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OKAY here we go! So I got braces put on September 2016! Now remember that date as I continue. My first appointment the girls all had an attitude problem like okay whatever well when they did it they only put the brackets or whatever you call them on my top teeth which seemed weird but they said oh we're backed up so they'll finish at my next appointment.. seems weird to me like wth I'm pretty sure your supposed to put all my braces on rite? Any who so go back in and they do my top teeth and the wire was poking me and when I told the guy he said oh it's fine you just have to ignor it!!! WHAT! Dude this thing was going through my mouth poking me! Finally he got irrated enough he just cut the wire and he snapped me twice with the bands putting them on! Then go get the bottom braces on oh lord here we go again so they put them on and the bottom right spacer I think it's called that goes on the back tooth to hold the braces yeah well she pushed it down but it didn't feel tight like I could wiggle it with my finger! When I told her she said no that's how it's supposed to be it's fine I just can't keep messing with it. Well my next apt I go in and the guy goes to change my wire and the damn thing POPS OUT ! That's how lose it was! He was all oh wow that's a miracle you didn't swallow that why wasn't that on better and when I told him he was like oh no I'll talk to her ..See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Bakersfield, CA yeah rite then many appointments after it was just constant them snapping with bands and poking me with the wire well couple weeks ago I asked how much longer my braces need to be on because I'm getting married next October! The dentist said oh your teeth look great and he checked my file and said yeah we can take them off I was like oh okay it's no rush because I was told it was a 2 year plan and I've only had them on a year.. well AFTER I get them off the dentist says yeah you've had them on since 2011 your teeth look great... WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! I was like no I've only had them a year! Well no that's not what our records say.. haha okay so your telling me you took them off early because the computer says 2011 he was like yeah! Haha NONONO! Then the retainer he had to adjust it at least 7 times and finally he gave up and said well this will have to do and it wouldn't even go all the way down on the bottom I told him and I told him it felt like something was poking my gums.. he's all oh it's normal you just have to keep pushing it down and eventually it will fit rite.. okay fine so for a week I did what he said and NOPE no progress still not going down couldn't push it down I wore it all time even though it kept popping out because it wouldn't stay on and when I called the office to get a new one or to get it fixed she told me they didn't have anything for SIX WEEKS! What no ma'am I need one now my teeth are already moving she's all well I don't know what to tell you.. WELL OKAY THEN I'm done! This office was rude and they don't know how to do there job and I've been trying to cancel my contract for almost 2 in a half weeks now and I keep getting the run around this is complete bull crap ! I'm not paying for you guys messing up my teeth!!! I already paid almost 2, 000 ! And you guys still want me to pay for you guys screwing up! And now I'm paying another 5, 000 because of you guys to er my teeth fixed at a new dentist and I've only been there once and it's already a million times better

Oct 22, 2017

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