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Western Dental / dime store dentures

1 Bear ValleyVictorville, CA, United States Review updated:

So far Western Dental has ruined my life, and am not sure they even know how to fix their kindergarten skills. I went to Western Dental because that was the insurance my company provided. I knew I needed my teeth pulled and dentures. I made an appointment in July of 09, The Office staff and dentist were very nice at first, After a long discussion with the dentist after xrays, I felt that the dentist knew all of my worst fears about the procedure and the look and feel of my new dentures. I arrived a few days later at Western Dental to have my teeth extracted. I went home that day no real problems. Stitches in mouth I began to feel like teeth are trying to grow back in. I go back to the dentist a few days later to find out the dentist has to take out all my stitches and open up my gums again and cut out whatever. The dentist sews me back up, and I go home again. I did not immediately have my dentures put in my mouth. A few weeks later I went back to Western Dental to recieve my new dentures. Oh my God I looked like buckey beaver, I freaked out. Never going through anything like this, the dentist assured me these teeth looked and fit great. The dentist assured me they would mould into place. Not knowing what I was in for, I knew he must be right. NOT SO!!! Immediately and for weeks my relatives told me to get back to that dentist and give me some dentures that look like teeth. Not teeth that look like dentures . I rescheduled an appointment and told the dentist I was very unhappy with the look and feel of these dentures. He was rude and assured me these teeth were right for me. After much of his finger in my face He agreed to make me another set. I went without teeth for 4 weeks. He kept those dentures. Then on my next appointment for my second set of dentures I just freaked out they were so different and felt absolutely horrible. The dentist asked me to please wear them for awhile so I could get use to them. I said ok. Them I got in my car and looked in my rear view mirror and looked closely at my teeth. One front tooth was longer than the other. I got a bad feeling. I marched right back in there and made him shave it to match the other one, they looked too short to me. I went ahead and wore them for months along with a tube of denture glue a week. Finally I went back again to the dentist crying and telling him this is not the way it was suppose to be. Ok now he tells me I need $12, 000.00 worth of implants to keep my teeth in place. I'm not going to go into detail about the long conversation however after much b.s. he agreed to make me another set and have the denture technician that makes the dentures present at my next fitting so if there are any changes to be made in the mold it can be done then. I come back to my next appointment and the denture technician just happens to call in sick that day. The dentist assures me I will be happy with these teeth. Well i'ts been a round 6 months and these teeth are different from the other two sets, and they don't fit either. I called their main office to complain and was told there was no one I could talk to, I was instructed to write a formal complaint letter and send it to their P>O> Box in Orange Calif. ATT. Patient Relations. I was told a special board would read my complaint and get back to me in 30 days. I wrote my letter amd sent it. Forty five days later I called them back and asked why they have not responded to my complaint. The lady said she never recieved my letter and that she would know about the letter cause she is the only one in the office. I told her I knew she got the letter and she probably disposed of it . Too bad I didn'tsend it receipt requested. I know she got it. Then I hurt my back and got behind on my payments and tried to make other arrangements with them . What a bunch of nasty, pushy, smart ellic dweebs. Finally I call the collection manager, Explain the nasty treatment I have recieved from his crony assistants and I would like to make payment arrangements I can afford. He said since I have never been late on a payment in a year I could give $105.00 now and $105.00 in two weeks and he would write a new contract at $90.00 a month. I agreed. Then he wanted my debit card number and wanted to be able to pull the money out every month. I said call me back in 20 minutes. He reluctantly agreed. I called my bank and my bank cautioned me against it because of the mistrust . If I gave them my debit number they could take more than we agreed on. So I told the collections manager that my bank cautioned me against this . ahe got so mad and called me a liar and that no bank would ever tell a customer that. I told him I would have my bank call him. No he just wanted to sling his smart ellic mouth around. I did tell him I would send him a money order immediately in the amount we agreed uponand, another to follow 2 weeks later and then he could send me the new contract and I would send him a money order every month until paid. No way he said and threatened to report me so my credit would be damaged, and hung up. Now I will be talking to every official avenue. Thats my right

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  • Lo
      17th of Jun, 2012
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    I totally agree with you ... I too had dentures made for me there, after pulling 17 teeth. Had I known the outcome of it all, I would have insisted on keeping my lower ones. It has now been 6 months since and I still can't wear the lower plates. I have had them put 3 temporary liners in, which didn't help. They cut into my gums and are too sore to wear within about 15 minutes.
    I only wear the lower ones when I go out somewhere. Next I go to put them on one morning and I felt like something was on them. I look closely and they are tearing apart! I immediately called them and set up an appt. to see what to do. They told me they could fix them ( which I thought didn't seem right either) nonetheless they did it in about 2 hours and called me to tell me they were ready. I pick them up and the spot where they fixed them is really scratchy and lumpy. I called back and they said to come in. When I got there they told me it has been 6 months and the swelling has probably gone down enough to be able to put a permanent liner in them. But, this would cost me another 280.00. I still owe close to 800.00 on them and I don't feel I should be investing more money for these when they are cracked to begin with!!! I made the appt. but then I went home and thought about it, and I cancelled it. I called corporate office and sent an email but I haven't heard a word from them...go figure. I feel they should make my bottom plate over again, and not make me pay for something that was poorly made to begin with! I also went there because that is what insurance I have, but I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone!!!

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