Wells Fargo / bad practices

I brought in a cashier's check (wage) to cash. I asked specifically if the check went through and the money I withdrew came from the check. The teller said yes. The manager said yes. I asked again to verify since this check was my pay for a part-time job and donation and was my first time getting a cashier's check. They knew this. After withdrawing the money and wiring part of the money to on behalf of my employer as a donation, four days later my ATM was frozen. I didn't know why. After endless phone calls and visits, they said the check was a fraud. I was banned from their banks. All accounts were frozen and my savings emptied to cover the cashier's check. I filed a police report because of the scam. I asked Wells Fargo why they stated that the money went through and gave me the assurance that the check went through. They said they were not trained to tell the difference between fakes and real checks. Apparently, they are not trained in this. I didn't know this. I asked why they didn't tell me I should wait to cash my check, they said "well if we knew you were wiring the money, we would have told you." I asked why did they let me cash the check, they stated "well you have been a long time customer and you had the funds in your savings to cover the lost in the event it didn't go through." I asked them when were they going to notify me about the problem of the check instead of just closing out my accounts and labeling my accounts as a scammer: "they said it was there fault for not notifying me, but I am no longer welcome to bank with them ever." I asked them why they assured me the money came from the cashier's check and not my savings, they said "well that is not our problem. It is your problem to verify if a check is authentic, not us." Basically, the scam could have been avoided if they told me ahead of time to wait for the check to clear and that they didn't know if the check cleared or not. Instead, the teller and manager knew nothing and just said, "yeah, the money is coming from the cashier's check. everything looks okay." Bad business. No relief for customers. Deposit your money and lose it if they feel that they didn't do an adequate job of informing you.


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