Wesbank / car finance declined

357 The Blyde Riverwalk Estate, South Africa

Good day,

I would like to ask for assistance in resolving a matter that I believe is on the onus of the Debt Collector Diane Karam from Debtcor Pty Ltd - 1 Floor Oak Place, 264 Oak Avenue, Ferndale, 2194, Randburg (011 78 3570), diane. [protected]

A settlement amount of R13000.00 was paid to the above mentioned debt collector and I was given a letter that an instruction would be sent to all the credit bureaus in particular Transunion to have my name removed off their naming list. this was the 31/09/18. Mid Jan 2019, I tried to apply for pre-approval for car finance only to be declined, upon investigation I found that Ms Karam had never it seems sent such an instruction, I have since requested her to do so. I am now car-less with a good credit score however declined due to someone else's negligence. I wanted to find out how do I as a consumer escalate this matter so that 1. my name is removed from these listings in order not to get flagged again and 2 to get approval. Unfortunately I do not have the luxury of months for this matter to be resolved. I've banked with FNB for over 15 years so it's beyond disheartening that other banks can approve me for finance and not my own bank. any assistance regarding my matter would be appreciated.

B Naziwa

Feb 11, 2019

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