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Westinghouse Digital Electronicstelevisions under supposed warranty

We are a long standing retailer in Consumer Electronics...Audio Video Industry. We began selling Westinghouse TV's years ago...as we began to have failures well in excess of the industry standard, we scaled back our purchases. We had to focus on helping our customers with the failures, returns and replacements...

Now, 10.29.2008, we are at wits end. They have PROMISED us that the last TV we sent back in March of this year would be replaced or credited to our account. They also promised that they would issue a RA number for yet another TV for the same problem. That began on August 4th, 2008. We are still waiting.

I have made dozens of calls to the supplier's Regional Sales Manager, Mike Denn on his cell and home office number since then...he has NEVER called me back. Customer Service has been no help, I emailed the corp office again today...

The dates of the calls I have noted are as follows this year...
I have the phone records to prove it...



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    Westinghouserepairs lcd tv

    Dear Sir/ Madam
    I would like to express my dissatisfaction with Westinghouse regarding the procedures to obtain repairs to a TV, LCD, HD, 42". First, it has taken various calls to obtain the appropriate information needed in order to obtain RMA #. Secondly, your policy to have the consumer incur the expense of return for a faulty product is unreal. A prepaid voucher for the expense of the return would go a long way to improve customer service. As a consumer, I expect the company to stand by its product and facilitate this process.

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      • Re
        realtea4 May 31, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        WESTINGHOUSE: Yes, my issue with Westinghouse was resolved. I had been calling Customer Service for 4+ months. I called 'headquarters' and it was resolved and I got my new, working TV in 4 days. Fabulous. THE CATCH: you must call 'Headquarters'. It is not a 800 or 888 #, it is a 516 number. I found the address for them online for Westinghouse Headquarters and then I called 411 and got the number from them. If you get 800 or 888, that is NOT the right number. You must use a long-distance number to reach 'headquarters'. Mine issue was resolved while Iwas on the phone with a customer representative. I think his extention was 304...something like that. But, google their address in California, then call 411 and retrieve their number. You will get results. THANKS

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      • Valerie Jul 30, 2008

        Very poor business choices are being made by Westinghouse. Lack of support is not acceptable, nor is passing the buck. Let alone an item that fails one year from the date of purchase. (purchased June 6, 2017 - stopped working June 9, 2017)

        I am told via the merchant to contact Westinghouse directly for service, which I did but Westinghouse says that the merchant is the one who takes care of repairs on a warranty.

        Also I have learned from reading that this model has issues with the power module and Westinghouse has passed the buck to everyone who has reported the same issue as I have.

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      • Pa
        Paul LeoGrande Aug 05, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        brought my 27" back to best buy, after a month I called and was told that they were waiting for parts, when I did get the call to pick it up they told me that it was going to cost an additional 500 dollars because the mother board was fried...I never authorized the repair so they un fixed it and sent it back. It was one month out of warranty, maybe had 20 hours of veiwing on it. Great product Westinghouse! I will never buy another product from your company again. No wonder everybody is buying foreign.

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      • Sa
        Samantha Rhodes Jul 02, 2009

        We bought a $ 650 LCD TV 10 months ago and it stoped working. We sent it in to the customer service center on our own dollar ($70)because we were told we had to by the service center. Keep in mind we had also purchased the extened warranty. I was told that it would be 15 business days and I would have a BRAND NEW tv. I waited a month and got a pre-paid shipping label! So I called the service center again! Was told a USED tv would be sent out .Which I don't think is right. I wanted to talk to a manager, was told he would call me back in a few days. He never called! AND YOU CALL THAT A MANAGER! I was told on three different occasions that I was getting a NEW tv. That's was I expect! And I exepect to be reimbursed for the shipping I paid for because I was told I HAD to. And it's been Almost 2 months since this all started. I WILL NRVER BUY A WESTINGHOUSE PRODUCT EVER AGAIN AND I'M SORRY I BOUGHT THIS ONE!

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      • Ka
        kaustin Sep 13, 2011
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        My 22" LCD Monitor Model 2210LW went bad after only 10 months. I followed the very complicated process to send it back at my expense to the Westinghouse Service Center for repair or replacement. After several weeks I finally get back a monitor that is not only not the one I sent in (verified by checking serial number), but it is not working and has so many scratches on the screen that even if it did I would not want to use it.

        I sent them a monitor that I took excellent care of for the very short time we had it, and this is what I get back. I am out the shipping and insurance, the cost (239+tax) of the monitor and now I will need to pay to have it recycled. I feel that Westinghouse owes me a working LCD monitor in the same shape in which it was sent.

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      Westinghouse SK-32H510Swestinghouse fails to fix a poor product

      I recently sent this email to Westinghouse because my LCD which is a little over one year old seems to be failing.

      (In the last two weeks I have noticed that my television goes into what I call a digital scramble after being turned on for a couple of minutes. The picture completely scrambles for a few minutes and then returns to its normal clarity. I can hear the audio fine and have checked to see if it could be my digital cable that is causing the problem but it is not. The problem is happening more frequently and I have only owned the television since July of 2007. I did not purchase the Best Buy extended warranty so I am unable to just return the item to the store. I have the original Best Buy receipt and Credit Card statement but do realize that it has been just over a year that I have owned the television which means its out of its one year warranty. I am hoping that Westinghouse will help me with this problem as it speaks to the quality of your products.)

      Westinghouse replied with the following message.

      (We apologize for any inconvenience in waiting for our response, but below is what I can suggest to move forward. If you are beyond the manufacturer warranty and do not have an extended warranty, you will need to seek local repair. Any local LCD technician should be able to diagnose your unit and offer a repair quote. If you find a technician who can work on your LCD but needs to know where to get Westinghouse parts, please have the technician contact us by phone or email for that information. If the technician needs schematics for your particular unit, we can provide those to the technician. If you have any further questions, you may contact us through email, or by calling us toll-free at [protected], between 9am and 9pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Saturday. One of our technicians will assist you.)

      Although Westinghouse is technically correct in there response to my problem I would like to voice a formal complaint about the quality of product that this company produces. I would expect that after spending a good amount of money to purchase this product that it would last more then just over a year. The fact that this product is failing so early is unexceptable and Westinghouse should do everything that they can to rectify the problem. This is not the case which could cause me to have to spend yet more money to either fix the problem or purchase another television.

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        Microdyne/ Westinghouse TV — they stole my tv

        This is my Email exchange with microdyne Cust SVC What are U guys waiting for ? A class action suit from...

        Westinghouse HD LCD - SK-32H240S — very poor quality products and poor service and management

        I called Westinghouse on July 17, 2008 to notify Customer Service that I was encountering a problem with my...

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        Westinghouse 40warranty repairs

        I purchased the above mentioned tv from Ecost as a refurbished unit, however, it was still under warranty. After having the tv for only about 2 weeks we, like many others, started experiencing the picture going off after only a few minutes of viewing. Over the following few days the problem became increasingly more noticable and much more annoying. After contacting Westinghouse, we discovered the closest service center was approx. 5-6 hours away, and my only option was to send the TV to the Santa Fe Springs facility. They would issue me an RMA, and after receiving my TV, would send a replacement within 5 business days. (And who ever heard of a company issuing an RMA, and not paying for you to send the faulty unit back to them) Since that time, I have discovered, that in spite of proof of delivery to their warehouse on 09/04/08, they did not enter receipt of my TV into their system until 09/09/08. After calling daily to obtain the status of my replacement, and being told multiple times that their policy was a replacement would be issued within 5 business days of them entering the receipt of my TV into their system, I am now being told the policy states 5 to 10 business days. I too have experienced extreme difficulty in discussing this matter with a supervisor, and when they return calls (the 24-72hr. time frame), I as well have missed their calls, and was left no return numbers. The customer service staff, are less than friendly and not at all compassionate about the situation. After this experience with Westinghouse service, I would not ever purchase a product of theirs again, nor would I recommend it to anyone.

        I guess like the economy, customer service in this day and age has rapidly deteriorated as well. At one time the philosophy was that the customer was always right, that is not the case with Westinghouse!! Furthermore, I don't think they would let their customers wait 5 days after receiving the product to make payment for it, and seriously doubt they would allow us to wait 5 to 10 business days after that to make payment either. Compare this to going in to the hospital...would you want to lay in a room, sick in pain, or whatever the case may be, and have a physician tell you that he can't provide service to you until they "have you in the system", and at that, waiting another 1 to 2 weeks to treat your problem. I seriously doubt it, and it's really no different.

        Westinghouse doesn't seem to care that there service is poor, and doesn't seem to make an effort to improve it. Maybe one of these days, they might stand behind what they rave their company is so great at, not to mention manufacture worthy products!!

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          Westinghouse Electronics/42 inch LCD HDTV — no response-fraud!

          I purchased a 42in. LCD HDTV in March, 2008 from ecost.com. This was supposed to be a open-box tv. I received...

          Westinghouse flat screen TVno picture after owning 18 months

          After 18 months we lost the picture on our Westinghouse flat screen HDTV. For 30 years TV's didn't need warrntys so we didn't buy one. The one year warranty was over. We paid TV Engineers $40 to pick up the useless set and bring to their St. Augustine FL shop. After 3 weeks they returned it. Next, I brought it to Sears repair in Palm Coast FL The charged 32.50 and promised Apr 15, 2008 return.
          Late July they leave a message saying the TV was ready for pick up. When picked up the charged another $32.50. I get the TV home and there is a note from the tech saying the TV couldn't be repaired. I am furious. Why did it take so long to fugure this out. Why didn't they tell me it wasn't repair when they left the message to pick it up.
          Last year I purchased 4 Michilin tires for my SUV. Well, all 4 air valves were bad, I was told they were made in China. I had to call my road service twice due to the bad air valves.
          Needless to say I am furious at Sears. They did make ammends for the bad valves on the tire. But this 3 month fiasco with the TV was passed off as an, oh well. No I didn't purchase the TV at Sears. Please send me your thoughts on how opperations handled this transaction Thank you Susan Sheehan

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            Westinghouse Digitalrepair of dvd player in 40& lcd

            I purchased a 40" HDTV in February 2008. The first unit I purchased I returned the same day to the Sam's Club where I purchased it since it work NOT work at all. They replaced the unit with another one. Now the intergrated DVD player in the TV will not accept disks. I called the Westinghouse Customer Service who tried to troubleshoot the issue over the phone. It was determined that it would haave to be serviced. Since they did not have my registration information on file I had to fax the proof of purchase t them before they would advise me on how to proceed. I provided them with the required information only to find out they want me to ship the unit to California from Kentucky at my expense for warranty work. They state that it can not be returned to the Sam's Club for a repalcement since it's out of that 30 day window. They did provide me with the nearest service center which is in Nashville, TN, a 2 hour one way drive. I'm sure shipping cost for a 40" LCD TV to California would be in the hundreds of dollars. What is a consumer to do to get satisfaction?

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              • Gm
                g. major Jun 13, 2009

                i am right there on their service...here is my story
                I bought a westinghouse lcm 22 inch monitor model lcm22w2 in on april 2, 2009 on june 10, 2009 it would not power up..called westinghouse digital repair, after a long wait got a BS answer regarding my unit, next day called back, faxed info requesting rma etc...then 2 days after this all started called 4 times on hold 10 minutes each then went to voice mail "this mail box is full" and disconnect. found blog on line about someone who worked for the original call center and westinghouse supposedly owes $250, 000 new center set up may 21 and apparently we are all wall jobs...taking my monitor to local repair service to see if i can save it...DON'T BUY WESTINGHOUSE DIGITAL ANYTHING...product does not hold up and they do not honor their written warranty, they do not have local service centers in my entire state (KY) but they do in montana..sheep must be big westinghouse users.

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              • Wh
                White Westinghouse sucks Dec 06, 2009

                Same issue with a White Westinghouse 26" LCD w/ integrated DVD player. Will accept DVDs but gives a "loading" message and then says no disc but if you hit eject it will eject it. Know it is not the DVD, as we even tried those that used to work on it. The unit is garbage but what do you expect for the price point? Something that worked more than a dozen times? It is all Chinese crap. Shoddy engineering, shoddy supplier base, shoddy assembly...

                Oh yeah, forgot that when I went to mount it, one of the mounting lugs simply snapped off with little force.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Westinghouse — scam and fraud

              I bought a Westinghouse 32' TV/LCD 2 years ago which is just starting to cut off after 30 min of being...

              Westinghouse Digital Electronics — hdmi port not working, no customer support

              I've had to send in a 19" LCD TV for service since the HDMI port has stopped working and the sound ha...

              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Westinghouse Digital Electronicsillusion of warranty

              This is the worst customer service ever. I received a refurb TV from an online retailer, guess what it comes without an antenna socket, so I send it in under the "3-month" warranty right away to Westinghouse. First surprise took 2 weeks to send an RMA, and then they dont pay for shipping.

              So I bite the bullet and ship it from TX to CA with UPS and nice packaging and all. They received it on 04-03-2008 and today is 05-19-2008 and no word on the TV. Here is my ordeal, I call in once a week to check on progress, the worst ###s sit and answer your questions, first 4 weeks i was told by different reps that yes sir we have your TV and its still being processed, it should be out soon. 4 weeks later a more sensible rep takes my UPS tracking # and then what does he find out, well they have received the TV but haven't processed it, i.e., its collecting dust in the warehouse if they still have it. Then he puts an elevated request, to get fast reply, two weeks later and multiple talks with supervisors, the answer is still the same, we dont know whats going on but its not processed yet, its as if the TV has disappeared in some mysterious black hole, never to reappear.

              Needless to say this is my last product from them, if any one knows where i can file a formal complaint against this company, I may have lost my heard earned student $$ but I am going to make sure that they will not get away with this cr*p!

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                • To
                  Todd Jun 04, 2008
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  I have exactly the same experience going on right now. They received my 37" LCD TV on March 19th (Blue LCD went bad) and for months they couldn't tell me why I didn't receive a replacement. They have no way to communicate with the warehouse and no way for me to speak to a manager. Then I finally receieved the RMA replacement TV on JUNE 3rd!!! Plugged in the replacement and it's worse than the one I sent in. It has dark patches all over the screen and is bascially unwatchable. At this point, I'm calling my lawyer and filing a claim against them.

                  They are THE WORST customer service I've ever seen...and I've seen many bad ones that's for sure.

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                • Bo
                  Bob Jun 05, 2008

                  I filed a law suit against them in small claims court and I got my money back.

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                Westinghouse LCD TV — non existent support and warranty service

                I purchased a Westinghouse LCD TV model LTV-37w2 HD in August of 2007. I received the product and wa...

                Westinghouse Digital — lcd t.v.

                April 12, 2008 President of Westinghouse Digital Electronics, LLC 12150 Mora Drive Santa Fe Springs, CA...

                White Westinghouse — terrible quality product!

                I bought two of the same lcd tv's made from White Westinghouse. The first tv had little red dots on the...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Westinghouse Ceiling Fanswhat a mistake!

                Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

                I've recently spent a fair amount of money on a Westinghouse ceiling fan and it's installation. What a mistake. The fan works and so does the light... what there is of it. In a room 12x15, the light illuminates no more than a night light... it is worthless to me, but when calling the companies customer service, I got the too bad, so sad treatment. The profound advise I was given from them was that I could take it back to the store. So I get the expense to have it taken out and make the 80 mile trip back to the store? The model is Park Place

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                  White Westinghouse Steam Iron Station — fault is in the electrical wiring

                  I have a White Westinghouse steam iron station, 8J06 WW5100 (120V, 60 Hz, 1350 W), which I purchased at...

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                  Recently, I purchased a Westinghouse Electric Skillet, model WWSK5044. Unfortunately, the Users/Owners manual...