Waste Management / big fraud

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The practices of waste management are abusive and un-professional. Beware of any documents signed with them. They expect you to sign for life on any of their service agreements. There's a small clause that force you to remain in service for the rest of your life, they will renew this service agreement for 36 months for the rest of your life, beware.

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  • Mi
      Sep 09, 2009

    They did this to me too, I asked them to swap out my 4 yard dumpster with a 3 yard dumpster and they said I had to sign a form to get this done. What they don't tell me is that on the back of the form was a committment to a 36 month contract.

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  •   Dec 08, 2009

    You are right on.I worked for lousy company, and i saw what was going on in my own county.The stupid County Administrator signs a lease with wm and then lets wm sign another lease on our transfer station, and waste management is not even using transfer station, just their way of locking their selves into the county.
    waste management doesn't acknowledge their employees(the little people that make it work).

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  • Ma
      Jan 07, 2010

    WM has one of the SHORTEST contract terms in the INDUSTRY, read any of your vendor agreements, ALL of them from Security to building leases etc "rollover"
    our competitors have FIVE year terms!!!

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