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Toms River, NJ, United States Review updated:

I recenly asked to see the Branch Manager over a business loan. The loan officer was rude and the Branch Manager I use to deal with no longer worked there. So, the new one (Tashana Bisumber) started that it was not her job fuction and that she was not able to help me resolve my issue.

I found this very un-professional and have decide to cease all tranactions with Well Fargo Bank in all future proceding in the future. If anyone has to deal with personal or business banking I suggest they look elsewhere.

Mar 07, 2013
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  •   Mar 07, 2013

    That is the purview of a loan specialist, not a bank manager. The manager should have directed you to a specialist at the bank.

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  •   Mar 07, 2013

    Totally misread this complaint. Complain to corporate.

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  • An
      Mar 08, 2013

    I worked there for the last 2 of my destroyed 30 year career. Their employees learn by slaughter of other employees that it is NECESSARY to act as you describe. (no ads, police av, this case only) At Wells Fargo, they have a massive and deadly internal retaliation system against employees. It is all over the web and even Youtube so I am not the only victim. Their human resource response was put together by hoards of attorney and security companies..I doubt their senior management has any idea at all what is actually happening. Why not see how that went for me...reporting system fraud per the book and per the law... no ads. first hand factual only. POLICE a/v. Hear how they LIE. Hear the actual premeditation between company and local police to discredit my while-employed evidence parking here in little tiny Eugene Oregon. Try explaining Dodd-Frank to the cop while handcuffed. Go listen to me doing that. Then hear the actual internal police av of the setup. Historic and hysterical. no ads, no-malware certified daily, identity confirmed by Sitelock (web security company). backed up Point being? THAT is what they do to employees who actually follow the laws and rules and/or try to help customers. I blame Wachovia mostly...turned the whole thing into a global criminal cartel IMHO

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