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Wachovia Bank / unauthorized billing

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I use Bill Pay thru Wachovia. In Sept they started charging my account on the day I scheduled a payment (I'm not referring to electronic payments but payments made by check). The payee did not cash the check for another 10 days - therefore they had the use of my money for 10 days. If they do that with every depositor just think how much of our money they have to use every day that they shouldn't.

After all, it's our money until the check is returned to the bank cashed by the payee. The Presidents office said they couldn't do anything about the situation.

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  • Va
      28th of Jul, 2008
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    I deposited CASH first thing friday morning (July25) to cover payments that had to be made on the 23rd but go to a separate bank... so it always takes THREE days to clear. When I checked my account online on saturday the 26th I found $70 in nsf fees with no account of what they were for. So I called the bank and was told that they were for checks written on the 23rd. I said, but those checks didn't come in until the night of the 25 and still aren't even logged into my account. They couldn't have bounced on the 25th because the money was there that morning in CASH.

    They told me the checks came in on the 24th... which is impossible since they were written to a different bank and it takes three days to clear from the retailer to their bank to my bank... (this was wachovias own advice to me several months ago).

    Then the man told me that he could see when the checks were written and at the time they were written there wasn't enough in my account to cover it... this tells me that they have a 'sometimes' practice of being spiteful and bouncing things after the fact... that didn't reach them until money was in the bank but because they see when the check was written they spitefully bounce it anyway.

    This is not the first time they have wrongfully taken money from our accounts. Back in December they charged nsf fees due to a purchase that was made when there was PLENTY of money in the account to cover it... making other stuff bounce in the long run because of a bunch of incorrect nsf fees. THEN over a month later. they charged NSF fees AGAIN for the same transaction that supposedly took place back in december... and their excuse was that the money didn't get pulled till January.

    So which is it? Did the same purchase OD the account in December or in January because it cant be both they tried to say that the money was on hold in December... so it bounced the account (which makes no sense) but then when the money was taken... in JANUARY supposedly (there wasn't enough to cover it... but it was on hold??? so why wouldn't it have been there waiting???

    They have the upper hand because they can change their computer records to say whatever they want them to say and it ends up being your word against theirs... they they try and confuse you by talking in circles. Their rules change with the wind and they have stolen thousands of dollars from us over the last 3 years. They don't care who they steal from, senior citizens, people on low fixed incomes, even their own employees are treated poorly. If a wachovia employee is unfortunate enough to become a victim of id theft or fraud... they get fired... if their bank account gets overdrawn... by accident... they get fired. what happened to humanity? Its no wonder wachovia is going under.

    Unfortunately it seems that all banks are taking on these dishonest practices and seem to be above the law.

    I say run far and fast from all banks.

  • Rl
      31st of Dec, 2008
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    Wachovia's practices are very suspicious. I am astounded how some routine checks that I send the same time each month, take longer to hit my account when my activity is unusually high or my balance becomes extremely low.
    When my account activity is low or my balance remains very high, the checks always seem to clear days earlier. Service reps never have an answer for this.
    If I forget to record, or miscalculate, debit card purchases, I'm in big trouble. They take money from your balance to cover the debit card purchases that haven't yet posted to the account; fair enough.
    But they then charge overdraft fees for those items once they post. Even though those dollars were already accounted for, because the money to cover them was taken from my account which caused one overdraft that take the balance much lower then ever anticipated.

  • Su
      30th of Jan, 2009
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    How do you contact the President's office, I just had the worst experience with Wachovia...they have a manager at a Croydon PA who racially profiles people just based on a first name...mind you she did know this person and did not know what they looked like, they did not bank at her branch and she refused to apologize.

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