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Beware Vonage unlimited is not an unlimited if the usage goes beyond 3000 minutes they are sending emails and customer support calls you to change to powerplan
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Account Number: *************

Dear ****************,

We appreciate your business and thank you for using Vonage for your phone service.

In order to provide the best value to all our customers, we track usage of Vonage residential calling plans. At the time of signup, you agreed to the Vonage Terms of Service (TOS), which includes usage guidelines for normal residential use. If you would like to review the usage guidelines, please see sections 5 and 10 of the TOS.

We have observed usage on your account, ***********, which is not consistent with normal residential use. Specifically, your account shows irregular patterns of use and/or international-minute usage that is more than twice that of our heaviest users.

At this time, you can remain on your current plan, but your usage will need to be changed to fall within normal residential use guidelines; this usage would generally not exceed 3, 000 international minutes per month. As another option, you can switch to a different calling plan, or you can disconnect your service without penalty.

For additional information about your options please respond to this email and one of our associates will be glad to assist you.


Vonage Customer Service

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  • Am
      Aug 23, 2010

    Even I received the similar email. After struggling couple of hours with customer rep, no one and no where they are able to explain that unlimited=3000. And the customer rep (account management) are really crappy. They don't want to listen in any way.
    One of the technical person told that earlier they use to send such email if anybody would have crossed the limit of 5000 minutes. But due to congestion in their network, they changed the limit to 3000 minutes and came with new plan (Power user) of $50.
    I am thinking to switch to other calling plan. Otherwise tomorrow they will say that unlimited=1500 minutes.
    From last one year, Vonage is attracting Indian customer by providing advertise in the leading Indian news paper and Indian TV channels. And now Vonage is not keeping up with it's promise and sending an email that we are not in compliance with it's Terms of Service.

    Bottom line -

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  • Sh
      Oct 25, 2010

    received same voicemail. customer service cannot explain the limite "unlimited" talk time! they refuse to argue and the only thing they say is you are free to cancel your service!

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  • Pr
      Nov 11, 2010


    Got fed up with Vonage and filed a formal complaint with FCC yesterday. I urge everyone here to do the same. If enough complaints are filed they will investigate the fraudulant practices by Vonage.

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  •   Nov 11, 2010

    If you want good Service please call us at 1-877-777-0478 Extension 407, we will give you best service and homely customer support.

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  • Co
      Dec 22, 2010

    this is a sales strategy, every company offers unlimited plans ONLY to destinations of small rates per minute such as INDIA, CHINA, EUROPE(only land lines in this case), ect; they work out an estimate amount of minutes an average customer would talk for and release it to the market, now this works wonderfully for some because most of them never actually use the amount of minutes they are actually paying for, thats how the companies make money out of these plans, HOWEVER there's a smallthing companies missed out, you see india is a very populated country, I mean it's not like birth control is the most popular subject there, what I am saying is that these guys really ARE heavy callers because the have a lot of people to call to, they call gradma, grandpa, mom, dad, their 17 brothers and sisters, their sons and daughters, their wifes, friends etc. and the funny part is they believe everything they are told.
    Bottom line: "unlimited plan" offered to the indian inmigrant market, not really lucrative.

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  • Pt
      Mar 18, 2011

    Have you guys ever read your "unlimited" cell phone plans terms of service? Unlimited is never truly unlimited. Theres always a limit. if you are on the phone for 3000+ minutes a month you must have NOTHING better to do!

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  •   Mar 18, 2011

    Vonage Charges $35 and gives 3000 Minutes.
    If you want good Service please call us at 1-877-777-0478 Extension 407, we will give you best service and homely customer support.

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  • Vo
      Aug 16, 2011

    its a fake company .. getting service is easy
    but its difficult to get ride of VONAGE..

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  • Vo
      Aug 16, 2011


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