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Western Dental / staff-patient care

1 Churn Creek RoadRedding, United States
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I would like to share a few of my experiences at Western Dental on Churn Creek in hopes to make this Western Dental a better service to our community and would highly advise someone who could make a valuable change to evaluate the operation of this business. Many staff employees are unprofessional, rude, disorganized, immature and inattentive. The music is turned up and the staff is tuned out. They do not make eye contact directly with anyone in the waiting room until the person goes to them to ask a question, they are in a world of their own completely ignoring their clients. They do not pay attention to how long someone has been waiting or anything of the like. This is my minor concern, my bigger concern is their "quality of patient care." My cousin visited in late June to experience a 2 hour wait before being called in for dental care, she mentioned this to me which i assumed that they must've gotten behind schedule that ONE day. Come to find out from my own personal experience that this is a regular practice for this place of business.

7/5 My daughter and i waited in the waiting room for 30 minutes, they then took xrays and we sat in our own separate chairs next to each other for an additional 50 minutes. When we left we had covered the "evaluation" of what needed to be done and the cost.

7/15 (crown) I sat in the waiting room for 2 hours, kid you not when i finally went to the front desk to ask "why all the dental staff were leaving for home?" and how much longer will it be?" The desk clerk never directly answered me but was whispering behind the computer to the other Rep. as a child would. They all walked in circles when finally an older employee addressed me and took me to the back saying "we will get you right in, there was a mix up with your file, I am sorry." I sit down as i here several people behind me saying that they don't have time to do it today, it is too late. A few minutes later the floor supervisor directly told me that it was too late in the day, and he was sorry about the mix up and that he would get me straight in the next appt. then when i came back to the front desk 2 hour 15 min. later the same young girl "Nicole" was trying to ignore me but she didn't have a choice because she was in charge of doing appts. apparently.

7/22/08 (crown) called me in after 10 minutes... sat in chair an additional 30 minutes, then the dentist apologized because the "prep tools" weren't ready so i waited an additional 15 minutes. The dentist said to another dentist referring to my crown "this is too hard." There was also conversation between the dentist and dental assistant regarding "who wants to put on the temporary crown?" There was hesitation! That is all thus far.


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