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Hi, my parents have been conned by a Weatherseal sales rep. My dad received a sales call re new doors and advised the sales person it was something he was considering but not at that present time. Within 30 mins of hanging up the phone there was a sales rep at the door, My parents did say that they where interested in new doors but wanted to look about for the best deal, my parents asked her how much and she then went in to detail about all the different deals available. She advised my parents that the total price would be £2910, which no one in there right mind would pay. The woman asked how much my dad could afford and he said £12 per week, my parents are on a pension and my father has mental health problems. They fitted the doors in less than a week (obviously not allowing for the 14 day cooling off period), now they have received there paperwork and they are paying a one off fee of £200 and then 95 payments of 66.69, which i have been told amounts to over £6000. Can anyone please give me some advice, in the meantime i will be going to see lawyers with my parents.

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  • La
      26th of Apr, 2012

    this manager will be able to assist


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  • Wa
      7th of May, 2012

    my mother was mis- sold a burglar alarm and i got her out of it by complaining direct to the financial ombudsman and the finance company - who were great and put pressure on weatherseal. i also contacted the citizens advice bureau and the office of fair trading - not so much help but it looks good in the letter. good luck

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  • Bl
      23rd of Apr, 2014

    I also took a financial agreement from Barclays Partner Finance, recommended by the Weatherseal salesman, for supply and fitting of windows and doors. After making almost £2000 in payments over the past 12 months I now owe £33more than the original amount. On requesting a settlement figure I was told that I would have to pay £275.12 over and above the current balance to clear the account. The details of the actual amount that would be charged in interest was never mentioned to me all that was stressed was the great deal we would get if we cleared the account after 6 months. Please ask for specific figures from any salesman and not just an APR

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  • Bo
      20th of Dec, 2016

    I also got cold called from weatherseal and ended up agreeing a credit agreement for two windowsover a year ago since when I am paying about £40 a month for one and £29 a month for another. I recently got a annual statement and was amazed to discover that of the £40 odd a month for the one on;y about £3 is paing off the debt and the rest is interest sio I now owe more than I did originally. I suppose I should have taken advice before agreeing biut it is a bit much when you take out an agreement to pay X amount and pay approx 500 and a year later you owe more than you did originally. the salesman came out with all sorts of answers as to how long it would take to pay off and that was calculated as it would have been had all the payments been subtracted form the total not as a figure of about £3 to the principle and the rest interest, especially as the figure I had to p;ay had interest added on to the total price of the windows, I will be chasing this up but I am just warning anyone who reads this to get the figures and check them with some one who knows what they are doing before signing up. another thing to watch for is their insurance, I was led to believe I was paying a one off fee of £90 for each for insurance to cover any damage and it turnes out they take a yearly £90

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