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Wells Fargo Dealer Services / made payment but took car away

1 WA, United States Review updated:

As with a lot of people around the country, I am having some financial difficulties. Got behind on my car loan payments. Received a phone call stating that the car would be repossessed if they did not receive my current late payments (totaling just a little over $1, 000) by 5:00PM. Was able to borrow the money and wired the payment to Wells Fargo. As I am sitting in my car waiting on hold to speak with an account manager, Repo man comes in and hooks my car up to his truck. Finally got on the phone with the agent and gives them confirmation that the payment was sent but tells me that there is nothing they can do as the Repo company already has my car hooked up. Superior manager happens to be out of the office and I cannot speak with someone until tomorrow. I'm not blaming anyone about being late as it is my responsibility to make sure that I make my payments on time but why would they tell me that I have up until 5:00PM to make the payment before a repo man is sent out to retrieve the car. I was also told after the car had been taken away that my situation would have to be reviewed by a manager to see if I can even retrieve the car.

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  • Di
      28th of Dec, 2010
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    OMG!!! I am so sorry for your loss, because if you are anything like me, they just took away your very means of getting to work. It is absolutely disgusting that they pull this crap on people, and invetibly on the holidays
    Like they are not stressfull enough! I feel your pain. I hope you check back on this board as I could realy use some help.

    I became unemployed for the first time in twelve years a year ago this Feb and I have been financing my car through them as well. It is appalling that they would take your car right before the holidays, but I am curious
    how late you were, what year the car is, and how long you have been financing the car with them? Were you a full 60+ days out or only at say, 45?

    I ask because I am constantly harrassed if I am over thirty days late (which I have been most of those unemployed months) and I have been financing the car for three years without ever missing a payment (although,
    as mentioned, I have been perpetually late for a few months), however I am constantly terrified that my car will be gone in the morning.

    I am constantly scared of losing my car, and I am hoping you can help me figure out the repo boundaries that I do not want to cross, and which, unfortunately (and due to some obvious corp lies) you happened upon yourself.
    I am extremely interested in the outcome of your story, ie: did they give you your PAID for car back? How many darn hoops did they make you jump through for it? I hope you have full legal recourse, and I hope you receive
    Your vehicle back in a fairly cheap and timely manner.

  • Du
      19th of Apr, 2011
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    i am also a Wells Fargo customer with an auto loan thats only one month past due. If they really want to take my car after I have called the account manager over and over trying to make arrangements to pay over a two week period to catch up on payments, let em do it! I'll gladly sue them for all i can get for ruining my freaking credit! Someone really needs to make an example out of these fools. I HATE people who try to muscle others for money...

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