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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Westinghouse Electric - Broken tv

I have nothing but bad things to say about Westinghouse. We bought a brand new LED 47" TV in May 2012. First off the speakers were a joke so we had to invest in a sound bar. In Sept 2012 the tv starting having "black spots" appear then disappear in random places on the tv. I took a picture of the tv screen and complained to Westinghouse customer service in Sept. I did receive a timely response back that the problem was covered under warrenty and a new tv would be shipped. 2 days later we received an email that stated our tv was not in stock and we should be getting one within 30 days, if not we would get a comparable product. 30 days later no response and no new tv from Westinghouse. At this time the "black spots" were less often and we let it go. Then on Dec 31, 2012 the tv suddenly went out completely. It would not turn on or do anything now. I called customer service again and since we already had a case number and problems before they said they would send us out a new tv promptly. I was given a FedEx shipping label and told when I shipped my broken tv Westinghouse would see the information and when the tv is in FedEx's hands they would ship out my new tv that same day. I shipped my broken tv on Jan 4, 2013. Since then I can not get anyone that can actually help me at customer service. I have numerous calls in to them... I keep getting told that department is very busy (I can see why if you sell crappy products) and that they have to take a message and someone will call me back. On Sat Jan 12 I actually had someone call me and ask how satisfied I was and if I had received my new tv?! No, I said I had not gotten my tv and that I had never been told one was shipped. He said he had a tracking number for me and it ended up being the tracking number for my broken tv that I shipped to them! Do they really not have better documentation?! He then told me the system says a new tv has been shipped but he can't tell me the tracking number because it takes a few days to get it from FedEx? Really... you ship out something as big and as expensive as a tv and you don't have a tracking number and can't tell me when to expect it so I can be home to receive it? He then told me I should be getting a call or email in 72 hrs with more info and a tracking number. Well, surprise, it is 5 days later and still no call. I called 3 times this week and every person I get claims they are not the right dept and have to leave a message for them (whoever they are?). I finally get a call today and the guy can not tell me any new information. He says the exact same thing the guy 5 days ago said... the tv shows it was shipped but he can't tell me when and he doesn't have a tracking number... so if it was shipped over a week ago and they still have no info... what the heck? He then tells me he will leave a message for that dept (again, why did you call me if you can't help me?) and says I will get a call back in 72 hrs. So that means next week now. I get home that day and FedEx has tried to deliver my new tv. Go figure… they shipped my tv and no one could tell me a tracking number or anything- they really ship tv’s and have no idea when it was shipped or anything! I finally get the new tv from FedEx and it’s a different model. It does not have as many features as our original tv. Our sound bar that we paid a lot of money for can’t even be hooked up to the new tv. It is supposed to be a new model and it doesn’t even have the optical sound output like our other tv. Now our sound bar is worthless and we are left with the awful tin can speakers of the tv only. I am behond FRUSTRATED! I will NEVER recommend Westinghouse to any one and will NEVER buy their products again! They claim online to have good customer service... I'd hate to see what a company with bad customer service is like? Don't ever buy from them, ever!


Westinghouse 46" LCD TV just out of warranty by a few days. Now it only works for 5 minutes and cuts off by itself.
When it's turned back on each time it stys on for a shorter period of time.
I have two Sony HD TV's and they have worked flawlessly for 5 years.
I'll never buy another Westinghouse product again.

I purchased two LED TV's from Best Buy last year, and am SO regretting it. Yes, the prices are amazing, but in the case of this company, the saying is true, you really do get what you pay for. The 46" set I bout had issues at the 6 month mark, I called
for service, and the service tech took a look at it and said basically I'm out of luck and these tv's aren't meant to last that long and left. Unacceptable. I complained about the service tech and tried to get it repaired again but nothing ever happened. EXACTLY
one month after the warranty expired the tv just shut off and died. And now it's a big black piece of pointless plastic in my livingroom. I tried calling customer service like so many other people and couldn't even get through multiple times, and my most recent
call was put on hold for THREE HOURS. I waited that long of a time because I wanted them to know how ridiculous and unacceptable this was. I finally decided to email anyone at westinghouse I could find and the next day got a call from a support rep saying
he was instructed to handle this swiftly. I was happy to hear they actually might care about their customers and their products, but it's been a week and a half since that call and i'm no nearer to resolving this than before. I was told i'd be called within
an hour, no call. definitely tomorrow, no call. Can't help me because managers are "in meetings". Emails promised and never sent. I've followed up with email and told the emails were sent and were just probably in my spam folder. NO. They were not. I feel
like they dangle carrots in from of customers to get them to think they'll taken care of and then purposely jerk them around hoping we'll just go away and not bother them anymore. MOST HORRENDOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE I've EVER experienced. I will NEVER EVER buy
anything Westinghouse makes again in my lifetime, and if you're smart you'll do the same. Also, their facebook page has been brought back and now does not allow posts by consumers except for comments on their own posts. They're very subtly trying to shut down
the very rampant and pervasie unahppiness with their products and company. I was even told the model of TV I bought a year ago is no longer made "because of all the issues" they had. Wonderful. Keep robbing people Westinghouse. I smell a class action lawsuit
and too have filed a complaint with the BBB.

I have read all the complaints against Westinghouse which includes a Better Business Bureau report showing a well-deserved F rating. I had a similar experience with Westinghouse, purchase a 47 inch TV at Target, TV fails, return TV, they can't repair it, you have to wait 8-12 weeks for a refund, etc. The refund never arrived, I filed a complaint with the BBB, Rynette Kerl - Supervisor, Customer Care agreed to refund my money 12/7/12. I celebrated New Years watching my little TV.

Fed up, I contacted the Federal Trade Commission, filed an online small claims case and against the company in Santa Ana, CA. Within a week I got a check. This check did not include the $50, court costs, other expenses I asked for in my small claims case. I am not dropping it and plan on being in California in April when my case is heard. I'm still waiting on a court date.

I encourage Westinghouse customers to take the same steps I did to get results. I'll provide the contact info which is public info off the BBB site:
BBB file opened: 8/21/2006
Business started: 6/25/1997
Contact Information
Rynette Kerl - Supervisor Customer Care
Terri Poindexter (Human Resources & Corp Office Admin)
Customer Service ()
Doug Woo (President)
Alma Silva (Customer Care)
Klaus Libor (Manager of Customer Service)
I had the Sheriff serve Doug Woo, President and Rynette Kerl, Supervisor of Customer Care.

I'll post my court date for those who may be in Southern California. I would appreciate
the support/witness testimony.
Good luck to all.
Phoenix, AZ

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Westinghouse Electric - Defective product with no customer support

My review will be similar to others, purchased a 46" LCD TV and it lasted 6 months before it just died. Picture quality was so so and sound was horrible on this set. Put in warranty claim with Westinghouse and they are flat out useless, I had to wait 30 days to see if they could get parts in, then I had to wait another 30 days to see if they could find a replacement (ironic the manufacture has NO TV's in stock!) They authorized me to send the TV back for a refund, and now they refuse to respond to calls, they claim there is nobody that can assist, and when I request to speak to a supervisor or somebody with authority they deny your request. I am still awaiting a response after shipping the TV back 3 weeks ago on a refund...(and from other reviews I probably will be waiting a long time!)

I urge all retailers to please stop selling an inferior product from a company that does not support their products or value their customers. This will be the LAST purchase of anything from Westinghouse, and I urge others to purchase with extreme caution.

Here is how I got resolution to the issue, when they did not have a comparable replacement, I asked what alternate options were available. After a 30 day waiting period they did offer to take the broken set back for a refund. I sent the TV back on 07/16 and never heard from them again, and the frustration started again. They kept telling me to call corporate, but nobody would answer the phone, and the numerous voicemails I left were ignored.

Not willing to allow a company to steal my hard earned money for their defective product, I filed a BBB complaint, and I noticed on the BBB website they listed some of the customer care executives. Since they did not list their contact information, I decided to guess what there email address may be and sent an email explaining my extreme displeasure with their company. Low and behold an hour later, I get a call back! Three weeks later they finally issued a refund.

It is really sad companies like this are allowed to continue to do business. If you are reading this please run away from any Westinghouse products, and tell everybody else the same. If you are reading this going through the same issues I went through, please reach out to the executives below to voice your displeasure.

Here is who I reached out to get resolution

Rynette Kerl - Supervisor Customer Care - [email protected]
Klaus Libor (Manager of Customer Service) - [email protected]
Alma Silva (Customer Care) - [email protected] - p: [protected] ext. 223

Mar 18, 2012
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Westinghouse Electric - Television

I bought a Westinghouse 32" LCD TV for my second home. We used it maybe 2 weekends a month for 4 months. It was one month beyond the 90 day return policy for Costco and they would not replace it. The problem is no picture with sound, which is similar to other complaints for this product. I contacted Westinghouse through Costco concierge services. Westinghouse sent me a replacement TV and I had 30 days to send the damaged one back and put up $300 on my credit card in case they did not receive the TV in that time. Within 4 days I received another damaged Westinghouse TV. I contacted Westinghouse and they told me to send back the TV to repairs and they sent me a packing label for the original damaged TV, no box or packing material. I am left up to supply the box and packing material. I am very dissatisfied with Westinghouse and Costco for the way they have handled this matter. I will be contacting a consumer group, like 7 on your side in the Bay Area to try to resolve. After 4 months I should be receiving a new replacement TV not a refurbished one. I am guessing that will never happen so I will not ever purchase another big ticket item from Costco or any Westinghouse product ever and tell all my family friends to do the same.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Westinghouse Electric - Nothing but a scam rip off

This company is a big scam. They cant keep employees. It might be 4 reps that been their for a yr. I used to work for them a while ago never went though any training just reading user manuals. What...

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Jul 21, 2011

Westinghouse Electric - Horrible customer service

I have a 26" westinghouse lcd tv. its about 11months old. recently the tv just stopped working. it would turn on for a split second and shut off. afetr reading some of these reviews it doesnt seem like im the only person with this problem. i called westinghouse customer service and got nothing but attitude from all of the service representitives that i spoke with (which was proably about ten or so different people) i told them my issue with the tv and they were very unwilling to help me out because the tv was technically "out of manufactures warranty". when i realized i was getting no help from any of these people i asked to speak to a supervisor. the woman i was speaking to proceeded to tell me there was a 24-72 hr waiting queue to speak to some above her position. I asked her to put me on the list anyways. after waiting two days i finally got a call from a supervisor. this person was more helpful then anyone else i had talked to. he agreed to extend the warranty because im sure he realizes im not the only person with this problem. he then told me i would be emaiuled the send back process, but would not recieve it for up to 48 hours. to recieve an email?! this place is horrible customer service! i sent the tv out after recieving the email. that was about 2 weeks ago. i just called today to check on my order and was told it could be another 2 weeks before i heard anything about the status of my "replacement" i have to say if i had the extra 500$ to spend i would have gone out and just bought a new tv, and NOT WESTINGHOUSE. hopefully i have better luck with the tv they send me(if i ever get it) needless to say im very upset with westinghouse and how theyve handled my issue. i will never do buisness with them again.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Westinghouse Electric - No picture, only sound

Purcahse 3 of these Wesinghouse Digital TV's (SK-32H240S) and after only 13 months it's now stopped working. Came home turn on the tv and smelled something burning and the next day NO PICTURE, ONLY...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Westinghouse Electric - Vertical/horizontal lines

In November of 2010 we bought a westinghouse vr-4085-df tv from Target. Little did we know the tv would only last us 6 months and gets horizontal and vertical lines up and down the screen after about...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Westinghouse Electric - Customer support repair

i bought ask-32h640g about 8 months ago and 2 months ago the screen went blank but power light was green contacted customer spport and got an rma number then shipped it to them over two weeks later...

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Nov 16, 2010
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Westinghouse Electric - Service

I'm complainin about distribution company in İstanbul in Turkey. I purchased a Westinghouse LG 08D5 model washing machine June 2000, from Carrefoursa Erenköy in İstanbul. In August 2004, Machine...

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Westinghouse Electric - Repair scam

With an LCD tv in warrnty, First Westinghouse tried everything to get out of sending me the return auth instructions, from" we did not receive your e-mail to " we didnt get ypur fax" for 2 weeks I...

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Jul 02, 2010

Westinghouse Electric - I will never buy another westinghouse electronic

I purchased a 32 inch LCD tv in September of 08. By December, the picture was going out with little red dots all over. I called Customer Support and was told it was under warranty. They would send me A rma number and I could return it. Well they recieved it 5 weeks ago and suprise, I still do not have a tv. I have been told a number of different things. all lies from what I can tell at this point. It appears their "Customer Support" is an outsourced third party company. This is probably why they will not release Corporate phone numbers. If you look however, they can be found. I called corporate and was told my TV would ship in 2 days. We will see. I will NEVER buy another Westinghouse electronic!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Westinghouse Electric - tv quit working, 6 months after warranty period.

I've got this TV only for about one and half year, then all of a sudden it won't turn on, only the led will light up but no screen or sound, phone the corporate office, they said it's out of warranty and the only thing they can do is sell me the parts at 50% discount, but I have to find someone to install it at my expense. My last TV last over 20 years with no problem ! This is really unacceptable, they should at least cover the cost of parts if not labour !

Jan 14, 2010
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Westinghouse Electric - Terrible company

Bought a 24" monitor and absolutely loved it until one day it would not turn on. 11 months into 12 month warranty so I shipped it to CA, my expense, about $70. I called weeks later and they "did not have it in theiur system." I had to prove it was delivered Oct 3rd. Good thing I had my tracking number. It is now 11/10 and I still don't have it back, but they say it is shipped.

Couldn't get them to call me, or e-mail even after they acknowledged the monitor was received and not processed for many weeks. I always had to call them. When I first called, they told me to call back in a week to find out the status. When they finally processed it they refused express ship it. I still don't have it back but I expect to receive it this week. The last customer service guy I talked to, after listening to my complaints of bad service, did go out of his way to call and leave a message with a tracking number. Other than his effort, their customer service it beyond terrible. My RMA number, if anyone at Westinghouse cares: 40012365CU. They have all my contact info and I would be amazed at this point if anyone actaully contacted me, or even cares.

Jan 05, 2010
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Westinghouse Electric - Terrible customer service

I purchased a Westinghouse TV in December and the picture died in July. AFter several phone calls and attempts to fix, I was told I had to return it to CA. I also was told a replacement unit would be shipped out to me within 5 to 10 business days after they received my unit. It has now been a month and they can give me no answers when I will receive my "referbished" unit. I could get no further up the complaint chain than a supervisor of customer service who was no further help and refused to relase and contact information for a person of authority that I could complain to. I am at a loss of what to do next.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Westinghouse Electric - Power problem

Here's ANOTHER ONE... 14 months old... Used as a spare... This should definitely be taken care of by WESTINGHOUSE!

I purchased 6 of these televisions in May of 2008, Two were for gifts and 4 for our home. We thought they were great, so we put one in the kitchen, the master bath, guestroom and kids room. The first one quit working around August of 2009. We called but were told too bad, so sad as the year had already lapsed. Another bit the dust in October '09 and now the third one just a few days ago in January 2010. All of them the same problem, they just won't turn on and make a buzzing noise when you listen closely to the back of the TV. There is an obvious defect with this model and to invest over $350. each only to have to replace them again just over a year later feels like being scammed.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Westinghouse Electric - Input componets do not work can get no customer service from westinghouse after several weeks of trying

After learning from my Direct TV installer that my input componets were not working, I tried to contact Westinghouse. I knew that the TV was approx. 18 months old and probably not under warranty any...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Westinghouse Electric - Stoped working

Have 2 Westinghouse SK-19-H210S TV's and one the HDMI input stoped working and the 2nd one just stoped turning on. don't buy anything from Westinghouse it is junk.

Dec 06, 2009

piece of junk tv! DO NOT BUY ONE! TAKE HEED! They suck!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Westinghouse Electric - Smoking tv

the tv was 13 months old and started to get hot then started smoking. it would of burned down my house i contacted westing house they said they would help i got rma #s and all i had to do was wait...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Westinghouse Electric - Did not say it was refurbished when I ordered this tv and I have a defective pixel right out of the box

Just opened the box for a Westinghouse 26" LCD tv which I thought was new. I received this tv while I was away for the month. When I opened the box today I saw that the TV set was reburbished. This would not be
such a problem if the set was not defective. There is one bad pixel on the screen.
I called Ecost.com and complained and they just sent me to Westinghouse. Neither the printout when I ordered this item or the invoice that came with the tv stated that this was reburbished. No mention of reburbished until I got the box open and saw reburbished written on the tv.
This is unethical sales tactics to which I am reporting to the New York State Attorney general.
I am also calling my credit card company to void the charge on this item as I want it returned immediately to Ecost.com at their expense, not mind.
Ecost said they would not take it back because it was refurbished. I had to now send it to Westinghouse for repairs. Ecost.com company is a rip off.

I'll never do business with ecost again. I bought a refurbished westinghouse tv. Turned it on, it locked up and never worked again. Ecost told me to call manufacturer. It must be illegal to sell a defective product that never works. Selling a product has implied merchantability, doesn't it? Where is ralph nader when you need him?

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Westinghouse Electric - Worst customer service

Beware...Save yourself the aggravation and avoid Westinghouse.

I was happy with my 32 inch HD TVpurchase but it went completley out just after two years from purchase. I contacted technical support and they determined it needed to be replaced since the board was fryed and they no longer made this TV or the parts for it. They indicated I should ship it to their Texas facility (my cost) and they would send out a replacement of the same or better quality/size. They further indicated it would take no more than 14 days from the day they receive it.

Fast forward six weeks and I still am not any closer to this being resolved. The third party customer service center I had been dealing with no longer handles Westinghouse and the call center has switched from the east coast to California. I had to learn this on my own as the toll free phone number I had been using just went away. No message saying the number had changed, just a message saying the number was temporarily unavailable. I had to locate the new service number through the Westinghouse website.

Inquiries to the new call center are useless. Let me make it clear that this is just a call center and they have no access to the service center in Texas. When asking for an update, the answer is always the same..."It's in Processing". Don't fall for the, "I can transfer you to someone who might know more about this", routine. That is code for let me transfer you to a non-exsisent person's voice mail whose mailbox is full.

Also, every single email I sent went unanswered even though their voice message indicates this is the preferred method of checking inquiries and they will respond within 24 hours. Every single telephone message I have left, has gone unreturned.

This is what you get for buying American. Shamefull and I will never consider another Westinghouse product.

Jun 03, 2016

I will make it simple and short. I bought a SK-19H210S Widescreen HDTV on 11/24/07. In December 2008 it would no longer turn on. I called Westinghouse, they could only tell me that the warranty had expired and I was on my on. If you want to spend a three hundred dollars on a tv and risk it lasting only one year, go ahead. My suggestion is to stay away. They do no make reliable products, and from the other complaints I read, it only confirms my suspicions. I will never buy another product from them. I am just happy I only bought a small tv and not one that cost a lot more.

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