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Webster Bank / Poor service!

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I have a bank card with the Visa logo on it. My disability deposit was late by one day my wife did three transactions with the card for a total of $7.00. My account in which the card is drawn on was empty. The transactions were allowed to go through for a overdraft charge of $35.00 each instead of denying the card which would have cost $0. just embarrassment. A rep at Webster told me that the agreement with Visa was for just that, to prevent embarrassment.

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      20th of Feb, 2010
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    George, people are not complaining because they know how to count and balance their accounts. Joseph, you and your wife need to communicate better. You're better off opening up another joint checking where she's the primary and has a card exclusively under her name so she can overdraw all she wants. Hmmm, on second thought, she's probably better off opening an account on her own because if she overdraws on your joint account both of you will be screwed because a collection agency will come after both of you if you're account is force-closed.

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      30th of Apr, 2009
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    Frankly I am astounded that there are not more complaints against Webster on this board since you posted in 2007. I have had similar issues. There is absolutely no doubt that they purposely manipulate transactions to realize maximum NSF fees from their consumer depositors. I doubt they would be ballsy, or stupid, enough to engage in such practices with their business depositors as too much cash would be at stake and this is most definitely a bank that is on the precipice of catastrophic failure.

    Let me give you an example. I am a law student and had a measly $67 in my Webster checking. I made a purchased at a retail store and swiped my card in the electonic terminal only to be told that I swiped the wrong terminal and I should swipe again in another next to it. You guessed it, the first terminal was NOT cleared and somoine came up later and finished the transaction signing their name on my transaction. That move overdrew my account. It was fraud. A $2 debit from iTunes followed the same day. I realized $74.00 in NSF fees and it was fraud that caused the NSF. I called Webster to dispute the fraud and they said that I must either go back to the store, which was 45 miles away. and resolve with the mgmt or elect to have my debit card immediately cancelled and replaced 10-15 days later !!!Well I topk option A . Luckily the store actually kept a photo record of the sig on the bogus transaction and it was clearly NOT MINE. The store apologetically refunded my money. I then went to my Webster office shoiwng them the fraudulent sale and asked for a refund of the NSF. The assistant manager in the Westport office., a smug clown named Vincent Cuozzo(sp) told me to go back to the retailer and demand that the retailer refund the $37.00 as well because the retailer caused the overdraft. WHAT !. Hey, that argument would never fly, right?

    The $37.00 refund of the NSF was denied by Cuozzo. Wait, I am not done. It gets even better. I then say, wait a minute. if the $2 iTunes charge was posted BEFORE the bogus retail charge, both hit on thesame day, then my account would not have been overdrawn by cauxse the the $2 debit. . So I am at least entitled to at least the $37.00 back from the $2 iTunes charge rght, I say to Cuozzo? Cuozzo says NO. He then fabricated the most ridiculous story that a customer poll ( hey when has Webster ever cared about customer opinion?) That was first clue. Cuozzo then said that customers want the higher amount posted on the same day to come first. WHAT? For what reason? Cuozzo says because if it is a mortgage payment it may not then bounce. What!! What idiot could conjure that up? So I ask if that poll or policy is written anywhere? He stuttered and said that it is in the Disclosure that all depositors get (OH REALLLY? I ask for the Disclosure and then ask Cuozzo where to find the reference. He stutters again and says. "I don;t know but its in there"
    So I take the hefty Disclosure home and read it. read it agtain. I ask a lawyer friend to read it. Guess what? It AIN'T there. Surprised? You shouldn't be. You see, Cuozzo also said " In this banking environment we never refund NSF'S" No doubt whether they are erroneous, mechanically manipulated or downright fraudulent. It simply does not matter to Webster Bank because obviously they need your $37.00 if they have any chance of staying afloat. So to all who are reading this, let's collectively come together and make sure they don't stand a chance of surviving. There is much steam rising from excessive credit card and bank charges foisted on consumers while banks are thrown a lifeline with OUR tax dollars. Let's stop this. Write the CT and MA State Banking Commission. Write a letter to Richard Blumenthal CT AG, he-s a straight up consumer advocate. ...and write in this site. Lets be heard

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      16th of Mar, 2011
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    Webster Bank - Poor service
    Webster Bank
    United States

    These people really do not know what they are doing. I have a loan, and they [censored]ding the mortgage on my home are supposed to be servicing the loan, but year after year I have to fight with them to pay the taxes on the loan even though they collect Escrow for that purpose. The Escrow department especially Jackie, who is a African-American and who is rude, belligerent and just plain stupid. She has no concept of customer service, and that is my biggest complaint with this so called ‘organization’. I would not do a loan with them again if they were the only game in town. I would rather live under a rock, than have to deal with these ###s as they do anything but customer service.

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