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New York, NY, United States
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As many, many people I have faced the same problems trying to cancel my membership after the initial 3 month period. There is no way to cancel online, you try, send messages and never get a response.

Then you finally call. At first you get this person who keeps trying to sell you weight watchers and no matter what you say, they keep going on.

I cancelled, then find out they put me on a "free" month then started charging my credit card all over again. They use the old bait and switch game, making you think you cancelled then adding something you said no too, so it looks like you didn't cancel.

Spent hours on the phone with various people in their call center in the Philippines. They are hard to understand, keep asking for personal information (date of birth), which no one should give out to anyone, especially overseas.

Ended up yelling to get these people to listen. I've contested the charges on my credit card, so hopefully that works. I have no confidence I will receive a refund check in the 2-4 weeks they said.

Weight Watchers International is a crooked business with 1000s of complaints just like mine. A law suit needs to happen for people to get their money back and to be compensated for the emotional distress this causes.

May 12, 2017

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