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Beware of leasing through vw credit!!!
I have leased for 20+ years and I have never gone through the issues i'm going through with vw credit after turning in my 2009 jetta 3000k miles under mileage!!! They will rake you for every little ding, scratch, burn, tires, normal wear and tear... Anything they can get from you. I will never lease from them again! I am starting a website for other people i've had contact with to share similar stories so when the site is complete, I will make sure everyone knows how they do business.
I've never had to pay for tires (They were exactly where they should have been when turning it in)... You can turn in a honda, toyota, lexus, etc with bald tires and they won't bother you! Normal wear and tear after 36 months. I've only ever had to pay for over mileage!!!
Vw credit is ridiculous and i, nor my friends, family, neighbors or co-workers will ever do business with them again!

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      2nd of Oct, 2018

    As of October 2018, VW Credit has continued to try and bill me for property tax on a lease vehicle that I turned in at the beginning of July 2018. (I took my plates myself, to the DMV to assure all went smoothly and quickly, nullifying the car being in my possession.)

    My city treasurer tax office confirmed that they created an adjustment on July 17, 2018 and then cut a check to reimburse VW Credit for the tax adjustment for the last six months of 2018 (the city treasurer didn't even charge for those first few days in July, just ended it at June 30, 2018.) The treasurer's office gave me the check # as reference. And after three calls on my part spanning July until today(Oct. 2), VW Credit is still trying to bill me and placing the diligence on me to prove that I don't owe the money. The past two calls I made to them, I was told they would get back to me(they did not other than continuing to try and bill me) and was told each time "maybe you live in one of the cities that doesn't reimburse property tax if you turn the car in prior to end of tax year." Which is not true. Hence, the check they cashed.

    This amongst years of other property tax invoice issues with VW Credit. Billing me incorrect amounts, going back and having me located at two addresses (and then double-billing me for taxes by two different cities — EVEN THOUGH MY ADDRESS WAS CHANGED IMMEDIATELY UPON MY MOVE WITH THE DMV AND WITH VW for my vehicle address. The DMV said they didn't understand what was happening. It did come up that the local dealership Southern Volkswagen seemed to keep changing my new address back to the old address in their system as well. I had them correct it at every service. And each time I went back, they asked/read me the old and new address. Took me awhile to understand that somehow, that played into it. Although they denied having any affect on the situation. (And I would NEVER buy from them again either. Problems with my car on multiple occasions after service.)
    In that double-location/double-property tax billing situation, it took months and the treasury office of both cities reaching out on my behalf — as well as me sending multiple copies of everything from my DL with my correct address on it to statements from the DMV...for MONTHS to VW Credit.)

    I have had four VWs, totalling 19 years...and I won't again. I've gone for a Subaru. I'm enjoying the heck out of it.

    I will however be sharing my disgust on forums, social media, with friends... EVERYONE...regarding the system failures, inability to apply logical process or basic accounting/math capability in their credit dept. along with what others have mentioned — excessive lease end demands. I replaced the one tire that didn't meet their standards with one that had the required tread. I sent them the receipt immediately afterwards —— and they STILL charged me. It took two calls to get them to apply the refund. And then they seemed mystified that I wanted an updated statement reflecting the adjustment. Incredibly disappointing and a poor reflection on the company.

    VW Credit: you just bought yourself a whole heap of negative advertising.

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      5th of Nov, 2018

    On 16 June, my wife and I turned in our VW Jetta to the dealership based on a letter we'd received from them that stated we could do so without penalty or fees for wear/tear or excess mileage. Last week, VW Credit sent us an invoice which included incorrect info about our lease terms (we had a 60K mile lease, they claim we turned it in at 52, 841 which was over the 48K term we signed!) as well as charging us for wear/tear and excess mileage driven.

    We are discussing things with them but I am prepared to send the following list to them...

    1. Our lease, which we still have a copy of, says it is for 60, 000 miles. We could not be over our mileage at 52, 841 miles as 52, 841 is less than 60, 000. The invoice you sent us is factually incorrect and will not be paid as it should not have been issued with incorrect information. If your records or dealership records do not reflect our lease being 60, 000 miles, that information is wrong and the lease should be null and void anyways due to incorrect terms and improper dealings by either the dealership or VW Credit.

    2. The letter we received from the dealership states that we can turn in the vehicle early, and not be subject to wear and tear or extra mileage charges or termination fees. None of those items should be on the bill. We will not be paying for them, because we do not owe them.

    3. Any remaining cost on the lease has to fall on the dealership as they allowed us to walk away from the lease without penalty, according to the letter they sent us. They claim they do not have this option, but they apparently do not read their own documents because the letter says they do have this option and they confirmed the letter is valid when we turned in the vehicle in June.

    4. There are no remaining charges due because the lease should have been cancelled without penalty or fee by the dealership when we turned the vehicle in back in June. Read the letter they sent us.

    5. Any remaining cost on the lease has to fall on the dealership as they allowed us to walk away from the lease without penalty on 16 June, in accordance with the letter they sent us. The lady in their Finance office collected no money from us that day and told us we were good to go so we left. We've heard nothing from the dealership concerning paying off the lease for a vehicle we no longer have.

    6. We turned the vehicle in back on 16 June. Billing us in late October is absurd, especially when the dealership said we owed nothing and could leave.

    7. If you can’t send a bill to a customer in 30 days, it raises serious questions about your billing practices.

    8. Billing us for money we do not owe is called attempted fraud.

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