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Vons Grocery / terrible customer service

1 United States

To whom it may concern,

I encountered the worst customer service on 6-19-09 in the Chino Hills store Vons store #2597. Not only the supervisor onsite, Rob, refused to resolve the issue when it occurred and asked us to come back tomorrow to talk to the manager. One of the clerks, Sandy, also took over the issue by distracting her supervisor and gave us the worst attitude I ever encountered in any store. She even came towards us in a very threatening manner stating “what do you want?” “what do you want?” We got scared and kept repeating what we need, and she replied “I heard you the first time!”

I have been a loyal Vons customer ever since I was a child, and to this particular Vons when I moved to Chino Hills. Yesterday I brought the Vons Ad to the store thinking I am going to get a good deal on the beers, 12 packs for only $10.99. I especially made the trip for this item to the store at 8:35pm. After I waited in the line, the Supervisor Rob rang us up for this item at $13.99 + CRV $0.60 + Tax, which comes up to be over $15 dollars, entirely different than what was shown on the ad. I showed the ad to Rob, but for some reason, Rob went to the clerk Sandy for help. Sandy come to our line and stated firmly to us "this is plus tax and CRV". When I questioned her calculation (CA tax is definitely NOT 30% on alcohol), she just looked at us and said "Do you want this or not?".

My sister was too shock to say anything and we decided to just leave the store. But right after we stepped out, we discussed further, and felt horribly upset. Not only did the supposed Supervisor Rob did not assist us, the Clerk Sandy felt the need to help him and pretty much kicked us out of the store. We then went back in the store, trying to speak to the supervisor again. Now Rob is available, he decided he can talk to us and try to resolve this issue with us. However, Clerk Sandy continues to step in trying to distract Supervisor Rob from helping us!!! She was practically yelling his name across the store to get his attention so we cannot speak to Rob! How very rude of her!

This is no longer about the difference in the price, but this is about the emotional distress this woman, Sandy and this man, Rob, put us through. Along with my sister, being two petite Asian women, we cannot help but wonder, is this just another case of discrimination against minorities in America? I certainly will not want any one of my family members, friends, nor neighbors, to have to endure this sort of negative experience EVER!

Thanks you for your time to read this letter and I am sorry to say that from this point on, we will not step foot into another Vons, and I will certainly make sure those around me are aware of my experience at this store.


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