Wells Fargo Auto Financing / high interest rates

Memphis, TN, United States

I had refinanced my 2006 Honda accord through Wells Fargo when I should have left it the way it was.I thought it would save me money because they paid the loan off which was 6 %, and they gave me extra money to do what I needed with since I had just purchased a new home and could stand for some cash. Unfortunately I fell for it and was left with a 15.99% interest rate that at this rate I will never payoff ! I wish the government will step in on this because WFA are getting over and no one is helping us consumers. something should seriously be done about this. I tried to trade in my car and because it was appraised at 14, 000, and I still owed 26, 000 on it thanks to the outrageous interest, I was unable to get financed because I am so upside down.


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