Wells Fargo Auto Financewrong car make and model listed on loan

Review updated:

I bought an Isuzu Trooper for my daughter and financed it thought Wells Fargo. Near the first of the '09 I refinanced the vehicle for her financial convenience. This adjustment was with the branch in Cookeville, TN.

During this procedure I asked the manager about financing my Honda which was paid for with a ARM. Because of a disputed account on my Credit Report I requested this process be put on hold until I could complete the removal process. I never contacted Wells Fargo again due to the change since management had changed hands.

The account on the Isuzu has my Honda listed as the financed vehicle ... My Honda cost $16, 000 so it is not included in the single account of $5000 financed on the Isuzu. I am eager to have this corrected. I talked with someone about this problem last month and they avowed to have it corrected by this month. . . It is not and I am not comfortable with making a payment on a loan that is incorrect on many levels. I am confident the late fees will be removed and a correction will made.

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