Westgate Resortsholiday fee of $250 and dates to book not available

We are new owners in Las Vegas (June 2016). Two weeks ago we tried to book our days at the resort for the last part of December about eight months in advance. When we gave them the dates we wanted they said these dates are not available. We were told specifically over and over there will be no blackout dates and that if we book in advance we will get the dates we want. I am furious, this is the first time since buying that we have tried to book it.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Las Vegas, NVI call back and this time the dates are available but there would be a $250 Holiday fee!! Is this for real? Why were we never told this? When we were being "courted" to buy this property THIS WAS NEVER MENTIONED! This is not listed in our contract anywhere. I called the guy who sold it to us, but of course Charlie will not return my phone call. I feel that we were ripped off, promised something that we can't get. Please help, who can I contact before I decide to get an attorney? Thank you

May 04, 2017

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