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A friend of mine transferred money using Western Union to her colleague but before she could collect her money somebody else collected the money on her behalf using some fake identity. Many fraudster do the scam using Western Union as it has a very weak system.

My suggestion to all would be to never use Western Union.

Here is one of the scam used by a fraudster using Western Union and even police refused to file anything against it.

The student girls namely, ABC and XYZ, were looking for rental accomodation in London and found an advertisement on gumtree along with contact details of the landlady.

This landlady described herself as Kristian Nels from Sweden and said she had suffered rent losses earlier as her previous tenants were unable to pay rent.

As a result, before she travels to London to show them her apartment, she wants to make sure that she is renting the property to the person who has got enough cash to pay atleast the initial month rent and are serious about renting the property.

Not only that, she also sent them a soft copy of lease agreement, apartment pics and description of each item present in the flat.

She suggested that they transfer money using Western Union between themselves and send her a scanned copy of the receipt as a proof of cash transfer.

The girls being new to the city London and being young and innocent transferred 1200 Sterlings.

The transaction details are as below:

Transaction ID : [protected]

Transferrer : ABC

Receiver : XYZ

They sent a scanned copy of the receipt to the landlady but before XYZ could collect the money transferred by ABC, this lady (Kristian Nels) went with some fraud identity posing as XYZ and got the money.

The biggest thing to question in this case is how diligently the identity check is done by Western Union before handing over the money to receiver and are there any cameras installed using which you can atleast track the person's face who collected the money using a pin and identity.

The money was collected from Western Union Today (17-August-2008) at 12:30 pm.

Here are some further details about the fraudster:

Email ID Used : kristiannels AT

Phone Number : +[protected]

Gum Tree ad : ad #[protected]: 3 bedroom Maida Vale

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  • Ca
      Sep 19, 2008

    One person tried to fraud me . He tells me that he wanted to buy my fridg, send me a fake check about 3 times the price of my fridg, asked me to take my money and send the balance with western union.

    So the person write me his name and address : Yeah a fake one too, the address was a public phone.

    Same question : Is Werstern Union really check the identity of people who claim money.

    I wrote to western union : They told me that they are not responsible of all money lost ...

    For information : this person 's fakes names are : William Barnett, Morgan Steve, David Kevin, Moris Johnson .

    Do not USE Western Union!

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  • Lu
      Oct 01, 2008

    beware of micheal.[protected] whos tryin to rent her studio on cannon street this is procedure which she sent me today :) :
    Thanks for getting back to me.Am sorry if this might inconvenience you..i have stop using
    bank statement/payslip to verify tenant alot of bad experienced and problems in confirming if they are capable of renting our Apartment. I got all your expressions but all i need from you is just a proof that you have cash at hand to pay me because i have met with time wasters these few days and a colleague of mine advised that how am i going to be sure that i wouldn't be wasting my time this time around coming down to show you the
    apartment and she suggests we can workout something with "Western Union".

    So before i can come down to london, i will be glad if you can transfer the Security
    Deposit £500 with the Frist week payment in any of your friend's name as the sender to your name as the receiver in London. I would like you to take the following procedures:

    1) Visit the nearest WESTERN UNION AGENT LOCATION in your area and get the transfer
    form i.e you will see section of senders name & receivers name e.g (Senders name = (*Next Of Kin*, friend, dad or Mum) to yourself (Receivers name=Your name).

    2) So as soon as you are done with the transaction, i will like you to scan & send a copy of the Western Union transaction receipt(if you dont have a scanner you can type it and send it to my email) as an evidence so that i can confirm that you actually made the transaction and must verify if actually the transaction was made. After verification, i will email you or call you to go and pick up your Funds Back. Then i will want you to give me the best time and date you want me to arrive in London. I hope you know that i will be refunding you the WU charges cost

    I will then take you to the Apartment for proper viewing, if you are interested in it then we
    definitely sign the rental agreement/contract form. If you dont like the Apartment, i will pay
    you back the western union charges if at all you view the apartment and no more interested in taking it anymore.

    Then i will give you date and time i will arrive London.If after the viewing, you love the
    apartment, then we definitely sign the rental & agreement form.

    N.B kindly call me back to know you are okay with the policy to know maybe i should
    reserved the apartment for you. here is my mobile number [protected] or [protected], You are not to transferring the money to me.Transfer the money to your next of kin or your friend or get your friend to transfer it to you.

    With Kind Regards

    no comment :(

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