Western Dentalharassing phone calls

After 2 months of harassing phone calls from Western Dental debt collection, filing complaints with FTC, BBB, Do Not Call and Cal Att Gen office I am beyond frustrated with these idiots! So someone used my phone number as an emergency contact when they went to WDS and of course WDS began calling me when they could not reach that person. I told WDS that they had reached a message number and asked them to remove my phone number from their auto-dialer. The third call I finally said I was filing complaints with the state and federal agencies, I sent emails to the corp office with copies of the complaints. You would think this would solve the problem, but not at all. They called, sent emails and a letter telling me that I needed to verify appointment history, place of appointment and sign a patient release form. I sent an email saying that I was not and had never been a patient, that I was not going to contact the person they were trying to reach and ask them about their medical history. So they answered my complaints by saying that they could not resolve the complaints until I signed a patient release. If I were a suspicious sort (which I am) I would think that this is their latest scam to avoid penalties from complaints.

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