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Weatherguard / Customer Service

1 Livonia, United States

The installers came to put in the windows and I noticed about a half hour after they arrived that my 2 labrador retrievers were missing. The installers had left the door open and my dogs got out. Turns out they were picked up by animal control and I had to pay $127 to get them back. When I returned with my dogs, I called the service department to express my concerns. I was told the installers were not responsible because my dogs were not secured. So, this time I put them in our fenced back yard. To my surprise about an hour later, a woman from the neighborhood brought my dogs back to the house because they got out AGAIN! The fence door wasnt latched...and guess who didn't latch it? The installers! When I got ahold of customer service again, they said I had no common sense and was irresponsible and that I should have been supervising my dogs the entire 11 hours they were here. The installers needed to be supervised! We paid $4000 for windows, and they had a fit about refunding me the $127 that was needed to get my dogs back. I am totally disgusted with this company! Now we are stuck with this company if we ever need work done on the windows. I'm sure I'll get the fabulous (right!) customer service that I got during the initial install.

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