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Wells Fargo Bank / inproper hold on check

1 NM, United States

i just wanted people to know some of the tricks wells fargos uses to help thier customers . we have had our checking account over 12 years and our mortgage for over 4, and most of the charges charged to me were ours due to my husband being injured on the job and not able to work for over 2 years he recently was able to return to work 6 weeks ago with a local company. wells fargo cashed his payroll check the first 4 weeks then on the 5th week my husbands job told thier employees that the companys bank had made an error and if their was a problem cashing thier checks that 5th week that they would pay any charges charged by the employees banks. we did not get that option wf automaticly put a 16 day hold on the check. iwent to our branch that we made the deposit to let them know about the error and needed the check or needed wf to redeposit it the bank lady made a call and said that at any time the check would be redeposited by wednesday still no deposit was made went back to the bank and was now told once a hold is placed it can not be removed until the hold date. in our case 16 days . i asked why it was just not returned and was told because they would have charged me 7.00 i stated oh well the employers bank was paying all charges related t o thier error and should have been our choice to either have wf redeposit for payment or for us to collect the funds from the check ourselfs. i guess thier hope was for major nsf charges for normal monthly bills paid thru our account. they had allready made 36.00 in late fees on our mortgage payment for every month our mort was late in the two years he was out of work pretty much the whole two years by the way no help with the mortgage either. it was insulting to us since the first thing we did when he went back to work was take out a high interest loan to catch up our mortgage pymts with well fargo. we ate beans and soup for 2 weeks i bet the employees of wf eat well from all the profits they get from their customers that stay loyal pay all thier late fees and nsf fees when they are down and out. i was basicly told when i went back on weds thats how they roll and believe it or not he said it with a smile...

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