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Wells Fargo / an un-merry christmas

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I have an auto loan for this pos I bought in kentucky before I pcsed to california with the army. I have paid on time, everytime, until I initiated a voluntary repossess.
So after it's in voluntary repossess, they draft 2 extra payments through my bank's webbillpay (actually my fault, as I didnt know the payments were slotted) but the problem is, wells fargo took both payments, and wouldnt give them back. after spending all of my daytime minutes being transferred and disconnected, i'm told, "if you are going to have this voluntarily repossessed, we aren't going to refund the last payment". verbatim.
This is the week before christmas mind you, and I have $.37 in the bank because of it. I said, "ok, I take back the voluntary repossess." just because I really need that money.
Again and again I tried. finally after being told it was being handled by her manager, and he was out sick, I called a different department, and low and behold, this guy said "oh man, we gotta fix that." told me right there after 5 mins exactly what was missing from my bank's fax to them regarding the payment, and then hand carried it to refunds with me on the phone. he tried to overnight it to me, get it wired back into my account, everything he could, but it has to be a cashier's check via snail mail. I thanked him and hung up.
I have been in my barracks room eating army chow for 2 weeks because of this. cancelled christmas plans, all of it. the point is, if this guy, who isn't a manager can get the payment at least sent out in 20 minutes, why did I call every day for a week, and actually accept an ultimatum from this bank?! of course it took another week, and arguing/fax/refax/explain and another manager

I could tell you i'm furious. I won't. i'll say this;
I have filed chapter 7 bankruptcy, (the reason I tried to have it voluntarily repossessed before). so as soon as I cashed the check I drove the car to the nearest wells fargo parking lot, *coughtookoutalittlefrustrationonitcough* and then took the key inside to the vice president of that bank. it was funny, here she is the vice president of one of their branches, and she's getting put on hold, having to repeat the situation, transferred, etc. so in the end, I hope wells fargo appreciates the depreciation I enjoyed in the parking lot. enjoy your new kia!

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      24th of Feb, 2009
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    Sub: Formal Demand to Close Accounts, Effective Immediately ( hidden )

    To whom it may concern,

    I XXXXXXX, am herby demanding that my accounts be closed, effective immediately . The reason that I am taking this action is because of the unacceptable policies that are being utilized at my expense, and I am literally fed up with your " Greedy " Business Practices " . In my banking experiences - over the past thirty years, dealing with many other financial institutions, I have never encountered the amount of problems with overdraft fees that are constantly reoccurring with my checking account . The practice of your credit /debit posting practices are " Shady " at best . An example of this, is posting debits on a holiday ( A Non Banking Business Day ) and not posting the credits that were pending also, until the next day, another example is the shuffling of transactions from the order in which they occur to maximize overdraft fees, another example is the way your computers post account data ( not accurate at any given time ) designed to confuse the customer, with your continual overdraft trap, designed to gouge your customers . I find this practice to be horrendous and despicable . A bank is supposed to be working in my best interest, and not lurking in the shadows of deception, waiting to pilfer the customer at their earliest convenience, it is a matter of ethics and scruples, really ...

    Wells Fargo should be ashamed, and should be nominated to the "' Hall of Shame " . I have a question for Wells Fargo ? " If the money isn't in the account, Then why aren't the transactions denied ?" It seems that your computers are programmed to build revenue - In Wells Fargo's favor, at the customer's expense, by dragging it's heels to notify customers of their overdraft status until days later, believing that they had a positive balance in their account ( according to your current computer account information data ), that they rely on - continuing to make minor purchases and being fleeced with overdraft charges . " Is there a human-being monitoring these computers ? " that is a scary thought . Don't rely on your online banking service, which is totally useless in my opinion . I have never had problems with other banks, because they were predictable and consistent . Banking with Wells Fargo is much like going to a casino with the customer service of an all night - Taco Bell Drive thru . In closing, I know that Wells Fargo does not care, about me, the customer and that is ok too . If my small business ever takes off, rest assured - that my money will certainly not be deposited with Wells Fargo Bank ... I am not the only disgruntled customer of Wells Fargo Bank, here are some other customer complaints from the many disgruntled customers ( too many to list ) whom have left your institution ... It appears that Wells Fargo is more interested in making a " Quick Buck ', than establishing long term relationships with it's customers . I also wish upon Wells Fargo - that the fleas of a thousand camels, infest their arm pits !!! " Wells Fargo Bank " one of the carbuncles on the butt of mankind ...

    I can deal with "policy", but keep in mind, the word policy coming from the mouth of the so called "customer service" agent is really just another way of the company telling you, "Hey, we really DON'T care, and [censored] you."

    I am currently a wells fargo employee looking for another job. wells fargo not only screws its customers but its employees also. i am required to get one sale a day or i have to stay on a weeknight to call people. now i could of sworn i did not apply for a telemarketing job, or did i? honestly, wells fargo (hells fargo) only cares about getting sales no matter the cost. they told me to make the customer wait if i have to in order to sell them a product. i pride myself on my good customer service and refuse to keep a customer, who is probably on their lunch break, waiting too long. i am looking for another job because wells fargo is a very shallow company who doesn't give a ### about anybody. i want an employer that i can agree with on their values. everybody reading this, please change banks! i know how this system that people call a "bank" works. they don't care about you, they just want your money!!! they will screw you over any way they can, trust me, before you find out for yourself. there are better banks out there. wells fargo can kiss my ###!!!

    Every Thursday my paycheck from HEB (grocery chain in Texas) is deposited to my account electronically. It usually takes 2-3 business days to clear my funds. In the meantime, the money is still displayed as part of my "available balance" although that is not the case. Now here is the most deviating thing that this evil bank does. They will accept a direct deposit, pend it for 2 days and then on the 3rd business day they will clear several debits and change the date of the debits so that they are BEFORE the check is cleared and then charge me $33.00 in overdraft fees for each item. This has been an ongoing problem with this bank and I do not recommend this bank to anyone!

    Personal experience with Wells Fargo, the bxstard bank. It all starts with one key element: purchases are immediately subtracted from an account while transfers and deposits take longer. I have 58 cents in my checking account so I transfer (online) $4.00 and walk to Cub Foods to get a pack of cigarettes. Big mistake. Next day I check my balance - everything looks fine - @ this point NO overdraft fees are shown. I transfer another $4.00 into the account later that evening for more cigarettes - go and buy them. This cycle continues until about 4 days goes by - and holy shxt. $99 dollars worth of overdraft fees - 3x$33. Show up on my history for the last few days. In one day, my balance dropped from like $2.00 to -$101.69. And of course, now it shows every charge, the day it occurred, just because that money did not transfer the first day. In taking their sweet time to post these fees, Wells Fargo cost be $66 not to mention the $33 that I was charged because of their initial delay. I've contacted people and tried to get these fees waived but the bank says it is not their fault. Fxck Wells Fargo. Save your money and don't bank there.

    I work at a well known print shop in SF, ca. (Home of Wells Fargo world HQ) We produce a lot of their employee reading material. And as I am forced to read it during the proofing process, let me just say it's pretty cold hearted stuff. I have had an account with them since I was 15 and am switching ASAP.. They're just too big to care I guess. Go with a bank that actually wants you to be happy and fortuitous, not broke and charged up the ###.

    Actually, my account was balanced. However, there is NO reason that any CASH deposit should take more than one day to post to an account, and no more than two days for a check to post. They held my money for more than two days, and did not post the deposits, nor my withdrawls, allowing for them to use my money and make interest on it for themselves, and then conveniently cleared it all at once as to make everything bounce. Their policy is to clear largest transactions to smallest. So if you right one $100 check, and have $101 in your account (just an example) but also have multiple transactions of less than $2, they will cash the check and bounce everything else. That is truly not consumer-friendly.

    Let's say you purchase a $2.00 burger and $11.00 of gas which you had funds for! Well that night a check goes through for $200.00 and it is NSF, you get charged 3 different $33.00 dollar charges because they make it look as if the check went through first, which it didn't. I asked them why this happens and they said that is their policy. The policy to take advantage and gouge their customers. I believe that there are more customers that they have screwed over with this policy. CLASS ACTION!!!

    Wells Fargo does suck... The other day I asked for 200.00 from an ATM. Turns out I only had 189.00 in the account at that time. However the ATM gave me 200.00. On reviewing my transaction history later I discovered that since the ATM gave me more money than was in the account, I was charged a 33.00 overdraft fee!!! Imagine that!!! The ATM gives me extra money and then the bank charges me for their ATM's mistake!!! Wells Fargo sucks. I was unsuccessful at getting the charge reversed. I was told that I should not have asked for 200.00 if there was only 189.00 in my account and that I could have had my check register with me!!! Of course everyone carries a paper check register with them when going out on the town in this electronic age!!! If you cant trust the bank to know how much money is in your account what good are they anyway ???

    Wells Fargo needs to be investigated by the banking commission for stealing from their customers(overdraft fees). I just found out that they have 425 billion dollars in assets. They obtained this feat by stealing from customers. My auto loan payment posted 1 week early causing my account to be overdrawn. Because the overdraft fees were so excessive it took the auto loan company 2 weeks to get approval to pay the fees. Which were $644. This included the 2 $10 wire fees Wells Fargo charged me. I did not make the wires or requested them but I was charged. That amount was 18 overdraft fees @ $33 each and 6 continuing overdraft fees @ $5 ea. Did not negotiate with the auto loan company to reverse some of those fees. After that my account became a target items posting before my direct deposits. All in all over a 43 day period Wells Fargo was paid $1, 474 in overdraft fees.

    Sorry to interrupt the usual trashing that one normally only gets from a Wells Fargo Customer Service representative, but if you want to see what lies in store for you if you open, or already have a Wells account, then go check out some sites such as,, or Most of the ratings have nothing at all to do with balancing a checkbook and everything to do with Wells' fee structure and downright atrocious customer service. You get the straight scoop on Wells without all of the useful "can't balance a checkbook" name-calling normally seen here by Wells-apologists. Also, make sure that you scroll down through the 5 years of posts on this site also, there are lots of warnings that have nothing to do with balancing a checkbook. As I've said in numerous other posts, my recommendation is to find a small hometown bank or credit union. We've had issues pop up now and then with them over the past 15 years, but nothing compared to the nightmare you're in for with Wells, and getting them resolved is sooooo much easier and painless when compared to Wells Fargo.

    It seems like FDIC thinks that I cannot operate a check book. I have had a checking account for years and have never had as many problems or issues as I have had this past year - the year I've been with Wells Fargo. So, maybe I didn't have enough money in my account to cover the check, but they should have communicated the eleven day waiting period with me. Had I known that, I would have taken the check and cashed it elsewhere.

    One of my main complaints is lack of communication on their part. Another complaint is that even when I deposit cash, its still marked as pending for one day. Also, you get different stories from every individual you talk to - no consistancy at all. When we called to ask about our "pending" check, one gentleman told us there were no funds in our insurance provider's bank account.

    So, when I close my account out at Wells Fargo, what do I need to do? How do I ensure the situation that happened to Fleeced doesn't get me as well? I've paid plenty to that financial institute and I'm tired of it! (I told my husband that the execs got nice Christmas bonuses on us

    I HATE WELLS FARGO WITH A PASSION! I am so sick of WF, I am a student that works very hard for every penny earned and due to bad economy, am supporting both my husband and I. Needless to say, we live paycheck to paycheck. That's when WF cashes in... I am convinced they have a system that alerts them when your account is low on funds, and THEN is when they decide to take out all their goddamned fees, including their monthly, bill pay, direct deposit, phone call bill?!, and they have the nerve to call it a [censored]ing "opportunity checking" account... yeah, OPPORTUNITY FOR WELLS FARGO TO ROB YOU! They never seem to want their made-up outrageous fees when there is plenty of money in the acct. They process whatever transaction fits to their convenience in whatever order they please so it ends up [censored]ing you! Every month I struggle with them and have to end up making 10 calls BEGGING them to reverse THEIR mistakes (or their very disguised ripp-offs). I am through with them. My account is closed.

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      10th of Mar, 2010
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    I am a Wells Fargo employee and have been for over eight years. I hate Wells Fargo. They chew people up and spit them out. They push the almighty sales to see how much they can get out of people and when they can't get anymore they turn their backs. I only work for the company because I need the insurance. The people that work at the customer contact level are bullied by superiors, pushed to choose keeping your job and working extra time (but we don't want to pay overtime wink wink) because as they put it each and everyone of us low lifes is easily replaceable. If you get close to make a goal they raise it to make sure they don't have to paythe people who actually work, a bonus, mean while most customer service level employees earn little enough they qualify for government subsidies. Why? So the geniuses up above can pay themselves millions and give themselves even more millions in stock options. I am not talking about an isolated area. i have worked in different regions and for different managers and it is a wide spread greed. Anyone above who you see in the branch is earning a minimum of 5 times as the person who actually is helping yo. Thats a conservative number for the low level non-customer service people and it gets worse. The sad thing is they threaten and push and want more so they can give themselves raises meanwhile they will raise the goals for the people who are putting in all they have because if they don't meet their goals they don't get a raise (no such thing as cost of living), no bonuses even if you have closed 2 million in loans in the last month and they can keep you on probation and fire you at any time on a whim. They keep wanting more, don't have any solutions on how to get it, have a list of what they want every day and how much time to be spent on it which literally adds up to 10+ hours. This schedule does not include actually helping customers, there is no time scheduled for customer service unless you can sell them something in the process.

  • Ja
      24th of May, 2010
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    I am a disgusted Wells Fargo customer as well. My husband and I looked at our ledger this morning via the on-line banking and were not especially shocked to learn that this corrupt, greedy, evil banking system moved several of our transacations that were previously posted back into the pending category. We know that they did this because we have an electronic check payment coming through our account. By moving many of the posted transactions back into pending, they can go ahead and pay the electronic check first and then pay all 10 of the pending transactions in overdraft, creating a $35.00 fee for each debit charge resulting in $350.00 gain for their coffers. My husband and I are moving our direct deposits and closing our checking account with WF because they are "legally" stealing from us and quite frankly, we can't afford to do business with them anymore. They have successfully stolen about $5000.00 from us over a 3 year period. Why did we stay with them? Well, for a long time we thought it was our fault and we did our best to try to understand how the on-line ledger worked (an impossible feat as it is inaccurate and misleading.) After a while, we became supicious and realized it's not us, it's them - they are literally stealing from us. Banking with Wells Fargo has really hurt us financially. We only make enough money to pay our bills and the overdraft fees that we are frequenty charged have forced us to take out three payday loans and use the Wells Fargo Direct Depost Advance option; further indebting us and making us more likely to fall prey to their immoral transaction and credit reordering. I encourage anyone and everyone banking with WF to move your accounts ASAP. Even if you have enough money to not be a WF victim, wouldn't you have a problem banking with an institution that steals from customer's who can least affort it? I appeal to anyone who cares about corporate greed when I say that WF is an evil instituion. Don't do business with an organization that will put its greed over the lives of its customers. WF needs to go away because of immoral practices. Help make this happen by ceasing your realtionship with them like my husband and I are going to do immediately.

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      13th of Nov, 2010
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    DIRECT DEPOSIT NOT BEING POSTED SAME DAY. It's Friday 11:30pm and noticed my Direct Deposit is still pending. I called Wells Fargo Bank and the rep tells me "my Direct Deposit will NOT be cleared until the next morning, Saturday, at 8:00am." WFB used to clear/post direct deposits by 9 or 10am and ATM deposits at 7 or 8pm the day it's received. I see they're having their customers pay for their million dollar lawsuit for holding withdraws and posting them from highest to lowest before posting deposits.

  • Pr
      18th of Nov, 2010
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    I highly recommend you take your money out of that bank and free yourself from the anxiety that so many americans have bought into thinking that they need banks in order to conduct themselves in society. Just ask yourself .. Do you wake up in the morning and wonder if ALL your money is still there.? Tell you what I do... I leave $100 in the bank and take the rest with me. the more you have in the bank the more you are going to lose sleep over... Let me know what happens.
    Protector of the People.

  • Gr
      21st of Nov, 2010
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    Already started the process.

  • Mi
      13th of Dec, 2011
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    Wells Fargo is the only institution that is more criminal than the government. They don't
    give a Rat's ### about customer needs, complaints, even our money. They are flat out
    incompetent, read everything off of script on phone. They even loss are lock box in a very
    small banking center. Never modify loans, they are the cheating-est Moher ###ers on the

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