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A couple of years ago I had a company named "Brite House" add an electric outlet to the wall in a room upstairs in my home. They did a good job and charged a reasonable & fair price.

I noticed recently that there was no power (electric current) in this outlet. We had been having a problem with red squirrels in our attic and walls, so I thought that the squirrels may have chewed through wires and shorted out the power to this outlet.

I wanted to call Brite House for this job but couldn't find their number, and they were no longer listed in the yellow pages. So I called Waldron because their West Mifflin office is not far from my home.

I was told that there would be a $65 trip fee. That sounded reasonable because I figured it compensated them for fuel and time. I was also told that they do not accept checks. I later realized that were it not for their "no checks" policy, Waldron would surely have numerous stop-payment orders from unhappy customers.

When the repairman arrived the very first thing he needed to do was to get me to sign off on the $65 trip fee. Then before he could tell me how much this repair would cost, he needed to do a "diagnostic." He had to look up the cost of this particular "diagnostic" for how much it would cost. The "diagnostic" fee was to be $380. Needless to say I was taken aback by having to pay $380 for what amounts to a fee for an estimate.

I told him I would have to discuss it with my husband who was downstairs. We decided that $380 was too much to pay for an estimate, so I returned upstairs & told the repairman we were not going to use his services. I would have been out only the $65 trip fee had he not then said "well, show me where your breaker box is. It might be just a tripped breaker."

I didn't realize that when Brite House installed this outlet they had put it on its own circuit breaker in the breaker box (in other words, they had done the job right.) It never occurred to me that the problem wasn't in the wiring but was a simple tripped breaker, easily solved by flipping a switch. Since we had recently been dealing with squirrels in the attic & walls, I automatically assumed that they had caused the electrical problem.

Waldron's repairman flipped the breaker switch and we went back upstairs to test the outlet for current (using MY tester, by the way, for which I received no discount.) Then he charged me $140 "reset fee" for flipping that breaker switch!

I know that had I been able to contact Brite House and describe the problem to them, their first question would have been "did you check the circuit breakers?" And they would have charged me NOTHING, because that is how honest, reputable companies operate. Judging from the other complaints I've read, ripping people off by overcharging for services ($140 for flipping a switch! $380 to give an estimate) is Waldron's M.O., just the way they make their money.

Needless to say, next time I will shop around and start with a company that gives free estimates and is not afraid to accept checks. Customers who have been stung by Waldron may have little legal recourse, but we can warn friends & family, we can report them to the Better Business Bureau, we can post complaints such as these, and we can be smarter the next time we need the services of an electric repair company. There are plenty of companies that don't need to overcharge their

customers in order to be successful.

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  • Wa
      Dec 23, 2008

    The complaint comments are untrue, bias and slanderious. we are compiling evendence and filing a law suit against the author in excess of $25, 000.

    Waldron electric hvac

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  • Mi
      Jan 24, 2009

    It is true. the same thing happened to me. but I got my money back. I am a lawyer. nothing is slanderous with that story, and you cannot take someone to court for a post on the internet that is describing what happened to them. what kind of company sues their customers. a reputable company would take care of concerns and complaints, not threaten to sue them.

    Your company are crooks.

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  • Su
      Feb 15, 2019

    @miked I may need an attorney as I have bad dealings with Waldron Electric, can you give me your name if you take these type of cases.

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  • Gm
      Feb 27, 2009

    i just had a run in with Waldron Electric heating and cooling, they charged me 667.00 to push a reset on my furnace, 95 trip charge, 191.00 to push reset, and 381.00 diagnostic fee, after reseting my furnace he said he would look things over while he was here, never thinking i was going to be charged 381.00, never told me he was charging me for looking things over, i thought they was being helpful they are crooks

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  • Ta
      Mar 03, 2009

    Can you help me get my money back? on 12/12/2008 I had a repair man from waldron charge me a 65.00 service fee and 344.00 diagnostic fee for nothing. I refused the service when the repair man told me that it would cost an additonal$1800.00 to repair my heater due to a prblem with the intermittent board. I refused the service and he still charged my debit card for the service and diagnostic test fee. I called in another company which fixed it for 55.00 due to a problem with the ignitor. the other company told me that my heater's intermittent board not only was functioning properly but it had a red light by the ignitor indicating the problem. the company stated that my heater did not require a dianostic test. I clearly was ripped off. I am a single female in a wealthy area - clearly profiled!!! I have called waldron electric 75 times with no response... stay away from waldron. they should be ashamed!!!

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  • Mi
      Mar 24, 2009

    I want you to sue me!! I am in the process of forming a class action suit againist your company. you shold be used to it, your company knows the ropes. when I called you to discuss the amount of the bill, you did nothing but use foul language and threaten to put a lean on my home!!! what kind of business person would sue a coustomer after begin paid in full, you got your money!!! I would suggest you make a settelment with me before your company bares anymore disgrace!! I am retired and I will devote most of my time presuing this issue, I will be relentless in this matter!!!


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  • Wo
      Jul 23, 2009

    There are so many cases against this guy, i didnt have time to post them all. He should be ashamed of himself. After I did a little digging, I noticed that every single response from this company was that they were going to sue their customers for 25, 000 for slander. This guy must be related to the lawyer or something because he is always in court...

    Apr. 6--WALDRON FIRMS AGREE TO RESTITUTION: More than five years after the state sued them for violating the Consumer Protection Law, Thomas Waldron and three of his electrical companies agreed to pay $41, 376 in restitution to 94 consumers, $2, 500 in civil penalties and $1, 124 in costs.

    Although Mr. Waldron said through his attorney that he agreed to pay the money because it was cheaper than a trial, his action will bring some satisfaction to homeowners who claimed the defendants took advantage of them, especially when they were in need of emergency electrical services.

    In response to numerous complaints filed with its Bureau of Consumer Protection, the...

    Robin Wilson walked into her Emsworth home last July and found the lights flickering.

    Mrs. Wilson, 45, a registered nurse and widow with four children, got a flashlight and went to the electric panel box in the basement. Then the lights went out. When she flipped the circuit breaker, the lights came on and then went off again. Then the breaker became hot to the touch.

    "I panicked, " she told an arbitration panel of three lawyers in the Civil Division of Allegheny County Common Pleas Court. "I was scared to death."

    She found a full-page color ad for Speedy Electric in the Yellow Pages. She called and spoke to a guy named Mike. Mrs. Wilson said he arrived shortly before 8 p.m. on July 10. She said he had her sign and initial some paperwork and went down to the panel box.

    "When he came back upstairs, he said my main went bad and that my house could burn to the ground in minutes. He put the fear of God in me. He took advantage of me because I'm a woman and I was scared. When he gave me the price, I nearly fell off my chair -- $5, 894.

    "I said I didn't have that kind of money in the house. I put $3, 100 on one credit card and $1, 000 on another card and gave him a check for $1, 794. He said the company doesn't take checks but that he would hold it overnight and be back in the morning for $1, 794 in cash. He was waiting for me when I came back from the bank the next day."

    Mrs. Wilson testified that it wasn't until the following day, "when people told me I had been ripped off real bad, that I discovered his prices were way out of line. He charged me $426 for an Emsworth inspector to inspect the work, but the inspector said the charge was only $60.

    "And Mike didn't do the repair correctly. I had to call another electrician to do it properly and he only charged me $90."

    Mrs. Wilson sued Speedy Electric. The case was heard by District Judge Tara Smith. That's when Mrs. Wilson learned the company was owned by Thomas J. Waldron.

    In 2002, the state attorney general's office sued Mr. Waldron for violating the Consumer Protection Law by failing to disclose trip and diagnostic fees, requiring consumers to sign a waiver of their right to cancel even when an emergency didn't exist and performing services in an unworkmanlike manner.

    The case was settled last April when Mr. Waldron and three of his electric companies -- Waldron Electric Co., WEC Electric Co. and Electric USA Inc. -- agreed to pay $41, 376 in restitution to 94 consumers, $2, 500 in civil penalties and $1, 124 in costs.

    Judge Smith ruled in Mrs. Wilson's favor and ordered Mr. Waldron to pay her $4, 618. He appealed.

    When the arbitration panel heard the appeal on Feb. 25, Chris Arndt, an electrician from Ellwood City, testified on behalf of Mrs. Wilson. He said she was overcharged, adding that she could have had "a whole new service upgrade for about $2, 000."

    Attorney Gregory A. Castelli of Carrick, who represented Mr. Waldron, reviewed the contract Mrs. Wilson signed. She said she had signed or initialed it in various places for such things as a $466 diagnostic fee, a $215 repair fee and $4, 913 to rebuild the panel box.

    He told her -- and reminded the panel -- that "there are no pricing laws in Pennsylvania." He said companies can charge what they want to, and consumers can shop around for the best price.

    The panel ruled in Mrs. Wilson's favor. It said Speedy Electric Heating and Cooling owed her $4, 778. Attorney David Humphreys, who chaired the panel, said it was a compromise verdict.

    "That was the worst case I've ever heard, " he said. "They used terroristic threats and an unfair contract to take advantage of this woman."

    The Better Business Bureau said consumers have filed 55 complaints about Mr. Waldron's companies since 2005, most of which deal with over-pricing. Neither Mr. Waldron nor his companies are members. The bureau can be contacted at or [protected].

    Senior Deputy Attorney General Jesse Harvey, who prosecuted the case against Mr. Waldron that was settled last year, said the office "continues to receive complaints about him, especially the ridiculous prices he charges." He encouraged consumers to contact the office at or call [protected].

    Mr. Waldron has appealed the arbitration panel's decision. His appeal may be heard later this year.

    Read more:

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  • Pi
      Jun 07, 2011

    I agree with all the comments posted, except for that by Waldron.
    I was charged a trip fee to look at my air conditioner. I had cut an outside pressure line while trimming bushes. Technician said that because the problem was obvious, they would waive the diagnosis fee. I am calling VISA to stop payment to make sure they don't charge it anyway.
    Their estimate to splice a line and recharge the unit was well over $2000 or more than 1/3 the cost to install a new unit.
    People need to complain to the Yellow Pages and Yellow Book because they have a full page ad and they are obviously making money ripping people off.
    How do I know, because I am getting my problem fixed for $500.
    Wish I would have checked this site last night before I called these ###.

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  • Mi
      Jul 11, 2012

    This company is horrible. I went to my my elderly parents house tonight to find out that they paid over $1200 for this guy to replace a fuse and run a new electric line from the fuse box to the dishwasher. I plan on calling everyone under the sun to get some of this money back. The guy also wanted to charge them $5000 to replace the fuse panel. What kind of company takes advantage of old people like this?

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  • No
      Nov 27, 2012

    I just had a very bad experience with this company too. They were quick to tell me about their now $125 trip fee and the service man was late getting there. When I confronted him about being late he told me that I should be nice to service men and "give them eggnog." He also told me that they don't want to work with people who complain and he would just take the $125, which he then wanted in cash, and leave. He also said that his company doesn't care, they just move on to the next guy. He said that they keep their #1 rating that way. I told him that I thought that being nice should go both ways. By this time my house was cold, my furnace wasn't working, and then he shows me there is a $550.00 diagnostic fee. I just wanted it fixed and I was tired and had to get to work myself and I signed it. . So THEN he looks at it for a half hour and comes and tells me my motor is shot and he could put in a new one for $2, 000 - $2500 but given how old my furnace was he recommended i get a new one but Waldron doesn't install furnaces. So, TO DO ME A FAVOR, he gave me the name of a friend, who he had already sent a picture of my furnace to, and we called the friend. The Waldron man said his friend did this work under the table and he was "fragile" so I should be nice to him. This "fishing buddy" of his said he thought he could put a new furnace in for $3500.00. Waldron left and since I signed it seems I can't dispute the credit card charge but I'm happy I found someone else to install my furnace (HRUSKA...great work and a lower price for insured work and a Trane furnace guaranteed). I asked Hruska to double check the diagnosis but Waldron had not put my furnace back the way they found it and it no longer even turned on nor was the pilot light on the way I found it. I would be happy to join a class action suit if it would be helpful against this company.

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  • Jo
      Jan 08, 2014
    Best Best Advice

    Waldron is a bully. When he is called out he threatens to sue. He needs to be shut down

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  • Ra
      May 30, 2016

    I agree with this complaint. Waldron Electric Heating and Cooling, Inc. belies the nice picture they present of themselves on their web site and their Yellow Pages Telephone Book full page ad. They are a rip-off company. We had half a circuit stop working at our home in May 2016, Our computer and telephone cable modem was not working so we could not use our land line. The circuit that was partially out affected our office and half our front bedroom along with our two garages and garage door opener in the one where we keep our car. Waldron would not come out unless we agreed to pay an $85 arrival fee (just for coming--NOT for doing any examination or assessment of the problem. We agreed to that, desperately needing an electrician. When the man arrived (NOT the same day--we were told that could not be scheduled, despite their ad in the phone book about same day service) the afternoon of the 2nd day of the outage on that circuit, I had to initial for the $85, and then, for the rest of the late afternoon (he arrived about 3:00 PM), after he'd do some checking of switches, junction, and breaker box, garage door opener, and receptacles, I had to initial several more descriptions of what he had done and the prices he was charging for that aspect of the work. Toward the end of the day, he rewired the garage door opener to a circuit in the garage that was not dead. He left one wall receptacle off and the wiring inside with wire nuts on the exposed ends, for safety's sake, he said, and told us he could not be back the following week, as he'd be out of town, but would return the week after that to finish trying to figure out what the problem was, and put things back together that he'd left undone. He left at 7:00 P.M., having arrived at 3:00 PM--doing what amounted to 4 hours work. For what he did--undoing and checking receptacles and switches and puittng a junction box in the garage and changing the wiring a couple of feet from the dead circuit to the one that was still live in the garage, I had to sign and initial his charge sheet and pay $3563.00 immediately to him using a credit card. That came to almost $900.00 an hour for his 'work'. And he still hadn't found or corrected the cause of the outage. After he left, my wife and I decided we simply couldn't afford any more of his work at the prices he charged and called Waldron the following week and told them to cancel having him return.
    We then called another electrical company, whose electrician came out later the week after the Waldron guy had been here, was here for 2 hours assessing the problem, replacing a switch that was going bad, and finding the cause of the outage in that circuit. This he did in 2 hours, and had everything back up and running and the circuit operating fully as it should. His total bill for the work, replacing the switch, and solving the outage was $350, for which he said he'd take a check. Waldron insisted they would not take anything but a credit card or cash! Also, the other electrician charged NOTHING for coming out to examine the problem.
    We could only conclude from the second and honest electrical company's electrician, that Waldron Electrical Heating and Cooling, Inc. rips off its customers, is not an honest and fair organization and ought not ever be hired, as what they charge customers for their work is absolutely outlandish!!!

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  • Aa
      Jun 20, 2016

    Agree with all the statements above completely! we live out of state and the air conditioning on our house in monroeville wasn't blowing cold air. we called waldron and they took all our information and my parent's information, as they would be the ones to let him in the house. the woman who took my call stated it would be an $85 trip fee and that there would be additional fees for any additional diagnostics and repairs. my dad met tom at our house and explained the problem. tom had my dad initial in several places on a blank sheet of paper (probably not the best decision, but my dad did it). tom ran his "diagnostics" and said it needed a new capacitor. he put the new piece in without talking to me about what was wrong or price to fix it. he also told my dad it need to be cleaned to work properly. again, without discussing price, he "cleaned" my air conditioner. he then started listing numerous things that were "wrong" with the unit. at that point, my dad called me to talk to him. he said it would cost $1496 to replace the broken part, $895 for the cleaning, it needed a new this, a new that, just to work for 5 years. when my husband started questioning some of his findings, he became rude. the rudeness continued into swearing and just overall horrible customer service. my husband told him to take the part out, put our old stuff back in and we would find someone else to do the work. we asked him to bill us...$960!!! he wrote in prices on the blank sheet of paper he had my dad initial. a service call and performing a "cleaning" without authorization from the homeowner. I attempted to call numerous times the following day to dispute the events. after several attempts he finally returned my call and was again argumentative, rude, condescending, using foul language... the list could go on forever. after talking for 45 minutes, he said if I "made a donation of $300 to apl, he would come out and fix the problem for no fee to him."
    This guy is a crook, scam artist and he needs to loose his business. he was so rude and has the worst customer service! no one should ever hire this company!!
    Just to show how much he marks up his prices: the part that we needed was for sale on amazon for $10. we ended up hiring another company who performed the service for $200.

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  • Di
      Jan 22, 2017

    I had been without some power for 5 days on beginning on Dec. 17, 2016. I was unable to schedule an electrician as my elderly mother was in a nursing home, and I needed to be there to feed her. She has since passed away as of Jan. 1, 2017. (99 years 8 months!) I called Penn Power and they restored some power, but said that a corroded bolt at the meter needed to be replaced. I called 2 emergency service electrical contractors upon returning from the nursing home on Dec. 22 at about 3:00. Mr. Waldron returned my call and said he could be here at about 5:30. I told him what the power company had told me and he said that it sounded like a big job about $8, 000 and would take about a week. He arrived shortly after 5:30 and without even looking at the meter, asked for my credit card, went to his truck, made a phone call to his office, and put $8, 000 on my card. He then began working at the meter, left to purchase the $85 bolt and returned. I went to bed at about 8:30. After speaking with him the next day, he told me he was at my home until 1:00 a.m. I have to take him at his word, as I was asleep. I was awakened however at about 8:45 as the television and lights came back on in the bedroom. On Dec. 30, I received a certified letter with a contract asking me to sign and initial, which I did not. This was the first time I had seen any paperwork other than the credit card. I was also noted on this contract that this was only a temporary repair and for another $5, 000 he would be able to complete the work. I then called Sargent electric for an estimate to replace the 400amp meter socket including electrical inspection and Penn Power disconnect and reconnect fees would be $1, 600, not $5, 000. Their estimate for work already completed by Mr. Waldron including emergency service and overtime was $865, not $8, 000. I have contacted my credit card company, the BBB, Channel 2 consumer reporter Marty Griffin and written complaints everywhere. If my credit card company is unable to resolve this issue, I will pursue legal action.

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  • To
      Aug 13, 2017

    @diane hamley The Customer retained all her money back as she stopped on the credit card and in result of that action stole the goods and emergency services of our company.
    She knew all costs and signed for them before we did the work. We have the documents with her signature authorizing the work.
    Hunted like a wolf is putting it mildly, I will be relentless in attempt to stop you from stealing our goods and services and being clearly unjustly enriched.

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  • Ce
      Jun 13, 2019

    @diane hamley Diane Hamley, my husband and I stopped payment on our credit card to Waldron and he has stated that you did as well. What did you endure with him? Just preparing. Thanks in advance.

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  • Di
      Aug 17, 2017

    Mr. Waldron was paid $860 for his work which included $156/hr. for work completed on off hours and $80 for miscellaneous materials. Sargent Electric completed his "$8, 000 temporary repair job" for $1, 600 compared to Mr. Waldron's $5, 000 estimate. He has no contract!

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  • Lp
      Nov 20, 2017

    Yep, total ripoff. Charged me a $475 diagnostic fee when I told him exactly where the problem was. The light switch was sparking, hard to miss. He spent no time diagnosing anything. Wanted to charge me another $575 to rewire the switch. No thanks, dude. I have told everyone I know not to use them. I had no WiFi when my power was out, so I could not research them. I see he threatens everyone who complains with a $25, 000 lawsuit. Bahahahaha. A little too much People’s Court maybe?

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  • Dr
      Feb 08, 2018

    Took full advantage of the bad situation I was in. Was extremely rude and unprofessional, even threatened to have me "blacklisted" because we questioned his prices. Diagnostic wasn't even close to correct; charged excessively for parts that are under warranty and another company could get free. Very shady business practices. Not their first time either :

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  • Ku
      Oct 02, 2018

    I had a fuse blow and was unable to make the fuse switch remain on ON. I called Waldron Electric because they had a good ad in the Yellow Pages which stated that they had 25 years of local service and also had 24-hour service. Late in that evening the repairman showed up and immediately demanded I pay him $85 just for entering the door, payable only in cash or by card, no check. Warning bells should have rung and I should have shown him the door.

    He went outside, briefly checked the problem outlet, said it was OK and then charged $928 just for a diagnostic. When I questioned the cost, he said "It's the cost of doing business in America. I have to pay for my truck, tools, etc." He then gave me a song and dance about how much money he has to pay the city for licensing and extra training. "Blame the city."

    By that time I was in deep, but was appalled at what happened next. He went downstairs, fiddled with the obstinate breaker switch and reset it, charging me $500 plus $745 for the necessary city inspection. When I questioned this outrageous price for resetting a breaker switch, he said $500 was the minimum charge for doing anything at all, and that I should 'blame Peduto' for the city inspection.

    Is an expensive city inspection necessary for resetting a breaker switch??

    All in all I was charged $2258 for a brief visit. I'm deeply ashamed I allowed myself to be taken in and outrageously charged. This morning I Googled 'fraud complaints, Weldron Electric' and found many stories similar to mine as well as a case against them by the attorney general.

    I am lodging complaints with my local magistrate and the attorney general's office.

    And Mr. Weldron: Please do not lower yourself by calling me nasty names or threatening a lawsuit for telling the truth.

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  • Su
      Feb 15, 2019

    Has anyone had an encounter with Waldron Electric where you were falsely told you were at great risk for a house fire.

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  • Cm
      May 03, 2019

    @Susan Henry YES!!!

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  • Ce
      Jun 13, 2019

    @Susan Henry YES, which then in turn worried my husband to have the work done.

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