Waldron Electric, Heating & Cooling Complaints & Reviews

Waldron Electric / Electrical repair

Feb 11, 2017

My mom was in a nursing home under hospice care. I was unable to schedule an electrician as I was at the nursing home daily attending to her. She has since passed away. (Jan. 1, 2017) On Dec. 22, 2016 I had only partial power in my home. My electricity provider had been to my home the day...

Waldron Electric / Scam


Tom Waldron and Waldron Electric Co. was sued By the State Attorney General's Office in PA for violating consumer protection laws. The suit filed by the PA State Attorney General against Tom Waldron and his companies stated that the "defendants failed to disclose fees, misrepresented...

Waldron Electric, Heating & Cooling / overcharged for services


A couple of years ago I had a company named "Brite House" add an electric outlet to the wall in a room upstairs in my home. They did a good job and charged a reasonable & fair price. I noticed recently that there was no power (electric current) in this outlet. We had been...

Waldron Electric - McMurray, PA / Deceptive business practices

This posting is a description of the facts, and is not about any subjective judgments. On Oct. 30 2007, my mother called Waldron Electric in McMurray, PA. in search of electrical service for 3 outlets that were not working in her kitchen. The service man arrived and spent 2 hours in my...

Waldron Electric / Ripping customers off!


Waldron Electric tried ripping me off. I called them in an emergency and agreed to their $89 service call... Thats only fair, then came the $300 diagnostic fee, and the 400 line test charge. All of which he wanted only cash or credit card up front. When I refused to agree to this, he gave...