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I truly hope that Mary Mack has an assistant somewhere monitoring these complaints and brings this to her attention because this is an example of poor customer service at Wells Fargo.

I have been a customer since '93 (Corestates/Wachovia/now Wells Fargo). Have been happy w/ service until April 2017.

Debit card has been rejected at least a dozen times over past past seven weeks at local ATMs. Each time this occurs, I have to call the fraud detection center and ask them to unfreeze account. Each time I call, I get a different reason this is happening. High fraud at machine. Fraud software being triggered for some unknown reason. Bad electronic swipe on card. "Solutions" have been soft boot of card; hard boot of card; reissue of card; reset card chip.

I also stopped in branch. They dialed phone to connect me w/ Fraud Dept. Same old story.

I was given an executive office customer service number [protected]) by the branch employee for special problems. I contacted Fraud Division and they assigned a Fraud analyst two weeks ago. Once they handed off to Fraud Division, they closed case (#2904849) which is not great customer service. Asked them why they don't stay on top of this until issue resolved? Handing off to Fraud feels like throwing a customer service issue into the abyss.

Called Fraud Division again today because card was frozen. No record of any analyst looking into this.

I have easily spent over six hours of my time trying to resolve this issue because I don't want to switch. May have to after all. And I'm a former banker!

My best guess is that the Wells Fargo software was changed back in beginning of April as they try to push non-swipe access with your cell phone. That is when my issue began.

Greg T.

I have called customers service (case #2904849)

May 19, 2017

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