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I attempted to address my Wells Fargo account, but was unable to get to my account because of persistent attempts by your company to get me to fill out a questionnaire. Even with attempts to not answer the questions (black X in upper right hand corner of box), I was sent to this group of questions. Since it was unavoidable, I answered the questions, but was unable to access the account without taking one of the free gifts. I do not want a free gift from you.. I still could not access the account. I called your number on line and after several min of waiting got a human. They were unaware of this questionnaire and transferred me to online services. They were unaware as well. Both were very helpful. Following more directed questioning and a search by William (the online employee) he did indeed find that I was correct and, he is to take that nonsense off of my line.
I believe that you earn enough money both as a large banking system protected and supported by the US as well as numerous documented and recognized felonious acts, that you do not need this obstruction to your customers who have stuck with you through these nefarious acts.
1) Please stop this unwelcome and intrusive obstruction
2) Try your best to let your employees know something about the business and policies that impact your customers.
Wasted time: 1.5hrs, date 3/17/17

Mar 17, 2017

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