West Elm / back orders

United States

Twice I have ordered from West Elm back order items and this is how it goes
First you place your order then at check out it is stated that the item is on back order for like 6 months and that if you continued with your purchase you would not be charged till the item shipped This was fine with me so in both cases I continued
Then you get a confirmation email thanking you for your purchase so far so good but here is where it goes so so wrong
Moments later they inform you that the item is completely out of stock then you go to your bank and there is a hold on your account for the purchase price which stays there for 3 days What are they thinking this could cause anyone who is on a very struck budget in their bank account to have all kinds of over drafts if they are not expecting this to happen which they would not since west elm clearly states you will not be charged till shipment Do not order from these people

Apr 8, 2014

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