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Worst customer service ever. Called number on their website, they answered (twice) as "Pottery Barn".

Ordered 4ft floating shelves. Manual had many typos (spelling errors) and claims you can install the shelves in drywall or studs. However, the way they manufactured the shelves with the two screws/brackets on each side was incorrect, non-standard. Studs are 2" wide. The 2 screws in each bracket were 2.5" apart. How is this supposed to properly go in the studs? Shelves are about 10lbs each. Drywall option is "15lb max" according to the manual. How pathetic.

About five times I've asked them via phone and email to adjust my online account so it reflects all my orders placed with them, phone and website. Still nothing, 3 months later.

Ordered draperies and hardware. Hardware back-ordered until 8/29. Called today (9/3) and they say back-ordered until 9/7. Go to the product page, says 9/9.

3 weeks ago, got a mystery delivery (side table) from Pottery Barn Kids! Never ordered it. These people are insanely incompetent.

Called NJ (Paramus) location to get availability on the drapery hardware. Lady asks for my name/number to call back because "we open at 11". It was 10:48am when I called. Amazing.

Called PA (Philadelphia) location to ask about availability. Lady with a dying low voice put me on hold for a few minutes before I hung up.


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  • Ev
      Apr 27, 2011

    I couldn't agree more, I've gone to their store in Emeryville, CA and ordered a large mirror which was out of stock at the store, but the salesperson said she'd order it from one of their warehouses.
    Great, right?
    Well, no. The mirror they sent was the wrong model, I didn't want to cart this huge, heavy mirror to be returned at their store, so I called Customer service to request a call tag and they put me on hold for 20 minutes, then disconnected the line, so I called the store, they put me on hold for 40 minutes during which a salesperson kept coming back on the line to give me answers obviously meant for other clients: "No, ma'am, we don't have the bamboo chair", "Well, we only have that cushion in blue", etc.
    When I asked to speak with the manager, I was told she was :
    A) In a meeting
    B)Out to lunch
    C)Not working that day
    And I mean all at once.
    It took a good deal of snapping on my part to get them to issue a call tag which, by the way, was supposed to have arrived today, but didn't.
    The term "Unprofessional" doesn't begin to describe how incompetent these people are.

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  • We
      Dec 07, 2012

    I ordered a 5x8 rug from West elm online. The rug was smelling mildew, so I called the West elm customer service. They said they will send a UPS driver for a rug return pick-up the next day between 9am to 7pm. I waited all day, they driver never came. I called West elm to find out what is going on. West elm told me that the UPS driver came by, but couldn't make a contact, so he left. I was home all day waiting, so I wasn't sure why the UPS driver would tell West elm that. West elm issued another UPS driver for the next day and again the driver never came and again gave West elm same note that they couldn't contact me. This was going on for several days, and I am still waiting for a pick-up to show up someday. They kept telling me the driver will be here tomorrow and we will take care of this, and I will be ok. Either West elm is lying or the UPS truck drivers are lying or West elm and UPS are doing this on purpose so that they would discourage people from returning the defect. The rug is too heavy for me to carry to the store return especially when I don't have a car. I feel like this is a scam made by West elm.

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  • ...UPS cannot make a pick up when one lives on a steam vent or under a bridge! Thank you.

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  • 11
      Dec 04, 2014

    I went into the West Elm Burlington Mass Store #879 to make a return. The store manager Kate(the only information that she would give me) Was very rude and demeaning.
    I was being helped by one of the sales associates. She started to yell out commands to the person that was helping me that if there was no reciept that the person could not help me. It was very embarring to say the least.
    She then walked over and took over and told me in a very rude way that she could not return the bedding for me because I didnt have a reciept and that they had a new return policy that started the day before. I was okay with the fact that the store had a new policy in place, but it was the way that she so rude about letting me know of their new policy that was very upsetting. After she said what she had to say, clearly with me still having quastions she walked away. I walked over to her and asked to see this new policy that was in place. She told me that she didnt have it and brushed me away for the second time. At this time i became very upset at the way i was being treated in the store and to know that she was the store manager upset me even more because she is suppose to be the face and go to person for the West Elm store in Burlington.
    I walked over and asked her for her name and she told me that she could not give it to me. I asked her for thier corporate number and she told me that she didnt have either and that I needed to go to the website to retrieve that information.

    I was very upset by still manage to calmy let Kate know how rude she been to me. She shrugged her shoulders and smerked.. " I am sorry" I have made a complaint to their corporate office. But I dont think that I will ever purchase anything from West Elm, William Sonoma, Pottary Barn or any of the William Sonoma Brand going forward.

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  • Ri
      Nov 17, 2016

    On 8/7/16, ordered leather power recliner online. Repeatedly informed of 'back order, ' status. Mulltiple online and telephone contacts with customer service and delivery representatives from Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, West Elm. They are polite, but unable to deliver item. Each representative spoke of receipt in their shipping warehouse shortly, but each call saw the estimated delivery date pushed back. Today, estimated deliver is December 27th. Finally canceled the order and requested refund. Hopefully, they return money as quickly as they take it. Observed the same recliner remains on sale for $600 more than our purchase price.

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