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Wells Fargo Auto Finance / wrongful reposession

1 Houston, TX, United States Review updated:

I too, among the thousands of people that have also lost money and/or their car, homes, etc. by banking with Wells Fargo feel that some legal action needs to be taken against them.

The question is, "How do you sue a bank?" I'm afraid that answer is only going to be answered by someone with pockets that are far deeper than mine.

If that doesn't give you any idea of how frustrated I am with Wells Fargo, I'll inform you of the entire 2 year history.

I had a checking and savings account with them for years, no problems. Everything was fine before financing an auto loan through them, then things changed. The first 6 months I had no problems, basically because I had it setup to automatically withdraw from my check account with them. Then I switched to a Credit Union and it only went downhill from there.

First, like most of you in my shoes, I received the statements regarding not carrying insurance. And like most of you I sent them proof as soon as possible that I indeed have valid insurance. 7 months later that issue finally resolved, but the balance on my bill for 7 months of "not" having insurance didn't go away, ever.

I accessed my auto loan account via the Wells Fargo website, to my "surprize" they had that wrong too. When I clicked on a payment it opens into a window that is suppossed to show exactly how much of that one payment went towards principal or interest. I'm not sure if a Wells Fargo employee paid themself from my car payments, but when I clicked on a $1, 000 payment, for example, $150 went towards principal and $300 towards interests. My questions is, where is the other $550 going???

I then sat down and went all the way through my account, payment by payment, adding up the missing ammount from each payment and the late fees from not paying the insurance they were so kindly to tack onto my bill, along with the insurance itself and that was the "past due" ammount. Which at that time was over $3000.

Any "bank" thats has an account past due by $3000, IS going to repossess THEIR automobile. They don't care if your at work or on vacation. My fiance' happened to be drving my car that day to work when Wells Fargo called her saying that if she didn't tell her where she had the car, they were going to sue her for the outstanding balance.

Unsure of what to do, she let them come to her work and take the car. Every payment was on time and made in full if not more than what they wanted. I just sent them a $1, 000 payment 2 days before they took it. Before I had time to log onto my account via, then cancelled it. I couldn't log onto it, they showed no account with my account number.

I too have been yelled and screamed at when "trying" to just understand why they say I owe what I owe, and gave up calling them. I then went down to a local Wells Fargo branch (Houston, TX) and began informing a banker of my problems. He showed that it was repossessed and didn't have anymore information for me than that. Other than go to Arizona to the ONLY Auto Finance office in all of Wells Fargo. I don't think so.

So now I have no car and can't get a car because I now have crappy credit showing a repossession. Thanks Wells Fargo and all your minimum wage conficts you have answering your calls. :-/

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  • Ch
      29th of Apr, 2009
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    I myself along with my mother in law purchased two new cars, then refinanced with WELLS FARGO WHAT A MISTAKE THAT WAS. They are rude, They say you have 10 days grace period, YEAH RIGHT the very next day the payment wasnt received they call ALL day long. When i call into them regarding why the payment was late they want to ask all personal questions, why are you late? what do you do with your money? I hate to call them so i say screw them, i claimed bankruptcy and now there is nothing they can do i pay them when i want, i tried to refinance with another company and i cant, WF reports everything, they are RIP OFFS!!! And once you have a loan with them you have to pay it back forever.

    we purchased a dog with financing at a pet store with WF, the dog was 999.00, 2.5 years have gone by i have been paying 38.00 a month for 32 months now and they sent me a bill saying i owed 947.00 still?????? i siad are you kidding me i paid for that dog twice already then they say we will take a settlement of 830.00, i hung up and said come take teh dog, i mean really. they are the WORST. dont FINANCE WITH WELLS FARGO ANYTHING

  • Je
      19th of Dec, 2013
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    I financed a car through wells fargo. I made a late payment and they repossessed my car over the late payment fee. They would not let me buy it back and sold it at an auction. They would not tell me where or when the auction was so I can try to get it back. I explained to them I need my car I have six children and one is disabled from a spinal cord injury and has doctor/therapy appointment 3 times a week. They told me I had a late payment fee that was outstanding for 81 days and hung up on me. I don't think this is legal.

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