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Western Dental / bad work done!! nightmare!

1 S. VIRGINIA ST.Reno, NV, United States

Went in to just get an idea on a bridge I needed to have done on the top 2 teeth they talked me into it rushed me through the dentist said you only need a filling then we will make an impression and give you a temp. Bridge all for 3, 600 (What a deal huh?!!!) wrong! The girl didnt know what she was doing who took my impression had to do it 3 times! The dentist was saying he wished jesus would just come and take us all out of this bad world!.. Thought he was (Nuts!) the dentist gave me 5 shots letting me swollow most of the medicine including everything else! The was yelling at the girl while I was laying there at there mercy! He shoved a temp. Bridge in there that did not fit.. I had to go back could not chew for 2 days he was mad and my gums were all swelling he jammmed the needle in my gums and yelled kep still its not the end of the world!.. Had to remove the bridge he ground down my eye tooth that never needed any work at all puting a cap on it he never told me he had put a temp. Cap on the tooth he was suppose to only fill!.. Well now its thurs. Before labor day weekend and my plans for camping or cancelled because the cap fell off and (By the way had a pin hole in it so everything was leeking through on to my ground down to nothing stub of a tooth he ruined!! The nerve is exposed! And now I must take off work to find another dentist to try and fix what they did to me!!.. (Please dont do there! He's name is thomas wont even call him a doctor he dosent deserve it!) reporting him to the dental board!

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