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Wells Fargo / fraud and cheating

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 877-898-4239

Historically I pay amounts of $10.00 to $30.00 over my minimum monthly payment. last month wells fargo auto finance only charged me the amount of my minimum monthly payment minus the amount I have paid over my minimum... when I questioned why they did this, they would not give me a straight answer... instead, they chose not to pay interest on the amount that they received in excess of the minimum and my principle remains unchanged... I have never experienced this w/ any other auto finance loan in my life (and I have had more than just a few in my lifetime)... my recommendation is to never use this company again for any type of financial service...

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  • Cg
      2nd of Apr, 2009
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    These ###s do me the same way, I send in extra money and tell them to take it off the principle amount and they just decrease the next payment amount, thats so they can squeeze every cent of interest out of you, without a doubt these are some sorry ###s, I make a point to go into a local office, and make my payment now, just so I can tell them how sorry they are, , I have found that even the people that work in these offices are ashamed of Wells Fargo, , This is a matter that warrants investigation by the government, this is a rip off! I have real good credit, and my payments have never been late, I tried to get them to reduce my Interest rate, and they would'nt do that either, Its the ### in charge, responsible for this practice..No, I don't have any respect for them!

  • Tr
      13th of Jun, 2009
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    We got behind on Mortgage due to employment change last January 2008, by February I knew we had to do something it was closing in on February due payment. I called Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and did everything they asked of me, got a hardship letter, explained the whole situation 5 different times, needless to say I was told that on my credit report the Jan. and Feb would be reported late.

    Well I completed this agreement in March of 2009... I have been getting calls non-stop for other charges that in-cured since this agreement was made, but never on the monthly statement. I also found out a week ago when trying to obtain a new mortgage with another company that they have reported us late rolling for the last 14 months because they put you money being paid toward the last month due. Even though the way it was explained, those Jan & Feb 08 payments that I paid extra on my mortgage each month and on time where coming off at the end. So now both me and my husbands credit went down 200 points each, ruining our credit. Anyone else having these types of problems..

    I have written letters sent them to the correspondence address in Des Moines, IA, still no reply, they also stated I was late on my payment in March when it was paid to Wells Fargo Bank on the 13th and on the receipt it states it is credited on the 13th; and they are now calling me 3-5 times a day for the $32.69 late charge, The customer service reps and rude and think they can bully me into paying this, I stated NO, I have a receipt from Wells Fargo Bank stating it was paid and credited on the 13th and the late charge was put in on the 16th of March.. They really think we are stupid. Can anyone out there help me get this credit situation revised. Thanks!

  • Be
      24th of Jun, 2009
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    Wells Fargo Bank sold this consumer a loan product rife with opportunities for fraud by the contractor and HUD consultant, yet it provides no warnings or instructions to help consumer prevent this; furthermore, it fails to accept responsibility for the payments made without the proper city inspections. Then it expects the homeower to cover (and repay) the money lost to fraud - as well as pay for the additional work now required but not included as part of the original loan because the HUD consultant failed to do his job.

    WFHM began paying off on a HUD 203K loan from job specs never seen nor signed by the homeowner, which was required. Furthermore, it paid out on electrical and plumbing work without the requisite city inspections, and now all that work must be redone because none was done to code.

    The Job Specs were wrong from the start, yet the bank did nothing to ensure they were accurate, and the bank's role (according to the loan documents) is to protect the construction project. In this case, the job specs that dictate the work to be done on the house did not agree with the contractor proposal (unbeknownst to the homeowner, the contractor and HUD consultant were conspiring to defraud her).

    The job specs are supposed to agree with the contractor proposal; when they don't, it's the bank's responsiblity to ensure they do. In this case, when the homeowner alerted the bank that they didn't (contractor began refusing to provide what was in his proposal, telling the homeowner he only had to provide what was on the 'job specs' and that his proposal was only a 'wish list'), the bank ignored her. Furthermore, when the bank finally did fax them to the homeowner (after the contractor was fired), it showed not only was the homeowner required to sign - but also to help prepare them. Additionally, right above where the homeowner signature is supposed to be is the statement about all section 1 items.

    Almost all were excluded from the job. So now, with 2/3 of the money expended, nearly all the work must be redone - and there's additional work to be done because the HUD consultant did the work write up incorrectly from the start (the addition of the Section 1 items as well as a new roof).

    I have made contacts with Senators and other legislators as well as with an attorney, which is costly. Meanwhile, my home has no kitchen (not one single appliance, countertop or cabinet); its electrical wiring is done backwards and in violation of even local electrical company codes; and I'm still waiting for the coldwater knob.

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