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Worst experience ever!! Timeline:
1st visit 1989 and many visits since
1989 - had major work in western dental hawthorne blvd, lawndale, ca
1992 to 1999 numerous minor visits
[protected] - visits for after assault work
Cathedral city
March 2012 - spent $6, 000 over what my insurance crowns, root canals
May-june 2015 - had more work done approx. $2k. Left being told paid up
October/november 2016 - pain from non cavity hole in tooth. Before they
Just puts drops said nothing can be done
November/december 2016 made appointment. Went in told cannot see
Me I was in collections-would not tell me what for or how much. Made
Me look like a fool in front of at least 10-15 customers. Later i
Contacted support says cannot tell me what collection was for-i said I
Am the patient. After 5 people I ended up with argon collection agency
Who would not tell me anything, just said give me a credit card or I will
Ruin your credit, which they had already done. My fica went from 805
To 699. I contested with all credit agencies and won. Come to find out
They filed incorrectly to insurance company, so $700.00 not paid. They
Were sending bill to wrong address. I have statement from person
Who received my bills and returned. I had to pay almost 900.00 on
December 11, 2016 to clear.
March 22, 2017 - I called to make appointment as the pain has become
Unbearable, 4 people told me I was in collections even though I paid
Back in december. Person #5 at western dental corporate offices - "oh
I see you already paid. Someone forgot to un-flag you". I said sho do I
Complain to about all this mess. It is all you guy's fault. Oh let me
Transfer you - after 30 minutes I hung up
March 22, 2017 - later that day. I called and was on a phone with operator
At western dental for about 20 minutes. She called the office I was to
Go to to see if they would see me with no problem now. She came back
And said yes they will see you, no problem. So I go at 3pm. Again in
Front of no less than 10 people they embarrass me by telling me loudly
You cannot be seen you are in collections.
That is it I am done, I will make sure I post this same complaint on twitter,
Linkedin, facebook (Numerous pages) as well as any other site that will let me post.
I am also going to send our local news stations with watchdog reporting this story as well as a letter to the editor in the local newspaper.

It may not be much, but if I can save a few people the agony western dental gave me - the better I will feel!!

Mar 23, 2017

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