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Walt Disney World / They do not care

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My family has been going to Disney World almost since it opened. Up until now, the trips have been magical and delightful. Key words are UP UNITL NOW.

On a recent visit with my two grandchildren we were given incorrect information when we purchased our tickets and what happened in the park to my grandchildren 2 and 7 years old is inexcusable.

We had purchased our tickets prior to going to the park. We purchased one day tickets for Florida residents. At the ticket gate we were talked into buying the "3 day Florida pass" tickets by the agent. I told the agent that I could not come back and he told me that my daughter could use my ticket to take my grandchildren on the other two days. I have now found out that that was an out right lie. Disney ticketers know full well that each ticket is person specific!

That day at the park I purchased food and drinks for my grandchildren. The food court did not have a table for us so we sat curbside. I sat my little granddaughter and grandson down and made a spot for them to enjoy their food. A Disney employee who was a sweeper came by and knocked the children's food over, didn't apologize for it, and swept the parts that flew into the street away! My grandchildren cried and I was speechless! I picked them up quickly and distracted them by going and purchasing them ice cream. I didn't want them to NOT have a good Disney experience!

Coming home I thought I would file a complaint. I have emailed complaints to Disney without any response! I have called the main Disney line 407-2222 to complain but Disney has no "complaint telephone number"?

What? A kid friendly family vacation place has NO COMPLAINT NUMBER? I couldn't believe this. I have never had the need to complain before, but who would have thought that they don't have any number to handle things like this? And who would have guessed that they'd ignore legitimate email complaints?

I have called every number Disney has listed. The only thing they are good for is to sell, sell, sell. They could care less what a GUEST thinks or if a guest has had any issues!

It is sad to say, but my family is now done with Disney! A lesson learned!

There are plenty of other alternatives to a Disney vacation and we will now advise anyone who visits us to not go to Disney. A very, very sad day.

Please don't write about your "good" experiences. We too had years of great experiences, this one bad one was one too many! My grandchildren did not deserve to be treated like this they are good kids.

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  • Lg
      27th of Sep, 2008
    -2 Votes

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but you shouldn't let a couple of mix-ups ruin your love for Disney! Besides, since you've been going to Disney World almost since it opened, you should have known that tickets are not transferrable. They have been using the same technology for tickets for many years now.

  • Ca
      19th of Mar, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @L G I guess we all want things to be as they were when we were young. Disney has lost its magic after the last Disneys were in control. Disney meant Mickey Mouse, Goofy, etc. Now their little town is gone from wdw. Replaced by generic rides of the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. Those are not Disney. They are commercial projects. And all wdw wants are ticket sales. They do not care if you can enjoy your time there. I used to go for 5 days knowing some days would be crowded. Now all days are a mob. And the speed pass has completely ruined the experience. Instead of a stroll thru Disney, you must be glued to your phone and travel thru the parks as thought you are trying to catch a plane at lax. I am very saddened that Disney has ruined American culture. And now they want our children to learn about homosexuality. Really? REmove Mickey and Minney, and put gay behavior in? They really do not care

  • Ra
      27th of Sep, 2008
    Best Best Advice +4 Votes

    I am currently experiencing the same exact things with their email address. I have now emailed them 6 times in hopes of a response to my complaint and all I ever get back is some generic email that says "A Disney representative will be contactin gme in the near future to discuss my complaint." What a bunch of crap! I am so ticked off at Disney I feel like canceling my Honeymoon there!

  • Me
      28th of Sep, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I went to D.W. today with my family, my husband and our 4 kids. It had to be the worst experience ever. First off we live in Fl. We were suppose to get the Fl resident discount. WRONG never recieved that because all the lady did was push buying the 3 day pass. Then after that we found out they were closing @ 7 pm for their special event. The not so scary holloween party. Did you know that after spending $300 plus for the day if we wanted to stay we had to spen another 300 just for the party. WE had no fireworks, no night parade. We got screwed royaly. On top of that the people that worked there are so freaken rude. My daughter had a blister on her foot and we were waiting in line to see Buzz light year, of course my daughter took her shoes off (they were slip on sandels) while we waited, the lady yelled at me and ordered my 4 year old daughter to put her shoes on. half the rides were closed and so were the food courts that were half way decent. Needless to say today was our last visit to Disney World.

  • Er
      15th of Oct, 2008
    +2 Votes

    Well, this is specifically to the complaint above me-
    You have loads of access to park info before and during your trip- especially utilizing the internet before you get to the 1 park for any hard ticket events and park times.
    There is a parade for MNSSHP- 2 of them, in fact, as well as the biggest nighttime fireworks display- where at the end the whole perimeter of the park is lit up- so it's alot like daytime for a few seconds.
    On the shoe thing- it's a health code violation in the state of FL to walk in any public establishment without shoes- for health of others and the saftey of your child. You don't know how many times I've seen sharp objects on the ground from trading pins to shards that get dropped during the day that aren't easily sweeped. Not to mention how much vomit and feces are carried by guests shoes either by tracking it without realizing they walked through it or a quick clean before the park is closed. Best to leave the shoes on- especially since that's one of the top things they tell the cast in training to tell the people- leave shoes on.
    Of course the lady handling the tickets wanted you to purchase the 3 day- knowing that the Magic Kingdom would close early for the party plus you pay LESS then paying for each day individually. You also coulda missed the MNSSHP to go to another park for the night and returned to Magic Kingdom another night on your pass to see the Wishes and Spectro Magic- that woulda been a money saver there- and the rides would most likely be back up the next day anyway.
    A little homework goes a long way to a magical day.

  • La
      28th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    I can't imagine how many of these complaints would be irradiated if the chronic complainer did 5 minutes of homework. This earns a 5 on the Chronic Complainer scale.

  • Im
      3rd of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    To LARRYOF ARABIA: What makes you so sure these people are chronic complainers??? That was not nice. This site is here for a reason..The reason is to do just what these people are doing...You may not like it, but try to put yourself in their shoes...ONE complaint DOES NOT make someone a CHRONIC complainer dear sir...

  • Sc
      12th of Mar, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Why didn't you complain immediatly upon the sweeper knocking over your kids' food? That would have been the obvious thing? Now you won't know his name and nothing will be done about it. That would have justified an immediate complaint, kids or no kids, and I would have made them replace that food and comp my room for that. I am not a fan of children but that was an outright cruel act to do to anyone be it an accident or on purpose. Disney employees know that one complaint on them and they don't stand a chance! They're gone!

  • Ja
      28th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Complain here.

    Jay Rasulo runs the theme parks for them.

  • Ja
      28th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    By the way "not a fan of children", what does that mean?

    I'm not a fan of the 18 to 35 demographic? The way their always atrracting advertisers and such.

    We all start out that way douche.

  • Ac
      6th of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    As a yearly visitor to WDW parks and resorts, I am mortified to hear about what happened to your grandchildren's food.

    I need to commend you on your reaction and your immediate distraction of your grandchildren. I have seen many a parent fly off the handle while their already upset children watch and listen.

    That being said, I hope you will reconsider telling everyone not to visit there and never going again yourself. Don't let ONE person's rude and unacceptable behavior ruin everything you know Disney can be, not only for you but for the others you plan to advise not to visit.

    I found the following on e-How, I hope it helps:
    Contact the responsible Disney World department directly and get the first and last name of the manager, as well as their phone number and, if available, email address. Contact them directly. Meanwhile, write an official letter of complaint and mail it to: Walt Disney World Guest Communications, P.O. Box 10040, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040.

  • Ac
      6th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    If the three day passes were for Florida residents only and the daughter was from out of state, she would not be able to use the tickets. They check ID with any tickets purchased at a residential discount.

  • K8
      24th of May, 2009
    +3 Votes

    I sadly enough just experienced a less-than-magical week at Disney. We stayed at the Polynesian Resort this time. I am a travel agent and a Disney Specialist and have had many positive prior experiences with Disney World. With each visit over the years we have slowly watched service degrade to a pitiful level. My family and I have vowed to never return again. The cast members have gotten down right rude, housekeeping very poor and as long as everyone continues to fork over the cash...Disney just smiles, ignores the problem and wishes you a "Magical" day. We came across several other unhappy Disney guests who have shared the same experience over the past few years. I can think of much better places to spend our family vacation while spending the same if not less for an all-inclusive deal (unheard of at Disney...they nickel and dime you continually). If they could charge for the air you breathe...they would!! good bye Disney!

  • Rh
      27th of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    My family and I just got back from Disney this past Friday and it will be our last. We also are sick of the hyperbucks generated for mega mega marketing techniques. We will be spending our vacation dollars in a better location with nicer people and better establishments. The Photopass is a great invention until you get home and realize the cd is $140 or $15 per picture to download. That is simply outrageous. Changing the kids meals to only include ages 3 - 9 was it for us. Give me a break, most 10 year olds can not eat an adult meal. We are done with Disney World for good. Love the movies, skip the parks! ...OH, and I am a super planner and had everything worked out but this still will be out last visit.

  • Sa
      25th of Jun, 2009
    -1 Votes

    With Disney, the key to getting your complaints taken care of is making them in person while you are still there. Once you have left Disney World, any chance you had of having your problem(s) resolved is gone. If something bad happens, you go to any Guest Relations or Hotel Concierge and explain the problem. They will usually fix the problem or come up with a way to make up for it. If you go through your whole vacation without complaint and then send a nasty e-mail to try to get your money back after you've left the property, then they will just assume you are a chronic complainer looking for a free ride.

    Another problem is the economy. Even Disney World is understaffed and the employees have to work hard for minimum wage. Everyone assumes that because Disney advertises itself as a magical place that everything will indeed be perfect and magical. No. Disney is still part of the real world and bad things can and do happen there, too. If it's such a big deal, get it taken care of at the time. If you would have gone to City Hall on Main Street USA and complained as soon as the sweeper knocked the food over, I'm sure you would have gotten free food for everybody (you can also go here to get your tickets changed if what you got wasn't what you expected). If not, then just relax and forget about it and try to have a good time the rest of the time. But don't expect to go home and complain and get your entire vacation refunded over spilled food or a rude employee. And don't dismiss Disney and tell everyone not to go just because they didn't kiss your butt after you got home.

  • Ol
      25th of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Sarah Hmmm...not sure what planet your living on, but in this one, sharing experiences & venting is still allowed & on this site encouraged

  • Mi
      23rd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Disney does not care about addressing guest's complaints. That is why it is nearly impossible to find a mailing or email address or phone number to address complaints. We tried to address our concerns with a "guest services" representative and then a manager. The nineteen year old "supervisor" was not help and complaint information on the Disney website is nonexistent. Disney is not about Magic, it is all about greed.

  • Ri
      23rd of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I am so frustrated and disgusted with the trip we were planning to make in the end of Sept. during the dining promotion. I am thinking I should stand up for what is not right and cancel our week long trip on many principals. (We too have gone to Disney for many years and this experience so far in planning has turned us off). We planned on going every two years and did so in 05 and 07 and then were to go here in 09. First the free dining offer changed I guess last year to no longer include appetizers AND the tips. That is a BIG change to just do away with those like that. It makes it not such a great of a deal to go in the intense heat during school time to take advantage of the offer. Also, we called on the exact first day we could start making our dining reservations within an hour of opening and could NOT get the places we want. That is ridiculous. We are trying to make our trip "magic your way" and it is nothing but. Then today we are "lucky" enought to receive and e-mail saying we will be given an upgrade for FREE for our upcoming trip to either Sarasota Springs or Old Key West. The e-mail went out at 10:00 am this morning and by the time I checked the e-mail and looked into the properties, I called 3 hours later and BOTH places were completely out of rooms for that promotion. I said then to the rep I hope they send out an e-mail to everyone saying...sorry too late all rooms are booked so don't waste anytime looking into it further. After that (and a rude and careless attitude rep), I will almost certainly cancel, but still want to send my complaints for what they are worth. I will give the guest relations e-mail and PO Box a try, if for no other reason than to say I voiced my complaint for what it's worth...nothing.

  • Ke
      30th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    HELP! Who do I contact about a very bad experience that ended in my sons 6 stiches in his head? I have had no luck with the main line even after explaining about my sons injury. He was playing nicely at the "honey i shrunk" play area. He came out of a tunnel where the tunnel meets the stairs coming down... (huge design flaw) when a grown man trampled him unkowingly because of the way its set up and knocked him into one of the rocks. Let me tell you head wounds bleed alot!! The whole experience got worse from the injury onward. Disney handled it very poorly with little to no help. The end result was 6 stiches above his eye and NOTHING from Disney. Not that getting something for free would have made it all better but maybe showing a little kid some special treatment for his trauma would have been a nice gesture. Who do I talk to ? I also have $700 in charges from the quick care they sent us to. Thats right the MGM has no medical facility to handle this type of thing and not one EMT or trained professional even showed up while we were on Disney property. Email me directly if you have some info in who I need to talk to.

  • Wa
      10th of Sep, 2009
    +3 Votes

    Here is the first and second letter to WDW
    Guest Communications
    Executive Offices
    P.O. Box 10040
    Lake Buena Vista, Fl. 32830

    Dear Guest Communications,

    My family and I stayed at All Star Sports from August seventeenth through the twenty third, celebrating my birthday. When I initially made the reservations the reservationist went through my party and the type of room three times. They repeated, “You Wayne, Your Wife Darci and Your Daughter Asia. Two adults and one child. Preferred Room checking in the seventeenth and departing the twenty third”. Upon getting my confirmation in the mail I noticed my daughter was not on the reservation and neither was the preferred room . Immediately I called reservations and was told I didn’t book her or the preferred room. After telling the reservationist repeatedly, “My family and I have been Passholders for 5 years and have never left my now 9 year old daughter at home. Why would I now”? “We have stayed on WDW property exclusively for the past three years, many times, look at our old reservations”. “I had a lot of time to pay for the room so I opted for the preferred room, it’s only another $60.00 . “I’m handicapped and in a chair, I’d like to be close to the busses”. Receiving the same response, I asked to speak to Guest Relations. Voicing my concern. Guest Relations. looked at our reservations including the dining reservations I had made the same day I booked the room and concluded I was not being deceitful and added her. At that time all the preferred rooms were booked and the only thing they could do was add a note on the reservation that I “Requested a preferred room”, Not That “I payed an extra $60.00 for a preferred room”. After three calls to reservations and each time speaking first to a Reservationist then to Guest Relations, I still was never offered my money back or some sort of restitution.
    Upon arrival at the resort we again voiced our dissatisfaction, asked to speak to a manager (who was on the phone the entire time) but got a Guest Relations representative who didn’t offer any sort of compensation. She told us she would call me on my cell phone after she researched the matter and never got back to me.
    My family and I have stayed on the property many times and have never had problems with any of our reservations.

    On the third day we were at Disney Studios. We were killing time before our dinner reservations. As Floridians we knew it was going to rain (hard). We decided to ride Star Tours before it started to pour. We approached the fastpass lane, I showed the castmember my Guest Assistance Card as I have done for the past 5 years. I was told I had to leave my power chair in the rain and transfer to a push wheel chair. I explained, (in the pouring rain) I was not going to leave my $5, 000.00 chair to get ruined in the rain. I told her, “For the past 5 years I was able to take my chair in through the wheelchair entrance and enter the ride through the back side”. She insisted I leave my chair and transfer. As I was getting soaked I said, “This is unacceptable” I asked my wife to get our ponchos and umbrellas out. The castmember shouted to another castmember who told her to let me in. We not only had to ride Star Tours soaking wet but had to ride two busses and eat dinner at Boatwright’s soaking wet. We would have gone to our room and changed but we would have missed our reservation.

    On the fourth day, we went to Typhoon Lagoon. I decided to ride a raft ride, since there were ropes with stanchions to support myself and rocks along the way to sit on. During the ride I hit my thoracic area on my back right where a protruded disc is impinging on the thecal sack (a nerve bundle). I didn’t complain and am not one to make a big scene or try to sue, I just live with the pain daily. But for the rest of the trip and even now I can feel more pain than usual. Yes I know I shouldn’t ride certain rides with back problems but the pleasure is sometimes worth the pain.

    I am aware this isn’t directly under WDW control. We had reservations at Tappan Edo. The entire time we were waiting for our table there was a loud obnoxious family of 14 behind us who kept arguing and bumping the back of my chair repeatedly. After a half hour they were called to a table, we were relieved to be rid of them. A few minutes later we were called and led to a room where that family was seated. Adults at one table and the children at the other. To add salt to our already open wounds, we got to sit at the kiddy table where all the angry children were watching their parents get drunk and even more obnoxious. The adults were taunting the chef and getting louder with every shot they downed. We were delighted when they finished their meal and quickly left to get rid of their kids and find more alcohol. We were left in peace to have desert.

    The next day we were at the Magic Kingdom, We were approaching the covered wheel chair transfer area at Pirates of the Caribbean where we have always left my chair. The castmember told me I had to leave my chair out in the open. It was threatening rain and I said, ”I am not going to leave my chair out in the rain”. She pointed to all the rental chairs and said, “This is where you will have to park your chair”. I said, “I don’t care what your policies are for rental chairs, This is my chair, I’m not going to take the chance of coming back to a chair that’s dead”. “We have always parked my chair under here”. She begrudgingly let me park my chair under cover. It did rain.

    On the morning of my birthday I called the front desk from our room to inquire if there was other locations to redeem my birthday voucher, letting the person know I was a annual passholder and didn’t want the day admission. I was told I could redeem it at either Guest Services locations at Downtown Disney. We wanted to shop there any way so we boarded a bus there. Guest Services informed me upon my turn that I was mis-informed and had to redeem it at one of the parks. I told him, “Now we have to board four busses take two hours and a half to get back to where we started. Our day is mostly shot now”. Guest Services castmember stared at me blankly, offered no retribution what so ever not even a fastpass for our trouble. Then motioned for the next guest in line.
    We were planning on shopping for a couple of hours. Going to EPCOT for a few hours and ending up at the Magic Kingdom so we could ride the monorail to The Polynesian for dinner..

    Later at The Polynesian for the Luau. Upon checking in we were told they were over booked and we were booked at a non-excitant table. My wife was livid, she had to walk away. The manager, George came over to me. He said, “I am so sorry for the mix-up, reservations has been booking a table that doesn’t exist for months now and I get to deal with all the angry people. If you will wait, I will do my best to get you in. After a half hour of being under the impression we were not going to see the show, George came over with a hostess to seat us. I thanked him repeatedly, he saved the night from total ruin. All in all my birthday wasn’t a very happy celebration

    On our last day it is our tradition for us to begin and end our stays at the Magic Kingdom. We were detained by a security guard who would not let us enter with my tool kit for the power chair. He said the screwdriver could be used as a weapon. I explained, “Through five years and two different power chairs I have entered the parks with my kit. Every time security has seen the kit and there has never been a problem”. My wife said, “If this chair breaks down I have to push it, We are stuck”. He repeated, ‘This can be used as a weapon”. He took the screwdriver and said I couldn’t enter the park with it. I asked, “OK, when will I get it back”? He told me, “Never”. I replied, “That won’t work, call a manager”. I told the guard “I’m a disabled vet, I served in Viet Nam to be treated like this”? After a fifteen minute wait manager approached, took one look at the kit and told the guard to let me in it’s just a repair kit for the chair. I got no apology.
    It was quite embarrassing to be pulled from the line and held to the side with two guards lurking over my shoulder. Every guest that passed through the area stared at us as if we were terrorists. We really felt we were being violated. It was very frightening for my 9 year old daughter she was afraid we were being arrested. I never want to see that look in her eyes again. That sure wasn’t a magical experience for her. I am sure every time we pass through the baggage check again she will relive those moments. She is still traumatized by the experience..That ruined at large portion of the Disney fantasy for her.
    In retrospect my wife brought up the point that she is Thai, could pass as middle eastern. She Said “You never know what he was thinking”.

    We were leaving the park at the end of the day. We decided to ride Pirates of the Caribbean one more time as we were passing it and say goodby to George. My wife saw the row of power chairs and said “Lets forget this, it’s too much of a hassle”. I agreed and we made our way to the busses

    Throughout the years I have been to WDW well over 1, 500 times, I still get butterflies in my stomach as I approach the Magic Kingdom Gates.. For the past 5 years as passholders, my family has logged at least 200 trips there. We have stayed on property about 30 times. We have spent many thousands of dollars during these trips. We were considering joining the Vacation Club next month. You won’t find a more devoted “Disney Family” then us. My wife and daughter still get teary eyed as we leave (not this time). We left depressed we weren’t able to have the happy birthday celebration we were anticipating.
    We are planning on coming up for the Not so Scary Halloween Party, another trip in November for Darci’s birthday and wanted to spend a week before Christmas so we could wake up there Christmas morning and decorate our room.
    Although we have many good memories there we are leery of what the future will bring.

    With this letter I am asking for retribution and compensation from Disney. It’s not only the $60.00 I lost with the reservationist not keying the right key initially. Just an apology or some fast passes won’t due, serious compensation.

    Dear Guest Communications,

    With my last letter I didn’t want to misunderstood. As I had stated you would be hard pressed to find a more devoted Disney family.

    Myself, I was weaned on The Wonderful Word of Disney and the Mickey Mouse Club the one with Annette Funicello. Later most of my highschool friends went to work at The Magic Kingdom when the park opened in “71". I took leave from the Navy to attended the opening day. After my enlistment was up I would go at least two times a week to hang out wile my friends worked. There was no where in the Magic Kingdom I hadn’t visited at the time. Through the 80's I would bring my nieces there a few times a year. The “90s” My first two daughters were frequent visitors. Then in the new century, my grand children and Asia my youngest daughter. I wear hidden Mickey earnings and for my last birthday a friend gave me a free tattoo (only the second I have) I opted for Sorcerer Mickey on my chest. My van I decked out with WDW regalia.

    Darci, my wife got introduced to WDW when we ran from a hurricane (WDW is our evacuation plan). Her uncle and aunt both worked at MGM and brought us to the parks for Asia’s 4th birthday. Darci was raised in Escondido and had been to Disneyland many times but never realized how fantastic WDW was. She was amazed I knew my way around the Magic Kingdom so well. She saved the money on our return home to buy annual passes. She says she wouldn’t feel “right” if she wasn’t a passholder. A close friend, Melissa, who we call our (Disney buddy) not only got annual passes to WDW but Bush Gardens and Universal too. Darci called her a trader, later Melissa confessed her family was not treated as well at any of the other parks she had visited. Darci has 12 Christmas trees two of them are decorated with Disney ornaments exclusively. She is decorating one of our bathrooms as classic Mickey and our kitchen as Sorcerer Mickey. She took the planter in our front yard, it was a circle around a light pole and added ears to it.

    Asia, our daughter from the time she could make any sort of decision, wore Cinderella dresses everywhere . She would introduce herself as Cinderella to everyone she met. This behavior was reenforced by her initial visit to WDW. She knew in her mind she was the real Cinderella and the Castmembers were just pretending. She has graduated to Hannah Montana, although she doesn’t think she is her. Her room has every Hannah decoration, along with Club Penguin and Puffles. At nine she knows more about the history and operations of WDW than most of the castmembers. There are over 8 books on the history of WDW in her room, she reads them repeatedly. She can spot a knock off pin at a glance, and she informs the castmembers of the fact.

    We have infused our daily lived with Disney. We live and save for our next trip there. We have more Disney clothes than regular clothes. There are 12 pin bags with over 8, 000 pins in them. Disney art and decorations all over our home. Over the years we have celebrated our birthdays, anniversaries, end of school, start of school, every year attended Pirate and Princess, Not so Scary Halloween and Very Mary Christmas Parties. Not to mention any other excuse we could come up with. We have also learned to deal with the crowds and the rude tourists (we have them here also). Like on our last trip (yes, the bad one) on Star Tours a teenager sitting next to my wife was picking her nose and wiping her finger off on my wives side of the communal hand rest. We didn’t complain but were disgusted (we hope things are wiped off between sittings).
    One year we used our passes 52 times. In the economy we are in now, we have decided to make quality not quantity trips there. We have been trying to save for the Vacation Club but have used the savings for booking other visits there. My wife and I are dying to become a members of the Vacation Club. We are looking forward to many more happy memories of our visits there in the future. It would leave a very large void in our lives if we had a falling out with your company.

    The booking incident, being told I had to leave my chair in the rain (twice), along with the over zealous security guard (catching such hardened criminals as my family) have left a permeant scar on us. What it has done to my daughter is beyond repair.

    One percent of the power chairs in the parks are not rental chairs and are owned by the guest riding in them. Castmembers should be trained to recognize the difference and treat the guests accordingly.

    I would like to talk personally to someone NOT have an email.

    After 15 days I got my telephone call. From a polite castmember. All she could do was offer me some pins. WOW, Im so happy now.

  • Ba
      29th of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes

    if there are 10000 unhappy guests there are usually 100x's the amount of happy guests disney cannot be held responsible for your perception of what had happened

  • Sc
      4th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I'm sure your complaints are valid, but a more effective letter would be less than one page, to the point, and pick the ONE item that inconvenienced you most.

    1 page,
    1 complaint,
    and finally 1 letter...

    Unfortunately people complain about everything now - not because they've been inconvenienced, they're looking for a freebee.
    When you grocery list everything, unfortunately it looks like your more only interested in getting something for free.

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