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I am a cancer patient. Was diagnosed in July of 2015. later that year, don't really remember the date, I called Wells Fargo to ask if there was anyway that we could work out a plan to lower my truck payments due to the increase in medical bills with the chemo, and not working full time. I was told no there is nothing we can do for you. So we did our best to keep up the payments.
In 2016 I called again for some help and asked if we could refinance our 2008 F-450. I was told that Wells Fargo doesn't refinance anything over 5 years old.
So of course we tried to keep up payments again, with me going through radiation and not working full time it was tough.
So this month, August 2017 we get a call from a man named Jay from Wells Fargo saying that we are 59 days past due on our account. I explain about the first 2 calls, he says the second that we could have refinanced in 2016 because its 8 years. Of course to late now because the truck is 9 years old.
Then he asked why we weren't offered a Hardship Loan last year? I have no clue why I tell him. Of course now Wells Fargo will not help us with a Hardship Loan because the payments are too delinquent.
I have used Wells Fargo before for the purchase of other vehicles and have always payed for the vehicle, but now when I'm in financial hard ship they toss me aside without another thought.

Aug 28, 2017
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      Oct 30, 2018

    I am pretty much done! I made a payment on Friday oct 26th and right after I checked my account to see if it was taken out and it was so I went on with my day. Then come Monday I forgot about a payment for daycare and that came out, so of course I knew I was getting an overdraft fee because of that. Then today Tues. oct 30 I look and that same payment that was made on the 26th was “pending” but when I look at the negative balance it’s from that payment on the 26th and the overdraft fee from the daycare payment on Monday. So I call and ask them if I was going to get yet another overdraft fee because of that pending amount that was already paid and came out on the 26th. They said they won’t know if I get another overdraft fee until the day! I am still so confused. Closing my account as of Friday! Do not recommend opening any account with this branch!

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