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AUG 5TH, 12:29PM
Worst possible experiences ever!! Time that I can never have back wasted due to incompetence of Western Dental Orthodontics. I relocated from out of state to CA. I notified both offices weeks before I moved. First visit at the new office was as expected. Second visit was a total waste as my records were stuck somewhere in Western Dental network & unaccessible by the new location. Yet, they had no problem discussing new financial terms with me. Third visit was a bit more productive, not much as the Orthodontist wanted to wait until after my scheduled general appointment. I figured, combine the general & ortho at the same location for a smoother transition. An appointment was made for me to return to the ortho a few days after. I arrive for my general appt only to be told nothing can be done because no one is on duty to remove the wire. Last Saturday, when the appt was made, it was SPECIFICALLY NOTED that the wire had to be removed during this visit, a total morning again wasted because Western Dental failed to ensure they were ready for me.See Top 10 Worst Companies in San Jose, CANow I have an appointment on Wednesday for work that may or maynot be possible. I call their customer service office, which in itself is EXTREMELY annoying with is forever long holds (Billing is the exception. I am guaranteed to reach a representative almost immediately!) The billing representative tells me to call back during normal business hours of Mon - Fri, but in the mean time, he can offer me a great deal on my services. A discount on my balance IF I pay it in full. I almost exploded!! I am frustrated with your services, almost every contact you want to talk finances, you are paid every month as agreed, cannot provide prompt, correct, service to me on time, yet you ask me to give you more of my money for something I am obviously highly dissatisfied with. That makes no sense. Every time you fail to provide service to me at no fault of my own, you are costing me money & time. Time I could of remained at work or using for other productive activities. Time you could of saved me by verifying that you are ready for the patient, & if not notify the patient prior to arrival. This is totally unacceptable service!!! Make no mistake, if I could transfer away from you, I would!! I had ZERO issues with your service in AZ. You need to get it together in CA!!

Aug 23, 2017
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  • Cr
      Oct 17, 2017

    I do not think Western Dental cares about what anybody thinks. They think they have a way to get away with horrible service and sometime dangerous service and nobody care what they do. There should be a class action suit for these people need to understand that they have a professional responsibility along with a moral one to do the right thing.

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