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Webwatcher / deceptive practices

1 United States

I purchased and installed WebWatcher version 6 and for the most part, was able to get it to work as advertised. My complaint is that I also spent 29.95 on their "Unlimited Upgrades Package". After less than a year, they started warning me that I should upgrade to version 7. When I went to upgrade, they wanted another $67. I contacted them, and it turns out that their definition of "Unlimited" only extends to patch releases of version 6. Once they arbitrarily decide to change the major version number, forget it. And they even have the nerve to try to sell me another "Unlimited Upgrade Package" with the new version 7. Here's their pitch:

The Unlimited Updates Package guarantees that you never miss ANY

upgrades that we feature for one full year. Every day the software

programs that the person you're monitoring use are being changed and

updated. Make sure you get the Unlimited Updates Package so that

your WebWatcher changes and upgrades to keep up! Without the

Unlimited Updates Package you may miss out on critical activity as time

goes by.

So, they say "guarantees that you never miss ANY upgrades", and yet just because they decided to rename it "Version 7", I must pay again. They're not getting another dime from me...


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