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Imagine my surprise when I received a letter stating that you have been working with us for some time to resolve our financial problems.

I sit here looking at our last statement -- $109 due by 8/15/05. I paid 40.00 on 7/28/08, $60 on 8/26, $9.00 on 9/4/08 using the bill pay service offered by Wells Fargo bank. Wow due 8/15 – paid by 9/4/08 – we are quite the deadbeats.

I just went on line (Wells Fargo Financial) and paid another $109 since apparently Wells Fargo needs the money so badly.

I’ve never dealt with such an unethical group of financiers in my life.

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      Dec 02, 2008

    wellsfargo is the worst bank to deal with close your accounts with them they nickle dime your savings accounts, for their employee parties, yes they party off your over draft fees. i spoke with an employee who use to work there, the are investor's hiding behind a lot of these bad loans, the ceo of wellsfargo told naca bruce marks to kiss his'''''''''''''' when mr marks ask him to help all the homeowners with bad mortgages to help these people keep their homes. the bible say beware those that are standing, beware you will fall. wellsfargo had the nerve to take some of the bail out money and they will not help with these bad loans they are hiding behind many of them an they don't care. wellsfargo employees
    better beware when you work for satan you will soon be fired. one wellsfargo employee says that they are strong nothings going to happen to us. that's what they just about said about the titanic before it sank, and never came back up. downey savings all those banks that have cheated many people out of their homes are closing down, wellsfargo is on it's way out soon, take you money out from them, i hope any employee of wellsfargo read this, remember one thing you reap what you sow. and wellsfargo deserve what they will receive to be closed down for good. also they have sent many american jobs overseas to india

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  • Be
      Nov 06, 2009

    They fooled me into a loan where I paid $250/month in interest, while only paying $50 towards the principal. They told me the high interest rate, but how they calculate it, and/or heavily front-load it LEGALLY, is beyond me. Who in their right mind, knowing full well the situation, is gonna pay $250/month in interest? I have gangster friends who charge waaaaay less. They totally took advantage of a desperate, unexperienced young person with the intention of owning them. They constantly offered more money, as if I were ###ed, and still hadn't figured out their hustle. If I ever get a terminal illness, I am going to burn down every wells fargo within 100 miles.


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