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Stay away far away!!!

This is an absolute despicable greedy company. The customer service is the worst and they are supposed to be representing the hospitality business - what a joke!

I have owned and rented my properties since 2008 and since expedia took over it gets worse everyday. They charge the owner and the guests - it's called double dipping.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Myrtle Beach, SC If you have a cancellation they keep their service fee and you get nothing.

I had listings on since 2008 and they suddenly deactivated my listings because they said it contains info for a guest to reach me - they are going to reactivate it at their convenience leaving me to wait and receive no bookings until they have time to do so - not to mention I paid for my listings. Bottom line - search for new ways to advertise your property and stay away from this company.

Jul 22, 2018
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      Aug 06, 2018

    We have rented for years on VRBO, and this is the first year VRBO required that they receive all monies for rentals and deposits. After the renters stayed, VRBO allowed them to say they didn't go and refunded all their money and deposit. They did not help us fight the charge back, and acted as if we were a nuisance to even ask for their help. I am DONE with VRBO. We now will go with Shore Drive Properties and other avenues to advertise.

    I agree that we should stay away from VRBO/HOME AWAY. It has deteriorated.

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