse 37 inch tv's for 2 of our guest rooms. Worked fine when we brought it. Turned them off to only turn them on again a little over a year; to discover they wouldn't turn back on! Ridiculous! Called Westinghouse Customer Service and what a waste of time. Something must be done to put a stop to these crooks! Anyway, we took both TV's to a nearby shop. Was told they both needed Main Boards; that Westinghouse doesn't have any replacement parts for any of their TV's; therefore we are at a lost. Money down the drain. Both TV's were pluged into surge protectors. Thank God, we decided to turn the TV's on before hosting guest. Now we must shell out over a thousand dollars to replace two tv's. Westinghouse will never, ever get a dime from me again. I will no purchase any products from the company Westinghouse. I believe they know of these problems; yet this is what Corporations do to the public. I plan to put them on the Wall of Shame at my Facebook and every where else. Including writing a opt pieces of my ordeal with a couple of city newspaper. It's time we the public stand up against the corporate world that continues to bleed it's customers and the moment they go broke, they look to us for bailouts. It's time we the public are bailed out by our government against Westinghouse - I too will contact the attorney general and file a complaint! Thanks for allowing me to vent.

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  • Da
    Daniel Gallagher Jan 07, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I own a 47 in Westinghouse LCD The picture also goes black, the only resolve is to un plug the TV, wait a few seconds and plug it back in. I have placed a box fan behind the TV and the picture stays on. I also spoke to Customer service and had similar issues getting assistance. Problem unresolved!

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  • Gk
    gkeller Dec 31, 2010

    Westinghouse has become a company with no morals. We have the same problem. Bought new a 32" LCD from Walmart and 2 1/2 years later, trash, no picture, all sound. Had warranty service on it within 2 years after we bought it for the same problem. Called Customer Service and they said that they were sorry. I replied that Yes, you are the sorriest people I have ever talked to. $7oo thrown out to the driveway gravel. Fowlerville, Mi.48836

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  • Hs
    hschenck2 Sep 03, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Bought a 37 inch LCD TV (LVM 37w1) a couple of years ago and the screen recently started going blank (sound is still on). Turning it off/on worked for a while, but now it is happening more often and the off/on trick does not work as often. Called Westinghouse customer support. They also tried to have me contact a "service center". When I asked for part numbers for various components they told me they did not have that information. So in general I agree with all comments here. NEVER a TV from this company.

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  • So
    sonnyo Jun 21, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I brought a 47" TX-47F430S HDTV for $1700 at Bestbuy about 2.5 years ago. Now, the screen is black. I just could not turn the TV on.

    I unpluged the power and plug back in. The is no "W" show up on the screen. It looks like the power did not get in or the TV can not 'reboot' itself.

    I scheduled a repairman from Sears TV repair center and would post more info later.

    Westinghouse do sucks...

    The Westinghouse said, I can send the TV back to them (I need to pay the shipping cost) for an upgrade program for $350. If I qualified, they will send me a new TV back.

    But it will be a 42" HDTV TX-42F810G

    Does that make any sense to anyone?

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  • Ch
    chippy2 Jun 12, 2010

    Tried to do the right thing and start buying American products again. (after every other American product has failed me in the past). 2 years ago, we bought a 47" Westinghouse flatscreen... died within 1yr, , completely dead. We also bought a 32" Westinghouse soon after the first purchase because we were happy with our first tv. Now, the second tv we own just kicked the bucket only 1.5 years after our purchase. The screen is completely black. It's amazing how you can own a tv for 15 - 30 years without a single problem, then buy 2 piece of crap Westinghouses that die within 2 years. Customer service at the company is NON-EXISTENT, , they simply do not care. (even though I've spend over $2, 000 on thier products that failed).


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  • Cl
    CL Martin01 May 08, 2010

    I purchase a Westinghouse 32" LCD Tv. It worked for less than two years. After calling Westinghouse I was told that if I could not find my receipt that there was nothing they could do except sell me another television for $250 plus tax. It is ashame that you pay $800 for a television set a get less than two years use from it. Westinghouse will never get anymore business from me or any of my freinds. I will make sure of that.


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  • Re
    Reginald Wilbourn Apr 28, 2010

    I had the same problem with my Westinghouse TV, the screens pops on about a second and then goes completely black, all you can see is that little blue light in the front!! Yep, A $600 TV lasted about a year!! Its so sad to see so many complaints every time you put in something about Westinghouse. I thought this would be a good company by them being around so long. I grew up on Westinghouse products, where's the pride??
    I cant even find a number to call, I purchased an entended warranty and everything. Going Forward, I plan to use every resource I have to raise awareness about this company!! I dont want anyone else to experience the level of dissatisfaction and uncomfort that i endured!! Thanks for nothing Westinghouse!!!

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  • Th
    TheRobzter Apr 14, 2010

    Same problem here. Model# SK-32H240S purchased 2/8/08 at Best Buy, and now sound but no picture.

    This is sad... $800 and worked for 2 years. Is there no recall on this unit?!

    R Strain, Buena Park, California

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  • Jt
    jtesch Mar 21, 2010

    So I'm also in the same boat...tv is fine for a bit then get all these crazy vertical and horizontal lines. I turn it off, let it cool, and its back on. Had it fixed once before. But I don't know what the guy did.
    Considering taking off the back of the TV to see if it keeps it cool longer, but its pissing me off.

    So what's my options?? Can we do a lawsuit, this is ###, I spent $700 on this TV

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  • Er
    erica (birmingham) Mar 04, 2010

    I bought the same TV 32 inch Westinghouse model #sk32h240s..which went dead in 7 months..no picture but sound...Westinghouse should be a shame...taking them to small claims court..so upset!!!

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  • 3d
    3Doxies Feb 08, 2010

    My 22" LCD Monitor Model 2210LW went bad after only 10 months. I follwed the very complicated process to send it back at my expense to the Westinghouse Service Center for repair or replacement. After several weeks I finally get back a monitor that is not only not the one I sent in (verified by checking serial number), but it is not working and has so many scratches on the screen that even if it did I would not want to use it.

    I sent them a monitor that I took excellent care of for the very short time we had it, and this is what I get back. I am out the shipping and insurance, the cost (239+tax) of the monitor and now I will need to pay to have it recycled. I feel that Westinghouse owes me a working LCD monitor in the same shape in which it was sent.

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  • Me
    meeseu Feb 03, 2010

    My husband and I bought two Westinghouse LCD t.v.'s. One is working fine the other just quit. It has sound but no picture. The warranty just ran out two months ago. We are receiving no satisfaction from the company. I'll never waste my money on another Westinghouse product.

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  • Cy
    Cybercat Jan 31, 2010

    There is one option, pull the bad board and reflow the solder joints by baking it in the oven for a short period of time. The same fix is used to repair dead video cards for computers: http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1421792

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  • Ub
    Ubak Jan 14, 2010

    We purchased a Westinghouse Vituoso Refridgerator in 2004. It packed up in the first two weeks and needed replacing(alarm bells should have started then). 14 months later and another service call out totaling $330. Four years later and the thermostat has gone - $500 to replace and the rubber seal has gone on the freezer door. They can't replace the seal so the whole door needs replacing - another $200. Westinghouse will never be in our house again, or our friends and family.

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  • Dr
    drfrank Dec 29, 2009

    Westinghouse SUCKS!!! They are playing a shell game hoping that customers will go away. I live close their corporate headquarters which used to be in Santa Fe Springs, CA and now is in Orange, CA across from Angels Stadium. 500 N State College Blvd. I went into their headquarters and told them I wasn't leaving until I got a box & a shipping label. The game me both - but I'm guessing it's just a matter of time before the refub they send me will break too - lesson - STAY AWAY FROM WESTINGHOUSE LCDs, Plasmas and any and all electronic products. Westinghouse used to be owned by CBS but they sold the rights to the name to a Taiwan Company.

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  • Ge
    gerry and millie Oct 08, 2009

    We got a email from westinhouse telling us to send our tv to texas all paid by them I was so suprised we packed and shipped it right away. Well months later I called them they said they could send us a reconditioned one I said hey this was a new tv less then a year old and I would like a new one back never did the person on the other end of the phone say you can only geta reconditioned one. Well she offered me a reconditioned other model and said she was out of the model like mine and they would have some in monday I said fine I will wait for a new one same model. Well I called back a few days later and sure enough they sent out a tv. We stayed home from work waiting for the tv it came box said refurbished all over it tv said refurbished all over it I was so mad I called back seems there is no way to talk to the person I had talked to about getting a NEW tv like the one I sent in I even got called back from the manager who seemed to be hideing something he explained to me this tv was old stock sent back from the store but the had to have refurbished on them they had NO NEW tvs. So here I am with a tv that looks like it was slide around on its face while they worked on it NO paper work a remote and a 90 day warranty that I am sure is not real so hey class action suite sounds good to me

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  • Nj
    njjediz Oct 08, 2009

    I feel a bit better - we purchased our Westinghouse 32" HD LCD nearly 3 years before it failed - turn it on, blue screen flashes and then a blank screen, sound works fine. Took it to a local repair shop that specializes in LCD TV repairs and they're scratching their heads. They know which part needs to be replaced, but they can't seem to get the replacement part. SHOCKING!!! I was starting to get mad at them, but now I know better. I have already purchased a replacement TV made by Panasonic (40" Plasma for $599 at BestBuy). The only thing left for me to do is get my the wall mount bracket back and chuck the Westinghouse.
    Some law firm should really consider a class action suit, especially in view of the history of dishonered warranties. Sounds like mass consumer fraud to me!

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  • Ad
    admarketingpr Aug 21, 2009

    We bought our Westinghouse 1.5 years ago at Costco and are having the same problem with no screen, but have sound. I am so glad that I have not wasted any time trying to get it fixed. It's sad that Westinghouse refuses to "own" the quality of their product.

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  • Me
    mert4787 Aug 09, 2009

    The solution to this problem is easy. Find a retailer who sells your same tv and purchase it. Take it home, remove it from the box put yours in the box and return it within 30 days. The store will be out nothing because the manufacturer does not argue with them, they simply credit their account and tell them to discard it. You get your warranty honored without the fuss.

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  • Ia
    iam1gypsy Aug 06, 2009

    My son purchased a Westinghouse 32" LCD 2 years ago for the tidy sum of almost 1000. Used it a 2 months and then moved. The thing sat in a box in the spare bedroom until this last March 09, when we decided we would use it. In June 09 it did the exact same thing all of you have mentioned in your complaints.

    Our problem was rather intermittent so we thought it might be TiVo or cable connections or perhaps internal overheating. Finally it just died. Great sound but no picture.
    We took it to a local TV repairman and, low and behold, he can't get the parts. He looked everywhere. So much for Westinghouse service.

    Wish I had read all this prior to taking it to him. Wish my son had done a little better research too. Going to send info to BBB and to Consumer Reports. Avoid Westinghouse at all costs!

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  • Si
    Sibille Jul 31, 2009

    I bought a westinghouse 40" lcd/dvd combo about 2 years ago. Now there's a line going all the way across the screen. I wanted to get it fixed, but from everything I just read I guess there's nothing I can do about it.
    Never will buy a westinghouse again. $1300 down the drain.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Blackman Jul 28, 2009

    Well I had EXACTLY the same problem!!! I wish I had read this before I spent $800 on a TV I got to use for 3-4 months!
    It was actually a gift, so I wasn't given a receipt. I called customer service after my screen kept going blank, I had sound but no picture, it would come on for a minute, the first CSR said it was a back light issue, so I changed it. The 2nd CSR said it needed to be reset, so I reset it. The 3rd CSR said that unless I asked the purchaser to send me the receipt they would do nothing for me. They wouldn't let me send it in to be fixed, b/c the only way to have a warranty item repaired was with a receipt. I could not get a copy of the receipt, it was paid for with Gift Cards for the store, so it wasn't on a credit card and the store had no copy of the record. I asked to go higher up as well and was told I'd get a call. I never did, I called there every day and they kept saying call back tomorrow. Then I asked if I could send it in to them to be repaired and PAY FOR IT MYSELF, without it being a warranty issue. They said no. They would not, could not, will not help me without a receipt.
    Needless to say after having someone buy me a TV for $800 and being able to use it for 3-4 months, it has no sat in my closet longer than I ever got to use it. I am now calling around to TV repair shops to see if anyone else can fix it for me.

    WESTINGHOUSE STINKS, don't buy it!!!

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  • Sh
    Sharon P. Jul 02, 2009

    I have a Westinghouse LTV-30W2 32" LCD Falt Panel - Was purchased 3.5 years ago $900.00. Turn it on and fine and after a few minutes no picture or sound. Out of warranty. Called westing house and was referred to their outsourced repair agency ITI in-house repair at my own cost . Called ITI and they said inverter board panel or box replacement is necessary and they do not do this type of repair. Guess I'll take it to a local repair shop to see if it's totalled or not. I know the backlight has a life expectancy but this is not the backlight.

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  • Ka
    Katherine Jun 09, 2009

    After having my 37" LCD for 9 months, mine also just went poof out of the blue. No picture. I said no problem, I'm still under warranty. After having to search the web for the correct CS #, I discovered that it seems they are no longer answering their phones. After endless recordings about the next rep will assist you in the order in which the call was recieved, blah blah blah, I was connected to their "general mailbox" and instructed to leave a message.

    THEN I started researching this issue on the web, and after reading all of your horror stories, as well as similar stories on other sites, I said F it. I do not need that kind of drama in my life. I have called my TV guy, and he is going to fix it. He offers a REAL 1 year warranty on the set.

    Buyer beware. There is no customer service. Period. We have all been screwed.

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  • Me
    Melodye May 28, 2009

    Me too--my Westinghouse went blank I sent back UPS and they received on April 13th. My story mirrors other complaints on this board as well as others online in other blogs regarding same.

    This is what I have found so far---please share any resources you may have found as well.

    Company information:
    Westinghouse Digital Electronics
    12150 Mora Drive
    Santa Fe Springs, California
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I Shipped (they received April 13, 2009) to:
    Westinghouse Digital Electronics
    Return Center
    27 Spur Dr.
    Suite C
    El Paso, TX 79906
    Signed for on the dock by "Bonilla"

    (the last contact said) the warehouse had moved to:
    Wistron InfoComm Corp
    4051 Freeport PKY Suit 200
    Grapevine TX 76051
    (unconfirmed address. I am still checking)

    With this I am going to file with my home state (IL) Attorney General

    The CA Attorney General

    The Texas Attorney General

    I would encourage all to do the same

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