Wawa / unprofessionalism with management/lack of educational training with employees

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On 11/24/17, at approximately 2:40 pm, I went to your store located on 500 Jimmy Drive Smyrna, DE19977 as I had a blown tire and I needed gas. I am a person requiring a disabled placard. The blown tire was discovered encounter to my destination. As you are aware, this is a safety concern. Despite my condition and having my small child in the car, I was able to maneuver and place the air in the blown tire. The tire continued to hiss as I attempted to cap the valve. Due to my lack of knowledge with cars as my husband and mechanic services them, I thought the hissing was due to the uncapped valve. While attempting to replace the cap with swollen joints, the cap fell in between the rim. I pressed the intercom located at the gas pump to request for assistance near the air pump. A female stated someone will be out there shortly. I continue to hear the hissing sound to the tire as I wait patiently for someone to help retrieve the cap and not lose air in the tire, making it difficult to move the carea for gas and to leave. After waiting over 10 minutes, I press the intercom again. The female told me someone will be out there shortly. After waiting another 5-7 minutes, I press the intercom as I can see the tire is deflating right before my eyes. The female says her manager told her the staff cannot service the air pump. I questioned why this was not relayed 20 minutes before while I waited and spoke to her more than once. I told her I needed gas as well. She tells me she is going to speak to her manager again. At this point, I requested for the manager go come out as the employee is passing messages (Unprofessional) and providing mixed messages as I was initially told someone will come out shortly. After I refused to speak to no one but the manager, Amber comes out of the store. She lacked communication skills during our discussion. Although she relayed after 20 minutes later the staff cannot service the tires (which was not my request), she proceeded to tell me they cannot do oil changes. Her comment was sarcasm and lack of professionalism. I mentioned to her I needed someone to help to remove the cap from around the rim, as I would replace it, but my joints were too swollen to retrieve it. She continued to relay she cannot service my tire. I asked to speak to her manager or corporate as clearly we were not getting anywhere with this dilemma, I was losing air in the tire by the minute, and I needed to obtain gas and possibly locate a tire shop before I am stuck in the middle of the street Wirth mu small child. Amber storms away with no explanation and continued lack of professionalism. A random stranger assisted with adding air to my tire. He informed me the air should not escape with the cap off and the tire will probably need a patch. I was able to move the car to a pump to retrieve gas. I pressed the intercom for assistance. The female told me the manager was looking for me but could not find my car (lies). I told her I still needed help to obtain gas. Another person comes out named Jennifer who asked if I needed gas. I affirmed I did. She gives me the number to corporate and decides to tell me she was off the clock but came back to help me (Unprofessional as this information is irrelevant to a person who does not work here). She then explains she was trying to be polite ( that is a given and mandatory when a customer is providing business. Another unnecessary comment). I spoke to Shandon from your customer service as this is not the first time I've dealt with unprofessional small and lack of education regarding the process to assist disabled patrons. About 2 months ago, I hit the intercom for assistance to pump gas. The male on the intercom told me he could not hear me and told me I needed to come into the store, despite the fact I hot the intercom due to inability to walk into the store. I send my complaint because this lack of professionalism and common sense when troubleshooting issues at this store is going to allow you to lose business and make your business susceptible to lawsuits when dealing with patrons with disabilities.

Nov 24, 2017

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