Westgate Resorts / westgate town center in orlando florida

United States

I was offer a trail package for westgate travel club which was one week stay at any westgate resort so I chose the town center in Orlando Florida I paid 1095 dollars for this trip I checked in April 30 2017 which was a Sunday by Monday night into Tuesday morning my husband got up to get something to drink and saw roaches in the kitchen I was devastated I couldn't believe that i paid that much to stay in a roach motel i am very disappointed I feel like I should get at lease some of my money back this is not a 5 star resort with roaches I told the people at the front desk they gave me another room with roaches I will never visit another westgate resort I came to Florida last year I stayed in a hotel cheaper that what I paid here and I did not see any roaches I'm so upset that I'm leaving two days early than i'm suppose to in the end I am losing because I expected this to be a beautiful experience the best of everything but you did not live up to my expectations so I decided not to buy or visit again

May 5, 2017

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