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I contacted Western Union Money Order Agent about a fraud, the first Agent was a big help who had did a report, She then transfered me over to Consumer Fraud, Garry 246 who was acting as if I was the problem, who asked me what he should do about it, Why have a Fraud Dept while Garry 246 does not know what to do about a person commiting fraud, and does nothing to stop Fraud? Well anyways he was no help and is not someone who should be working in the fraud deptment. They seem ###ed, They are not smart enough to stop Fraud at Western Union, Oh they could stop Fraud, but then they don't make any money off the people that get ripped off through them.

You see, the scammers use Western Union, This is a pay per use service. Western Union wants to make money, so they don't try to catch anyone commiting Fraud through them, because they will not make any money. So the scammer wants you to cash a fake check through your bank, then they tell you to keep so much for some reson you would agree to or might fall for, Then they tell you to forward the rest of the money to them through western union, Then you find out the check is no good, You have to pay that money back, western union made $100.00 off the scam by sending the money, the scammer walks away with the money, you now have to pay back.

Western Union is a rip off con company, who likes you to use them to do scams.

How many people has Western Union caught? Not many, they don't try.

If its up to Garry 246, Whats the problem?, What would you like me to do about it?.

I will take Western Union to court, class action case. I will sue them enough to make them set in place a real Fraud Dept, that has a clue how to cath the Fraud, Western Union is part of the scam problem - greedy, as long as they make money, Garry 246 says what's the Problem?, What would like me to do about it?.

Garry 246, your ###ed, you work for western union Fraud dept, Your the one who is part of the scams, your not smart enough to catch a thief?, even if the name is given to you, you say, what do you want me to do about it?. You work for Western Union Fraud dept, you should be asking me for the information, and you should know what to ask me, not for me to tell you.

WesternUnion is a greedy who cares company that allows scammers.

Hey Garry 246, next time try and flag the name being used as the cash pick up name, have a fake number setup, to use as a theft protection to catch them.

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  • Ma
      5th of Sep, 2009

    You're a damn idiot for falling for the scam. Western Union did exactly what they were supposed to do. It's not THEIR fault that you did it, and it's not THEIR fault that the person collecting the money received it before you realized your stupid mistake! As a Western Union agent working in a grocery store, I am trained to sense fraud. But if you just walk up to me and say "send this money to this person, i trust them." I'm going to have to take your word for it and send it. To make a long comment short, go ahead and waste your money on a lawyer. Western Union doesn't even NEED a lawyer to beat you on this one.

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