Westgate Hotelhorrible customer service


The first complaint was about the hotel. I was unsatisfied with having no privacy on the balcony and also there were waterbugs on the balcony. I travel to Myrtle Beach every year and this was the worst experience I ever had. It was not a hotel I stayed at it was a motel and it was not worth the money. My clothes in the room was wet from the mist in the room. the bath tube was clogged up. I didn't make an issue because I invited people and I did not want to spoil our trip. I received a survey from expedia so I decided to reply.

This is were my second compliant comes from, I was tring to respond to the survey and I couldn't get into the system beccause it was asking for my pass word and login. Well, I didn't remember them and it wouldn't let me access the survey so I spoke to two representatives that provided horrible customer service the I asked for the manager and they gave me a run around. the third representative was the on e to actually provide real customer service. I am highly upset and I will not support this company this is not my first time doing business with expedia but it will be my last since expedia does not have the time to here their what their customers have to say My money is not good enough for you.

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